Awards and Scholarships Committee

The Awards and Scholarships Committee shall promote awards and scholarships, encourage applications, review applicants, select awardees and manage award and scholarship presentations. It shall periodically review the appropriateness of existing awards and scholarships; recommend modification, elimination, or suspension of existing awards and scholarships; and make recommendations with respect to proposed new awards and scholarships. The committee chair shall announce the recipients of all awards and scholarships at the Annual Business Meeting and in MIDLINE. The committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Board on all policies relating to awards and scholarships made or sponsored by the chapter. It shall document awards and scholarships policies and procedures on the chapter website and in other relevant publications. The committee chair shall prepare a report for each Executive Board Meeting and submit appropriate documentation to the chapter Archives.

The Awards and Scholarships Committee shall consist of the President Elect*, plus at least four members appointed to serve a two-year term by the President. The Chair and one member are to be appointed in even numbered years. Two members are to be appointed in odd numbered years.

Current Roster:

Anna Beth Morgan, Chair, Oct 2017-Oct 2018
Merle Rosenzweig, President-Elect* (Oct 2017-Oct 2018)
Abigail Goben (Oct 2017-Oct 2019)
Matt Hoy (Oct 2016-2018)
Eileen Severson (Oct 2017-2018)

*President-Elect serves on committee per bylaws, allowing for tiebreakers