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Any podcasts on YOUR iPod?

Karen and I were talking about this today...

What is on your iPod?

Do you subscribe to any podcasts? Do you download any library related content? Answer these questions and share your thoughts concerning podcasting and libraries by clicking on the Comments link just down there at the end of this post. Inquiring minds want to know! Really!

I must confess that at this point I am still an iPod novice user. I subscribe to a number of podcasts through iTunes and sync my cute little Nano weekly. Most of my subscriptions are for public radio programs, my current favorite being Selected Shorts. I'm just realizing that there is a whole new world out there with so much stuff that I can download. When collegian son comes home next week for the summer, I am going to have to ask him to show me how to download things into that amazing little toy without going through iTunes.

Even a quick search on iTunes leads one to much interesting library programming. Anyone out there subscribe to the MedlinePlus: NLM Director's Comments? This week's program features "Marijuana and Gum Disease." I'm going to try the the University of Arizona SIRLS podcasts and Arizona State University's Library Channel. Any other suggestions?

Are any of your libraries providing podcasts online?


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Mary Markland:

I applaud Clare for her use of podcasts in a professional way! I have several technology update feeds from NPR and then the rest of mine tend to be more fun. Like the puzzle from Sunday's Weekend Edition...

I usually listen when I'm at the gym so it has to be fairly lively. Anything too serious and I slow down.

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