Think Spring! Board Meeting!

Time to think spring! The spring Midwest Chapter Executive Board meeting that is. Our chapter president Elaine Skopelja has arranged the meeting for Friday, March 26, 2010 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Martin House Hotel in Indianapolis. Your intrepid blog editor being also intrepid president-elect this year will be happily attending. Always happy to make a trip to my birth state. I hope I can even visit with a cousin or two while I am there. Any interested chapter members who would like to attend should contact Elaine Skopelja!
You might recall that at the last board meeting it was decided that we would try a brief all-online meeting using the chapter’s DimDim account. And we did just that on January 28. Most of the board members were able to participate. The meeting went quite well! All of the attendees gave short updates on their chapter activities so far this year and we worked through a number of technical issues. We found that it was best if all attendees dialed in on the phone for the audio portion rather than using VoIP. There is a pesky time difference between the two audio streams. We quickly realized that it will be important to upload all the documents that will be discussed at the meeting ahead of time and have them in agenda order for smoother presentation. We had lots of fun playing with the with the Whiteboard too. I should have taken a screen shot of that, silly me. Most of the board members who cannot make the trip to Indianapolis will be attending the March board meeting virtually.
Speaking of online…have you renewed your membership for this year? This year we are trying out using Acteva to handle membership sign-up and payment online. It’s quick and easy! See what you think!