Annual Meeting Special Committee (2017)


The purpose of the Annual Meetings Special Committee is to study the planning of the chapter’s annual meetings and to recommend changes to current practice. The goal of the committee will be to increase continuity and effectiveness in planning and executing key meeting planning tasks year to year.

The Annual Meetings Special Committee shall:

  • Examine and evaluate current meeting planning procedures, activities/tasks, and supporting committee structures:
    • Focus attention on issues related to hosting group partnerships, chapter-level planning committees, suggested local planning committees, meeting finance buy tadalafil 20 mg online procedures, the state rotation schedule, and frequency of meetings.
  • Compile, evaluate, and synthesize relevant information to guide the process:
    • Review results of the 2014 Annual Meetings Survey.
    • Review recent annual meeting evaluation surveys and final reports.
    • Investigate how other MLA chapters and comparable organizations plan their annual conferences.
  • Recommend changes to policy, procedures, and chapter bylaws where necessary.

The Special Committee shall complete its work in 2017.


  • Clare Leibfarth, Co-chair (OH)
  • Bette Sydelko, Co-chair (OH)
  • Liz Fine Weinfurter (MN)
  • Deborah Lauseng (IL)