Campfire Conversation: Nurses and Nursing Students

The hour-long campfire conversations portion of the conference was something I had very much been looking forward to, as a way to meet other librarians and to hear about their successes and difficulties regarding various aspects of medical librarianship. It definitely didn’t disappoint! My only regret was that I could only attend one. I chose the conversation about serving nurses and nursing students, where we packed a lot of excellent discussion into one hour. Our small group was made up of both hospital and academic librarians, so we covered everything from preparing for Magnet certification to working with distance students to handling delicate situations involving poor student assignments from faculty.

Before the end of the hour, our group exchanged email addresses in order to continue the conversation online. I know I had a number of good take-aways from the discussion that I would like to try back at my institution, particularly in terms of outreach. I look forward to similar conversations at future conferences!

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