NLM/MLA/GMR updates

New from the NLM:
The NLM came out with a huge list of resources and updates this year. Among them:

  • MedlinePlus Connect
  • PubMed (interface updates)
  • PubMed Health
  • LiverTox
  • After School Activity Club
  • GeneEd
  • Drug Information Portal (mobile site)
  • My Medication List

Additionally, the NLM is now doing some web harvesting and digitization!

Check out the new Hidden Treasure book (free to read online!), the Native Voices exhibit and app, the new website for traveling exhibits, and the new History of Medicine website!

New from the MLA:
This emphasis of the association this year was the future of the association and the strengthening of research. Big updates this year! AHIP documentation is now electronic! And, you can personalize your MLAnet profile!

Some dates to remember:
Nominations for awards due by November 1.
Scholarship and grant applications due by December 1.
Apply to be on a committee by October 31.

Also, the MLA ’12 e-conference is available online! Check out those speeches and presentations from May to get some refreshers and ideas for work!

MLA ’13 is in BOSTON!!! It’s a joint conference with several other associations, so we’ll definitely learn a lot and get unique perspectives! If you have a poster or paper submitted, make sure to finalize your abstracts and details! And if you don’t, there may be an opportunity to submit late-breaking papers! Stay tuned to MLA Focus for more details!

New from the GMR:
The GMR has some new emphases on their work. There will be a focus on 1. Hospital libraries and professional development for their librarians, 2. Health professionals and technology in the implementation of that technology, and 3. Health literacy by raising awareness and improving access to information and resources.

The GMR also covered some major subcontracts and projects, traveling exhibits, new CE, and a new portal for projects and reports. Stay tuned to the Lake Effects Webinars for more information (and CE credit!)


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I am a health sciences librarian in Illinois, working with Nursing and Pharmacy. My interests include information literacy, assessment, evidence-based practice, and more! I joined the MidwestMLA in 2011 and I am the editor of ConnectMidwest. Tweet me: emoreton47
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