MLA ’10 Revisited

Your intrepid blog editor would like to report that she had a wonderful time last month hobnobbing with her fellow medical librarians at MLA ’10 in Washington. Along with my fellow Official MLA Bloggers, I reported on the goings on in the MLA ’10 Official Blog. I enjoyed taking photos and writing my reports. If you followed MLA by reading the blog, we would so appreciate it if you would give us your feedback by taking a short survey!
I have been enjoying the MLA 2010 Flickr Group photos as they have been posted. I posted my favorites there myself. I am actually a bit disappointed that there aren’t more photos posted. Although just yesterday I heard from someone who is planning to upload some more photos. So stay tuned!
One thing that I didn’t like about MLA ’10 was that every afternoon there were at least two sessions that I wanted to attend at the same time. Well, I have yet to figure out how to be in two places at once. HOWEVER, this year most of the programs were recorded and the videos are available online for all registrants, both in-person and online. So I am slowly but surely catching the sessions that I missed! Thank you to our own videographer extraordinaire Max Anderson and his fabulous crew.
And if you did not attend MLA in May, you still can! Online registration is still open. You can go to the MLA ’10 conference page and follow the link to get the form for e-Conference registration which is $180 for MLA members. You will be able to view all of the videos as well as the online poster sessions.
I really did not take into account how busy and frantic MLA can be. I was planning to take all these fantastic photos of all of our fantastic Midwest Chapter members doing all their fantastic things. HA! I did manage to get this photo of now MLA President Ruth Holst and Carla Funk Governmental Relations Award Winner Logan Ludwig. Somehow I missed all of our other chapter member award winners in the mad rush after the Awards Luncheon.
And I was able to take enough event photos to include them in my MLA ’10 Official Blog posts. I tried to feature Midwest Chapter members if I could! At least one Midwest Chapter member appears in five of my posts.
Another thing I learned is that our Professional Practice Chair always blinks when you take a photo. Here she is with her counter assisting the Seargent at Arms in counting for a quorum for the business meeting. Really, you have a sense of humor, don’t you Janna?
I can’t help but share with you my favorite photo from MLA. Jacqueline took this photo of your intrepid blog editor getting some blogging assistance from three close friends!
I’m so looking forward to our hosting MLA ’11 here in the Midwest Chapter in Minneapolis May 13-18, 2011. (I’m already nervous about that little welcome speech that the hosting chapter president makes during the opening session.) A lot of our Midwest Chapter members are already working very hard on the various Local Assistance Committees. We are going to have a great time!

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