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The Friendly Registration Staff

Welcome to Indianapolis! Conference 2011 is up and running! The CEs are in progress! We are looking forward this evening to the Welcome and Exhibitor’s safe to buy cialis online Reception. The program says that I will be able to indulge my sweet tooth. Sounds like an excellent idea!

Welcome to the 2011 Midwest Chapter Conference

Colts and construction

Ah, irony. After Chris Bishop’s invitation last year in Wisonsin to this year’s conference and his truly rabid support of the Colts (I’ve seen the picture of him yelling at one of the games), I do find it ironic that the Packers won last season, Peyton’s out for the season (most likely), and the teams currently have palindromic 2011-2012 season records. All that aside, I do still have faith in our home team, which leads me to the

1st part of this blog entry: Colts

Go Colts!

This Sunday the Colts have a home game at 1pm against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rumor has it that tickets may be a little easier to come by this season, so this may be an opportunity to go to an NFL game if you’ve always wanted to and never had the chance. Of course, I assume that everyone will either giving their paper presentations or listening and learning from them, so I doubt any of us will be impacted by this. 🙂

However, this does bring me to point #2: Construction

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As much as I love the Cultural Trail in Indianapolis, it is not completed yet. The Super Bowl this upcoming February 6, 2012 is going be held here in Indianapolis, which means even more construction is under way to make the city its shiniest and prettiest for early next year. Bonus construction, coupled with a lot of one-way streets in downtown Indianapolis, makes driving extra fun (or headache-inducing). Also not surprisingly with construction, where to cross the street, which lane is open, etc. may change daily (or hourly). Drivers in Indianapolis, being in the Midwest, are generally still polite (read: not enough honking, in my opinion), so just keep that mind, and bring good walking shoes!

WHICH Marriott?

Ah, Indianapolis. Indianapolis and Marriott seem to have a pretty good thing going. So good, though, that it can be a little confusing to figure out which Marriott is where you want to be.

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown--THIS is the right one


The Marriott you want: Indianapolis Downtown Marriott, 350 West Washington Street. This is the one closest to the Convention Center, next to the Westin, south of the Government Center.



The other Marriotts in downtown Indianapolis (but not the correct one):

Marriott Place (aka conglomeration of several Marriott hotels)
The JW Marriott (aka the big blue one): if you end up here, you are a block away from the actual Marriott you want. Head towards downtown (away from the river). On the other side of the Government Center Parking Garage will be the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott (where you want to be).

Courtyard Indianapolis Downtown: this is on the west (river) side of the JW, immediately next to the JW. One of two Courtyards in downtown Indy.

Fairfield Inn & Suites: next to the Courtyard above.

Springhill Suites: also in the Marriott Place.

Other two downtown Marriotts not mentioned yet (these are kind of back to back–they share their parking lot with each other):

Courtyard Indianapolis at the Capitol: the other Courtyard, in between New York & Vermont streets, about 3.5 blocks too far north.

Residence Inn Indianapolis Downtown along the Canal: this does face directly onto the canal; again, still 3.5 blocks north of where you should be.

I’ve included all of the names here so hopefully, if you end up at the wrong one, you will know either to head away from the river and towards downtown, or head south (towards Government buildings & parking garages). Good luck & see you soon!

Oh, another tip–highly recommend getting to the hotel from West Street (there are exits off of I-65 and I-70 for West Street); there are a lot of one-way streets downtown and construction. Maryland is one-way east; Washington is one-way west; Missouri runs in between then and is two-way.

Like Roller Derby? Monumental Mayhem Oct. 7-9

Roller Derby!!!

Interested in roller derby? Always wanted to go, but were a bit nervous or not sure what to expect? Like the idea of watching other people with awesome nicknames try and push each other down while on roller skates?

This weekend is your chance!

I’m sure there are more technical terms for what happens in roller derby, but I’ve only been to one bout–I do remember that term–and can’t remember any other lingo. The Monumental Mayhem, a roller derby tournament of the Top 10-ranked teams in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s North Central region (thank you for the information, Indy Star), is happening at the Indianapolis Convention Center this weekend, across from our conference hotel!

For those who have never been to a bout, I have to say that it’s a fun atmosphere, and roller derby is more than skating and shoving people. There is strategy involved, and the scoring was (to me) not intuitive; it was fun to figure out how the sport worked, cheer for your favorites, and daydream about what your roller derby name would be.

Monumental Mayhem Facebook Page:

Monumental Mayhem Webpage:

Restaurant Guide for Downtown Indianapolis

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As a fan of downtown Indy, I love to be able to introduce people to restaurants in Indy. Contrary to what I sometimes hear, Indianapolis DOES have a variety of one-of-a-kind locally-owned restaurants, as well as some unique restaurants with only a few locations nationally.

Our restaurant guide represents a small portion of dining options available in the downtown area; if you have questions about particular ones, other ethnic cuisine options, etc., please leave me a comment, or stop by the Hospitality table at the conference!

I also highly recommend checking out the map from the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association:

This is a great 2-page document with a map showing locations of many landmarks and restaurants in downtown Indy, as well as contact information for those places. I’m a visual person and seeing a location of something on a map is more helpful to me than only written directions.