Midwest Chapter @ MLA ’10

Your intrepid blog editor is really excited about going to MLA ’10 in Washington. D. C. I am looking forward to seeing so many of my Midwest Chapter colleagues and friends there. Midwest Chapter members will be involved in many programs and events at MLA. As Midwest Chapter president-elect, I take great pride in our level of involvement in our national association.
Three of us have been chosen as Official Bloggers for the conference — Amy Donahue, Michelle Kraft, and myself. We’ll be reporting at least twice a day from the meeting on the MLA ’10 Official Blog. In addition, watch this blog because I will be posting newsy items of particular interest to chapter members here. I’m taking along my trusty old digital camera and will be posting photos to Flickr.
One of our chapter members, Ruth Holst, will be assuming the office of MLA president at the end of the meeting. She will be giving her Presidential Inaugural Address on Tuesday morning. I’m sure she’d love to see her fellow Midwest Chapter Members out there in the audience! Our other MLA Board of Directors member, Jane Blumenthal, is MLA treasurer and will be presenting her report at the MLA Business Meeting on Monday.
On Monday, we’ll be seeing three chapter members honored at the MLA Awards Ceremony and Luncheon. Ann C. Weller will receive the Virginia L. and William K. Beatty MLA Volunteer Service Award; Logan Ludwig will receive the Carla J. Funk Governmental Relations Award; and Elizabeth Kiscaden has been awarded an EBSCO/MLA Annual Meeting Grant.
Also on Monday, last year’s Janet Doe Lecturer J. Michael Homan will be introducing this year’s Janet Doe Lecturer. Janna Lawrence will be presenting the AHIP Q & A on Monday as well.
Stephanie Schulte and Amy Donahue are this year’s winners of the Midwest Chapter’s “Free Lunch” Awards and will be attending the Chapter Council Presents Sharing Roundtables Luncheon on Tuesday. Amy will be making the most of her award by facilitating the Social Networking for Medical Libraries table.
Here are lists of other chapter members who will be participating in MLA ’10 in various ways:
CE Instructors: Melinda Orebaugh, Logan Ludwig, Max Anderson, Natalie Reed, Nancy Allee, James Shedlock
Session Moderators: Janna Lawrence, Jonathan Koffel, Jo Dorsch, W. John MacMullen
Panel Presenters: Michelle Kraft, Ruth Fenske
Paper Presenters: Ulrike Dieterle, Elizabeth Whipple, Linda Watson, Paul Blobaum, Melissa Rethlefsen, Amy Donahue, Elizabeth Fine, Anne Beschnett
Poster Presenters: Anna Schnitzer, Rebecca Raszewski, Clare Leibfarth, Melissa Rethlefsen, Anne Beschnett, Susan London, Merle Rosenzweig
5-minute Lightning Poster Presenters: Mary Shultz, Holly Ann Burt
Many chapter members are serving on MLA committees and juries and MLA sections in various capacities as chairs and members, outgoing and incoming. They’ll be busy attending the many meetings held during MLA ’10.
Last, but not least, 2011 NPC Local Assistance Committee Co-chairs Linda Watson and Dawn Littleton will be a part of the MLA ’11 Invitation on Tuesday. Won’t it be fun to host next year’s MLA here in the Midwest in Minneapolis, Minnesota!
I’m hoping that I didn’t leave anyone out. If I missed your name in the MLA program, send me a note and I’ll add you right away!
Special thanks to JESS who helped me assemble this information!
P.S. I immediately realized that I forgot to mention two chapter members above! Carole Gilbert is serving as a member of the 2010 NPC. Elaine Hicks has been awarded this year’s PH/HA Section Travel Stipend to attend MLA ’10. Congratulations!
5/13 UPDATE: I’ve added Nancy Allee and Jim Shedlock to our list of Midwest Chapter CE Instructors. Apologies for leaving you off the list!
5/17 UPDATE: I’ve also added W. John MacMullen to our list. He will be moderator of both Medical Library Education Section sessions at MLA!
5/21: Added Merle Rosenzweig to the list of poster presenters. Hope this is everyone now!