Dine Around in Rochester – Twigs

I decided to venture out of my comfort zone a little and go on a ‘dine-around’ on Monday evening. I signed up to go to Twigs. I did look at the menu, but one of the motivating reasons I signed up to go to Twigs was because I saw a few names on the list that I had seen on Twitter as well. I was curious to put a name (or Twitter handle) to a face. I also wanted to get to know my colleagues a little better too. [Note to the planning committee for next year: consider allowing attendees to include their Twitter names on their conference ID.]
The group met in the DoubleTree lobby and Dana, a librarian at the Mayo Clinic, was our host and guide. Although the sign up sheet cautioned the reader of the distance, I realized later that I should have probably “google mapped it” to see where I was going and how far would I would have to walk. The walk there was not too bad as it got me outside (after being inside sky-ways most of the conference) but it was very windy outside.
WalkingMapTwigsRegardless, conversations on the way to and from the restaurant and at dinner made it worth the windy walk. I was able to get to know my seven dinner members and hear what is going on at their libraries. I would highly recommend dine-arounds if offered at other conferences and explore the conference city and connect with your fellow librarians.

“Experiment! Meet new people . . . By adventuring; about, you become accustomed to the unexpected. The unexpected then becomes what it really is . . . the inevitable.”
― Amelia Earhart

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3 Responses to Dine Around in Rochester – Twigs

  1. Elizabeth.moreton says:

    Sad to have missed the dine-arounds! Sounded like fun!

  2. Tara.Brigham says:

    I forgot to mention that my Twitter handle is: @TBrigham

  3. Charlotte Beyer says:

    I don’t think any of us realized how far it was 🙂 but it was totally worth it. It was a nice end to the conference, and hey we burned off some of the calories we ate!

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