AHIP Update

Sharon Kambeitz, our Midwest Chapter AHIP Representative sends this along:
Please note the following message from the AHIP Credentialing Committee of the Medical Library Association. This may be good news for the librarian selectors for Doody’s Core Titles who are earning points toward their AHIP credentialing or rewewal credentialing.
An individual may receive 3 AHIP points for each book review they author; this is an activity which was already included in the AHIP Point Index, under the Authoring section, II.B.:
Clarification for all journal articles: Letters to the editor do not count as publications.
Peer-reviewed Journal
Research article author (three or fewer): 25 points
Research article author (four or more): 15 points
Brief article, column, review author (three or fewer): 10 points
Brief article, column, review author (four or more): 6 points
Book or media review author: 3 points
Documentation required: Copy of pages indicating that journal is peer-reviewed (this is not required for library science journals), copy of title page of journal, and a copy of the title page of the article.
Clarification: Articles published in the Brief Communications section of the JMLA are brief articles. Articles in similar sections of other peer-reviewed journals would also be considered brief articles.
Clarification: Although Medical Reference Services Quarterly is not peer-reviewed, it does have an editorial board. Because of the quality of the journal, it is considered peer-reviewed for the purpose of awarding academy points.
The committee further recommended that individuals acting as Librarian Selectors may be eligible for 3 AHIP points per year for this activity. This change was reflected in the online Point Index, Section II.B., as indicated below:
Commercially Published Books and Materials
This category includes directories, indexes and bibliographies.
Single author/editor: 50 points
Author/editor (two or three): 25 points
Author/editor (four or more): 20 points
Author of chapter (three or fewer): 15 points
Author of chapter (four or more): 8 points
Librarian Selector (i.e. Doody’s): 3 points per year
Documentation Required: Copy of letter of agreement or letter of acknowledgment for librarian selector.
The AHIP Point Index is accessible online at mlanet.org. Please feel free to share this update with those involved, and if you have any questions, please contact the Medical Library Association, Credentialing Office.

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