Speaking of fellowships…

I’m pleased to announce that the CDC Public Health Library and Information
Center is now accepting applications for a new fellowship opportunity at the
main library located in Atlanta, GA.   The CDC’s Public Health Library and
Information Center (PHLIC) has served as a hub of research, information
exchange, and learning for the CDC community since the establishment of the
Communicable Disease Center in 1946. Today, the PHLIC is a heavily used
resource serving the information needs for more than 15,000 CDC researchers,
scientists, and public health professionals in nine libraries throughout the

The Public Health Library and Information Center (PHLIC) ORISE Fellowship
will provide graduate students and recent graduates from ALA-accredited
library graduate school programs with a wide range of skills and
technologies supporting information management in a biomedical research
library environment. The program provides an opportunity to:

*  Gain experience and exposure to foundations, skills, and traditional and
emerging technologies shaping and impacting the field of library and
information science
*  Gain exposure to and experience providing information services in a
biomedical research library environment supporting the specialized
information needs of public health and occupational safety and health
*  Examine emerging issues, trends, and evolving roles in the field of
library and information science.  Examples include but are not limited
to services supporting specialized needs, including literature searching
to support systematic reviews, guidelines, and protocol development;
E-Science, data management, and bioinformatics services; and scholarly
publishing, open access, and digital repository initiatives.

A complete description and information on how to apply is available online



Catharine S. Canevari, MLS
Chief, Public Health Library and Information Center
Deputy Director, Division of Library Sciences & Services (DLSS)
Epidemiology and Analysis Program Office (EAPO)
CDC, Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (OSELS)

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