Midwest MLA Scholarship Fundraiser Successful!

We are happy to report that the scholarship fundraiser was a success. The total amount raised was $1038.00!

Not only did we raise over $1000 but a Chapter ‘Critter’ was selected by a significant margin. The owl won with 158 total votes, 90 more votes than any of the other top 6 ‘critters’.

A great big thanks to our generous colleagues who donated handmade silent auction items: Jen DeBerg, Carole Gilbert, Karen Hanus, Janna Lawrence, Jolene Miller, Merle Rosenzweig, Nicole Theis-Mahon, and Edith Starbuck.

Thanks as well to the volunteers who monitored the silent auction table, sold ‘critter’ votes and fun ribbons: Jessica DeCaro, Mary Pat Harnegie, Janna Lawrence, Mini Prasad, Nicole Theis-Mahon, Eileen Severson, Angie Tucker, and Beth Whipple.

Special thanks to my co-chair Nicole Theis-Mahon who contributed her ideas, time, silent auction knowledge, and creativity to the fundraiser.

Finally, thanks to all of you who bid on silent auction items, purchased ‘critter’ votes, fun ribbons, and conference magnets! Together we really did make this a successful fundraiser.

What’s happening next year? We’re planning to do another fundraiser that will include a silent auction and another opportunity to purchase fun ribbons and vote on some aspect of the Midwest Chapter / MLA owl. In addition, we will be working with the Executive Board toward creating an official fundraising committee.

More on all of this as the year progresses. Thanks again to all for making this such a successful fundraiser!


Edith Starbuck (edith.starbuck@uc.edu)

2017 Silent Auction Fundraiser Co-chair

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