Networking at Midwest

I happened to sit with Tiffney Gipson during Sunday’s lunch session. Tiffney is the Clinical Library Intern at the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, which is right here in Louisville, KY. She kindly provided me with directions to the Big Four Bridge. We chatted again during an afternoon break. I talked about my intent to blog for those who were not able to attend the conference. Tiffney said she liked the networking opportunities most, which is especially important for students who are looking fore jobs. She also added that the meeting allowed her to meet people outside her immediate work environment. This is my 3rd Midwest conference, and I could not agree with her more. Reconnecting with friends and colleagues and getting to know new faces has always been the highlight of each of my conferences. For many of us, it seems face-to-face interactions is something that just cannot be replaced with virtual interactions.
Hope to see you all at Iowa in 2016.

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