North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum

What a delight to have a reception in North Dakota’s Heritage Center and State Museum!  From the beautiful architecture of the new galleries to the fascinating exhibits presented inside, the center makes for a wonderfully educational introduction to the state’s history.

And some of that history is ancient!  I think everyone enjoyed the dinosaurs and how engagingly they were displayed.  Should I ever get a cat I am naming him or her after Dinictis (transl. Terrible Stab) the inhabitant of North Dakota from approximately 30 million years ago (what a fantastic name!).

I was also delighted that the gift shop stayed open late for our event because I was able to pick up some North Dakotan chippers that I had heard so much about since I arrived.  I brought them home to share to immense success.  A truly delightful evening in a fantastic setting!



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