Coming soon: Session Posts!

I apologize for my lack of posts so far!  My lame excuses include apparently misplacing my camera and phone, trying to use my new (to me) iPod Touch, and living in the conference city, which means I had to go home and feed the cats and do the dishes and didn’t have a nice quiet hotel room like last year.  I think I wasn’t ready for that.  But enough whining.

This is mostly just a quick FYI post, to let you know what will be coming, and to give major kudos to the other posters!  I really enjoyed reading about some of the sessions I didn’t get to go to.  In general, Sunday was a great day, filled with meeting people, saying hi to distant friends and colleagues, some crazy and interesting art, and interesting sessions.

I’ll be posting my notes from the following over the next couple days:

Session 6- HeLP MN Seniors: an evidence-based health literacy program for seniors

Session 9- The Resource Library as HOst for an eResources Consortium

Session 11-Dyslexia: health, literacy, and libraries

Session 14-The Level of Evidence Utilized to Answer General Practitioners’ Questions

Session 17-Library Advocacy: a Wisconsin example

If you have specific questions/thoughts about any of the above sessions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll note them in my posts!  And be sure to follow the tweets with the #midwestmla10 tag for live updates!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely city of Madison.  🙂

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