Advocacy Forum at Annual Meeting

The Professional Practice Committee took advantage of the Annual meeting attendees to do an “open forum” during breakfast on Sunday, October 7th.  The main purpose was to get input on what types of activities the chapter should initiate to help members  to advocate for the value of their libraries or for the value of the profession.  The following are some of the ideas generated during this half-hour session:

– gather stories/testimonials about the value of library services and make them available for sharing

– compose generic support letters that could be used as templates by members

– use listservs to gather good ideas and best practices to share

– consider creating an advocacy toolkit

– send librarians to exhibit at state meetings of health professionals or hospital administrators

– create an exhibit targeted to healthcare administrators that could be shared across the chapter

– teach members how to relate library data to the strategic goals of the institution

– get a physician to do a joint poster with a librarian for presentation at meetings of librarians and physicians

– remind members about MLA resources, such as the Vital Pathways webpage


By Ruth Holst

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