Columbus Explorations

Where are YOU going to be October 3-6, 2009? Well, I know where I’ll be! Your intrepid blog editor is going to be in Columbus, Ohio at the 2009 Midwest Chapter/MLA Conference. We’d love for you to join us here in the Buckeye State in October. Conference Co-chair Bette Sydelko took Max Anderson’s podcast course at the OHSLA meeting earlier this month and recorded this invitation to the conference just for you:

Your intrepid blog editor is the Facilities Committee chair for the conference and I know that this is going to be a fantastic conference! On Friday morning, the 2009 Conference Planning Committee gathered in Columbus for an on-site working meeting at our conference hotel, the Hyatt on Capitol Square. The Hyatt is the shorter building in the upper right just across East State Street from the Ohio Statehouse.
After a great lunch at Due Amici, we walked back over to the Statehouse for a tour and even more meeting.
On Sunday evening October 4, we’ll be hosting a fabulous dinner reception at the Statehouse for conference attendees. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Tidbits from the Chapter Board Meeting

The spring issue of our chapter newsletter MIDLINE will be published online in just a couple of weeks. And as always it will include a complete report of business conducted at the spring meeting of the Executive Board from our chapter Recording Secretary Elizabeth Smigielski. Your intrepid blog editor wasn’t able to make it to Chicago, but her intrepid Communications Chair Karen Anderson did. Here are some highlights she shared that I thought you might want to know about before the full report is published:

  • Work is beginning on a “members only” section of the chapter website.(Membership Secretary Rebecca Caton sent the password to current members via e-mail after the meeting.) This is just one of the many benefits of membership! If you haven’t had a chance to renew your membership for 2009, use the form here.
  • Work is continuing on the chapter archives. President Deborah Lauseng and Special Archives Committee Chair Mary Hitchcock visited the archives the day before board meeting. The board approved hiring a library school student to work on the processing of the backlog of materials.
  • Great progress is being made on the chapter Policy and Procedure Manual being developed on PBwiki. Your intrepid blog editor needs to get cracking on her section!
  • We are testing a new model for financing the annual conference. For the 2009 conference in Ohio finances are being managed completely using the chapter treasury rather than the treasury of the hosting group.
  • The chapter is pursuing use of Acteva for online membership renewal for next year. Acteva will be used to manage registration for the 2009 chapter conference.
  • A special committee will be formed to consider alternative means of conducting chapter meetings, including committee work. Webmaster Allan Barclay tested the use of Dimdim web conferencing software during the board meeting.
  • The fall executive board meeting will be held during the 2009 conference in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, October 2 from 4:00-9:00 p.m. Members invited!
  • Chapter committees will have also have the opportunity to meet in person during the 2009 conference on Saturday, October 3 from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Free Lunch Application Deadline Extended

Earlier this week President Elect Elaine Skopelja sent an announcement on the “chapter members” discussion list on behalf of the Midwest Chapter Awards and Scholarships Committee to let us know that the deadline for applying for the 2009 Free Lunch Award has been extended to next Monday, April 13.
So, dear chapter members, if you are going to MLA ’09, apply for this award! You will be able for free to attend the so popular and useful Sharing Roundtables lunch sponsored by Chapter Council. Previous winners of this award found the experience buy isotretinoin us rewarding. You can apply for this award whether or not you have already registered for the lunch. Just make sure that you are registered before the meeting. Tickets are $38 and must be pre-paid by the applicant. The two winners will be reimbursed $38 each after the meeting.
All you need to do is write a paragraph or two describing “Why I Deserve a Free Lunch.” Creativity and conciseness are encouraged! Entries are judged on humor, pathos, and/or neediness.
For complete Free Lunch Award application information, click here!