Attention please! Your intrepid blog editor has an announcement to make!
After spending the last 14 years as a hospital librarian, I have made the great leap back into academic librarianship. My new place of work is the Kent State University Library and my fancy title is Liaison Librarian for Life and Health Sciences. I have a lot to learn, but that will be no problem. The staff here are professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful and friendly! I feel right at home. My cubicle is around the back on the first floor in the Reference Office.
P.S. One interesting thing about driving in and out of Kent every day is the opportunity to see, as I did yesterday, the Goodyear blimp. When the blimps come home, they stay at the Wingfoot Lake Airship Base just south of here. So when you see the blimp around here, they are flying low and one gets a great look. One of course has to be careful not to have a little accident when one is looking at the blimp and not the road! Did you know that there is a Goodyear Blimp Blog? Actually, the blimp doesn’t blog, the pilot does.

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