Once Again MLA Vicariously

It’s time for those of you who are attending MLA ’09 to be packing your bags and making final preparations to get on that plane and go to Hawaii. Be sure to take one last look at the MLA ’09 wiki for everything you need to know. And once again, your intrepid blog editor will only be attending MLA vicariously. If you are attending MLA, please enjoy a fancy drink complete with an umbrella or other decorative item for me!
This year the Official MLA Bloggers (profiled here) have it all together on the Official MLA 2009 Blog. (You might recall that in order to follow all the bloggers last year, David Rothman set up a feed to gather them all together.) You can check the MLA Blogger Calendar to see which events your favorite blogger will be covering. Additionally this year, there are the MLA ’09 Twitter account and Flickr group. All of these already have posted content, so we are off to a great start!
Fellow Buckeye and Technology Trends Panel virtual presenter Eric Schnell has set up a CoverItLive site for the Monday panel. You can sign up for a reminder there on the blog entry. I’ve done this already and have a note on my Outlook calendar as well. (I hope I got the time difference right.) I’m really curious how this will work.
Attention Midwest Chapter Members attending MLA: please also consider sharing YOUR insights, experiences, and photos here on ConnectMidwest. You can even write up your experience after you get home. Contact me and I’ll show you how!
Have a safe trip everyone! I’ll be with you in spirit. Next year, Barbara, supervisor of my supervisor, and I will be joining you all in Washington, DC.

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