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No music on my iPod?

I love my Christmas present iPod, but I have yet to download any music. I subscribe to a number of podcasts and listen during my daily commute. Today, on my way to Columbus for a 2009 Midwest Chapter conference planning committee meeting, I listened to last week's SirsiDynix Institute podcast Maximizing the Power of the Web: Pew Internet & American Life Project's 2007 Findings. Lee Rainie, Director Pew Internet & American Life Project reviewed the results of a their 2007 survey on how people use the internet, libraries, and government agencies when they need help. The presentation was interesting, but the very poor technical quality of the audio made listening challenging.

Although the results pertained mostly to public library use, I found two items interesting in the results. I refer you to the presentation slides for supporting numerical details. First, young adults, ages 18-29, turn to libraries for problem solving (slide 32). In my hospital, folks in this age group are my library's most frequent users -- students, residents, younger nursing staff. They are used to using the library for school and continue to turn to the library for information assistance even after graduation. Second, people who have internet access at home still use the library (slide 25). "The internet isn't your enemy, it's your ally." (slide 40)

What do you think?


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I'm embarrassed to say that I know little about what kind of podcasts are available for subscribing to via iTunes. I use it 100% for music. Can you give some examples?

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Sorry it took so long to publish your comment! It was buried in spam...

Look for NPR, American Public Radio, and PRI programming in the iTunes Store. Lots of goodies! I like Jazz Profiles, Speaking of Faith and Selected Shorts. There is also a monthly New Yorker short story. Makes the long commutes bearable!

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