Midwest MLA Scholarship Fundraiser Successful!

We are happy to report that the scholarship fundraiser was a success. The total amount raised was $1038.00!

Not only did we raise over $1000 but a Chapter ‘Critter’ was selected by a significant margin. The owl won with 158 total votes, 90 more votes than any of the other top 6 ‘critters’.

A great big thanks to our generous colleagues who donated handmade silent auction items: Jen DeBerg, Carole Gilbert, Karen Hanus, Janna Lawrence, Jolene Miller, Merle Rosenzweig, Nicole Theis-Mahon, and Edith Starbuck.

Thanks as well to the volunteers who monitored the silent auction table, sold ‘critter’ votes and fun ribbons: Jessica DeCaro, Mary Pat Harnegie, Janna Lawrence, Mini Prasad, Nicole Theis-Mahon, Eileen Severson, Angie Tucker, and Beth Whipple.

Special thanks to my co-chair Nicole Theis-Mahon who contributed her ideas, time, silent auction knowledge, and creativity to the fundraiser.

Finally, thanks to all of you who bid on silent auction items, purchased ‘critter’ votes, fun ribbons, and conference magnets! Together we really did make this a successful fundraiser.

What’s happening next year? We’re planning to do another fundraiser that will include a silent auction and another opportunity to purchase fun ribbons and vote on some aspect of the Midwest Chapter / MLA owl. In addition, we will be working with the Executive Board toward creating an official fundraising committee.

More on all of this as the year progresses. Thanks again to all for making this such a successful fundraiser!


Edith Starbuck (edith.starbuck@uc.edu)

2017 Silent Auction Fundraiser Co-chair

Educating 21st Century Doctors

The panel on Monday provided great insights and perspectives on educating 21st century doctors and included speakers from Oakland University, Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. Each speaker highlighted a different angle on the topic question and provided great ideas and examples of what the doctor of tomorrow will learn and how this will translate into their patient care.

Dr. Robert Noiva discussed the importance of patient centered care and highlighted how a picture can speak volumes when he showed a picture of a group of doctors discussing their patient care, but with no patient in sight. To focus on patient centered care, Dr. Noiva described how he envisioned a 21st century physician delivering this care – compassionately. In order to provide this compassionate care, the school has promoted a movement towards enrolling medical students who are “more than their score” and focusing on admitting students using a holistic review that looks at both academic achievements and interpersonal competencies. In order to deliver this compassionate care, 21st century physicians need to focus on their personal wellness and OUWB has integrated wellness into the curriculum with wellness events and activities for students to help them cope with their demanding schedules and prevent burnout.

Dr. Laurie Richlin started off her presentation getting attendees to think about what the 21st century physician looked like to them. Giving a short break to chat with our tables, I leaned toward my own personal bias and pictured a techie doctor utilizing all the latest technology to provide in-depth, personalized health care, but chatting with the librarians at my table helped me to see that a collaborator is what a 21st century doctor will be – someone who can communicate with a healthcare team and their patients. Dr. Richlin’s love for medical libraries was obvious from the start of her presentation when she noted that hiring a medical librarian was a crucial first step when opening a practice and continued throughout her presentation. Dr. Richlin highlighted the key roles of a 21st century physician: Healer, Scientist, Advocate, Educator, Colleague, and Role Model. Echoing Dr. Noiva, Dr. Richlin also stressed how compassion is needed as a doctor. Along with compassion, lifelong learning was another skill needed by doctors which can easily be attained by forming a connection with their medical librarian. Dr. Richlin also discussed the Research Readiness Self Assessment (RRSA) which was an excellent example of how the medical library can become more involved with medical education.

Dr. Michelle Daniel concluded the panel with her presentation on the new curriculum at the University of Michigan’s Medical School. Some of the changes to the curriculum include decreasing the number of years in which science is taught, increasing the number of clinical years, including leadership training, and a course on doctoring (covering all 4 years) to enhance students’ communication, collaboration skills, and compassion. The curriculum also wanted to focus on students’ interests and encouraged them to pursue different paths in their education. These “Paths of Excellence” help to prepare students to become agents of change in health care and reinforce the vision of a 21st century physician.

Upcoming Fundraiser at Midwest Chapter MLA 2017

Upcoming Fundraiser: Support Midwest Chapter MLA 2017 Scholarships Three Ways!    

  • Bid on handmade silent auction items donated by Chapter members,
  • Pay $1.00 to vote for the Midwest MLA Chapter ‘Critter’ of your choice, and
  • Purchase a ribbon for $1.00 with sayings on them for yourself or your colleague’s nametag!

Fundraiser Location: Conference Registration Area

Silent Auction Details

  • Silent Auction items will be represented on the table(s) by bid sheets due to limited space
  • As space allows, items will be displayed as much as possible
  • Ask for a closer look at any item – they will be available nearby
  • Preview the auction items: http://z.umn.edu/mc_auction

Silent Auction Parameters:

  • Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:50 PM on Sunday 10/15/17
    • Final Bidding: 4:30 to 4:50 PM
    • Winners Pay & Pick Up Winnings: 4:50 to 5:15
  • Cash or check only
  • A starting bid will be stated on the bid sheet
  • Bids must be at least $2.00 each (unless otherwise stated)
  • A starting bid will be stated on the bid sheet
  • All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds unless otherwise noted. All items are “as is.”
  • Must be present to win or have designated in writing who is picking up and paying on your behalf
  • The auction item value listed is an estimate of fair market value. Items have not been appraised unless so noted. The amount you pay above this fair market value estimate is normally tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax adviser to clarify amount of deduction.

Chapter Critter Update & Details

There was an enthusiastic response to the call for Chapter ‘Critter’ suggestions.  A total of 26 different suggestions came in and the Executive Board voted on their 5 top choices.  Survey results revealed 6 top ‘critters’ due to a 3-way tie.

  • Members vote to select one of the 6 as the ‘critter’ or mascot to represent the nine states in the Midwest MLA Chapter.

Top Six Proposed ‘Critters’

In-Person Chapter Critter Voting Parameters

  • Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:50 PM on Sunday 10/15/17
  • $1.00 per vote – cash or check only
  • Vote as often as you like for the critter of your choice
  • If there’s a tie, the winner will be pulled out of a hat by the Chapter president
  • The winning ‘Critter’ will be announced at the Business Meeting on Monday 10/16/17

Online ‘Critter’ Voting 10/1 – 10/15 until 5 pm

How to donate and cast your vote(s):

  • Use the Midwest MLA online donation form: https://mcmla45.wildapricot.org/page-1745931
  • Votes are $1.00 each.  Put the total amount you wish to donate for votes, i.e. $10.00 for 10 votes
  • In the Comments field put the ‘critter’ / mascot for which you want to vote
  • Complete the form and pay.

Purchase ‘Fun’ Ribbons for Name Tag

  • $1.00 per ribbon – cash or check only
  • Buy ribbons for yourself or your colleagues
  • Buy as many as you like

Bid, vote, and purchase ribbons often to raise Midwest MLA scholarship funds!   

Questions?  Contact us.

Thanks everyone!

Edith Starbuck (edith.starbuck@uc.edu) and Nicole Theis-Mahon (theis025@umn.edu)

2017 Silent Auction Fundraiser Co-chairs

Midwest MLA Scholarship Fundraiser – Coming Soon!

Midwest MLA Scholarship Fundraiser – Coming Soon

Be ready to participate in the upcoming scholarship fundraiser – show your support 3 different ways!

• Bid on handmade silent auction items donated by (Chapter members, click here to preview the silent auction items: (http://z.umn.edu/mc_auction))

Pay $1.00 to vote for the Midwest MLA Chapter ‘Critter’ of your choice

Purchase a ribbon for $1.00 with fun sayings on them for yourself or your colleague’s nametag

The fundraiser is only on Sunday 10/15/17 so be ready to bid, vote, and purchase ribbons often!

• Cash or check only
• Check out the conference website for additional details.

Together we can make a difference for the scholarship fund!

Thank you.

Fundraiser Co-Chairs: Edith Starbuck and Nicole Theis-Mahon