MLA Presidential Priorities: What’s Your Opinion?

MLA President-elect Connie Schardt needs you! Next month, she will be presenting her 2009/2010 presidential priorities to the MLA Board of Directors for approval. She has posted a draft of her priorities on the MLA Connections blog and asks for comments.
I’m interested to see how this works. In the fall, MLA tried using the blog as a tool for to get member input on the MLA Strategic Plan. The response was rather disappointing, even after they broke the strategic plan down into smaller, less overwhelming parts and asked for comments again. I wasn’t too surprised…both this blog and MIDLINE receive few comments. T. Scott Plutchak, who is serving on the MLA board, entitled his blog comment on the lack of comments The Myth of Digital Democracy? Actually, T. Scott’s blog post generated the more comments than the strategic plan draft!
Despite this lack of success the first time around, I think that using the blog is a good way for MLA to get direct input from the membership. You can share your opinion without going through someone else. No need to find a sympathetic board member to plead your case. No need to find the appropriate MLA staff member to e-mail. No need to join a committee. (Although this is still a good idea.)
I challenge you to get involved. Take the time to look over the priorities. Close your eyes and imagine: what should MLA really be doing? Then tell them! MLA is YOUR organization and you pay a lot to belong. You should be getting your money’s worth and this is one way to do that.

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  1. I commented on MLA Connections this afternoon. And once again I urge you to do so as well. But be aware that it really is not that easy to comment the first time. First you must register to comment. (Yes, yet another login/password to set up.) You get an e-mail confirmation of your registration right away. But then you have to wait to be authenticated (by a person, I guess) and notified that your account is activated. Phew! For me this took a little while since I registered over the weekend.
    I didn’t think to “sign” my comment with my actual name. It just displays my username for which I used my email address name for simplicity. I’ll remember that next time!

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