Second Life Library Programs and Outreach

In last summer’s issue, MIDLINE featured an article by Carol Perryman about the Alliance Library System’s project “Providing Consumer Health Outreach and Library Programs to Virtual World Residents in Second Life.” Funding for the project was provided by the NN/LM Greater Midwest Region. Yesterday, she announced the publication of the project’s final report on MEDLIB-L.
The report is 46 pages with lots of illustrations. And well worth the read! A lot of real people were served (via their avatars) by the project with displays, workshops and presentations, support group meetings, and even by answering old-fashioned reference questions. I had no idea! Clearly, an important need is being served.
P.S. Did you know that the way a person’s avatar looks can affect real life behavior? I picked up this All Things Considered story in my feed reader last week. And I quote: “If you want to get thin, get a virtual life.” It is called vicarious reinforcement. An interesting approach to weight loss!

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