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Did you watch the Inauguration ceremonies live? They were exciting, weren’t they? Here at MPOW many of us gathered in one of the library classrooms to watch on the festivities projected on the big screen. I had tried to get streaming video from a number of sources on my trusty computer here, but to no avail. Everyone in the entire world was trying to do the same and the news servers couldn’t adequately handle the demand. Our university network was creaking under the strain as well. So I was glad that Ken figured out how to get a television station feed up on the projector.
I intended to write a blog post about the various Inauguration web sources. But why bother if someone else has done it already? Emerging Technologies Librarian (who works at that big university in our rival state up north of here) posted a great of set of Inauguration Links in the afternoon of Inauguration Day.
I admit to getting a lot of my news from NPR. I listen to their news programming on our university’s NPR affiliate WKSU during my lengthy commutes every weekday. [Little known fact: When my spouse was an undergraduate telecommunications student here more than a few years ago, he was volunteer student news director at the station.] Check out these two musical Inauguration-related NPR stories that I picked up in my trusty feed reader: The Many Sides Of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ and A Musical Dispatch From The Inauguration. I am enjoying the chance to hear once again the wonderful “Simple Gifts” quartet.
The revamped White House website includes some interesting 2.0 type features. I’ve already added the White House blog feed to my reader account. I’m interested to see if they really keep up with that. You can watch the Inaugural Address again in this post which includes “the flub heard around the world.” The Transition Office website was definitely a 2.0 entity. The Citizen’s Briefing Book was an interesting experiment. The site notes that “over 125,000 users submitted over 44,000 ideas and cast over 1.4 million votes.”

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  1. From CNN: “About 7.7 million people watched the inauguration on Tuesday online at the same time, according to Akamai Technologies Inc.”
    CNN’s streaming video had 27 MILLION viewers over the course of Inauguration Day. So amazing!
    And on another musical note, following the lead of our webmeister Allan, I became a fan on Facebook of Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration Hat described as “a glimmering vision of hope.”

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