Last call! FREE ticket to MLA Roundtables Lunch

It’s only one or two paragraphs to put your bid in!  I eat,  you eat, we all eat, so why not eat at MLA for free?

The deadline for the Midwest Chapter/MLA’s Free Lunch Award WAS Friday, March 14th. But, if you missed it, throw something together and get it to Jere Odell (jdodell at iupui dot edu) this week.

This is your chance to have the Midwest Chapter cover the cost of the Chapter Council Roundtables Luncheon at MLA in Chicago.  Do it!  It’s easy and fun and everyone loves a free lunch! Apply today.


The official name of the lunch is the Chapter Council Presents Sharing Roundtables Luncheon, which will be held during the Medical Library Association Meeting in Chicago, IL on Sunday, May 18th (noon-2pm).  See for information and application instructions.  The deadline for applications is March 14, 2014 (which has passed, but you now have until the 21st).

The Roundtable is not just a lunch, but a great learning and networking opportunity as well. You can select one of the many topics and participate in an informal and lively discussion at your lunch table.

For a list of topics, visit:


*Applicants must be Midwest Chapter/MLA Members. Not a member? Go here to join:

*Applicants must be attending the MLA Annual Meeting in Chicago AND pre-register for the Chapter Council Roundtables. (There are no on-site registrations allowed).

*Tickets are $50 and must be pre-paid by the applicant.

*The two winners will be reimbursed $50 each after the meeting.


Applications must include:

*Name, work or home address and email address or phone number.

*The specific roundtable that was selected.

*A paragraph or two describing “Why I Deserve a Free Lunch.”

Creativity and conciseness are encouraged! Entries are judged on humor, pathos and/or neediness.

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