Midwest Chapter
Medical Library Association
Board Meeting

September 19, 2003
Omni Severin Hotel
, Indiana

•  Call to Order - Kellie Kaneshiro

The meeting was called to order by President Kellie Kaneshiro at 1:30 pm

•  Introductions, opening remarks - Kellie Kaneshiro

Board members introduced themselves.

•  Parliamentarian's Report - Donna Barbour-Talley

Donna Barbour-Talley reported present a quorum of Board members to conduct the official business of the Chapter

•  Minutes - Sandra Martin

Minutes of Spring 2003 Board Meeting was approved as corrected.

Action :   change wording on page 2 to “Chris Shaffer will increase the employee theft coverage to $60, 000 at a cost of no greater than $300”

•  Officers' Reports

•  Past President - James Lander

James Lander asked each member of the Board to review the Matrix for revisions. Members should send comments or suggestions for correction to Kellie Kaneshiro. The 2004 Nominations and Elections Committee will be Nancy O'Brien (Chair), Louise Hass and Susan Hill.

•  President - Kellie Kaneshiro

The following action items approved by the Executive Committee required ratification by the Board.

•  Treat bylaws changes as amendments rather than revisions, thus not requiring a vote by the full membership.

•  Appoint an Interim Representative to MLA Chapter Council until new representatives can be elected. Board members discussed staggered terms for Representatives to ensure continuity.

•    President-Elect - Melinda Orebaugh

Melinda Orebaugh met with Kellie Kaneshiro to work out logistics

•    Treasurer-Chris. Shaffer

Chris Shaffer reported that the Chapter has a very tangled financial history Bank accounts have been moved every 2 years. Local meeting planners have often opened and closed checking accounts in the name of the Chapter. In the end the Chapter's application for a credit card was declined, because there is no fixed address and too many revolving accounts exist.

Ray Naegele, MLA Director of Finance and Administration, recommended a debit card in lieu of a credit card for the Chapter. Chris also offered these recommendations:

•  Open accounts at a national financial institution that offers ATM/debit cards for businesses and stop the practice of moving and closing accounts with each new treasurer.

•  Retain the services of a professional accountant specializing in small business to investigate the Chapter's credit history

•  Establish a task force to investigate methods for managing annual meeting finances that would eliminate practice of opening additional Chapter accounts by local meeting planners.

Chris also reported that the budget for the Awards Committee was increased by $1000 to cover the Spring 2003 authorized donation to the Lindberg Fellowship Endowment.

The coverage for the Chapter's Crime Policy was increased to $60,000 at a cost of $294.00.

The Chapter's account balance has been increasing significantly each year up $20,000 in four years.   The Chapter should consider offering other activities or services to members to begin to bring down this high balance. Some suggestions included having committees submit funding proposals, lowering the price for conferences.

Motion (Approved): Treasurer will open banking accounts at a national financial institution that offers ATM/debit cards for businesses.

Motion (Approved): Treasurer will close current Chapter banking accounts

            Action : The Finance Committee will work with the incoming Annual Meeting Chair gathering information from other Chapters about their banking practices. The group will also contact the Medical Library Association for accounting options and report their findings to the Board at the spring 2004 meeting.

            Action : Task Force for Annual Meetings made up of Chair and conference coordinators will make recommendations for using the growing account balance to benefit the membership. Recommendations will be due at the Spring meeting.

•  Secretary - Sandra Martin

•  Membership - Bette Sydelko

Bette Sydelko reported that there were 40 new members attending the annual meeting . She asked Board members to be sure to welcome them.

The Committee recommended mounting a password-protected membership directory on the web. The web directory would include name, institution, mailing address, phone, fax and email address.

The Committee also recommended that the Chapter discontinue paying for database services The Committee will assume responsibility for maintaining the database.

Motion (Approved):   production password-protected web-based membership directory

Motion (Approved): elimination of services from the database manager at the end of the fiscal year. December 31, 2003.

•  Representatives-At-Large

All reports were informational only requiring no action by the Board

•    MLA Chapter Council - Pamela Rees (Interim )

The AHIP membership renewal experiment will be continued. Members renewing at the same level will require less paperwork.   New MLA issues are scholarly publishing and compensation for librarians. MLA is developing a program for library school students at the Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Also there are plans to create a virtual chapter for students.   

•  Potential Candidate, MLA Nominating Committee - Susan London

Susan London distributed ballots with the names of three candidates to voting members of the Board.   Election results were:   Logan Ludwig, potential candidate and Sue London Alternate.

Reports from Standing Committees:

•  Annual Meetings - Phyllis Nathan

Phyllis Nathan has been revising the Annual Meeting Guide. She suggested adding the update to responsibilities of Annual Meetings chair listed in the Matrix. She also asked for direction from the Board concerning initiating the practice of providing registrants list to vendors prior to the annual meeting. Some of the issues to be considered include member privacy, offering the list for purchase, providing the entire membership list or restricting list to meeting attendees only.

Chapter meeting hosts will extend an invitation to the Executive Director of MLA to attend the Annual Meeting. Registration for the Director will be waived.

Kentucky will host the annual meeting in 2006.

Kellie Kaneshiro thanked Phyllis Nathan for all of her work on the Annual Meetings Guide. The Board gave Phyllis a round of applause.

Motion (Approved ): There must be an option for attendees to decline vendor contacts on the Annual Meeting registration form. If meeting planners choose to provide names and mailing addresses of attendees to vendors, vendors must agree only to use the information for promotional purposes prior to the meeting. The attendees list distributed with the meeting packets will include name and institution only.

•     Archives - Lora Gault

Informational only requires no action by the Board

•     Audit - Rick Brewer

Informational only requires no action by the Board

•     Awards - Gerald Dujsik

James Lander is updating the website. No award for Advancement of Health Information Management this year. Instead, the committee awarded two Annual Meeting Scholarships.

•     Education- Carol Jeuell

Carol Jeuell reported that only 25 people have filled out the CE survey, members are encouraged to respond. The Committee is also looking for ideas to foster mentoring

•    Finance - Chris Shaffer

No report.

•    Government Relations -      Carol Gall

Informational only requiring no action by the Board

•    Membership - Bette Sydelko

The Committee will investigate options and develop recommendations for selling the membership list and report their findings to the Board at the Spring 2004 meeting.

•    Nominations - Susan London

Susan London reported that three important issues surfaced for the committee during the year:

  • Committee recruitment: there was some confusion over who should recruit members for the committee. Only the chair was named.
  • Print directory: the committee worked from the print directory which was not up-to-date. This problem should be resolved by having a web-based directory available
  • Candidates for office: the committee had trouble getting enough people to run for office. Kellie Kaneshiro instructed the committee to request information about members interested in serving from the Membership Secretary in the future.

Also, there was confusion over existing vacancies. The even/odd year designations were confusing. Committee members wanted to know if the designation meant the year the officer would be elected or the year they serve.

Kellie Kaneshiro instructed the Nominations Committee to refer to the current Officer roster that indicates the current terms.

Members discussed developing a Chapter Council Representative timetable as an aid for future Nominating Committees

•  Publications - Cathy Perley

Cathy Perley reported that the newsletter is now available on the web and seems to be working ok. Kellie Kaneshiro will ask Cathy Perley about a $100 budget item listed in the Publication Committee report.

•  Technology Committee - Barbarie Hill

The committee recommends converting Board reports to PDF instead of posting Word documents. The PDF format is virus-free. Also the Committee requested that reports be numbered and dated, archived and made available to members on the web site.

Jane Nichols is moving out of the region and resigned from the committee. There are now only two members on the committee, more will be recruited

Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

•  Reports of Conference Coordinators

•  2003 Indianapolis - Felicia Young

Felicia Young described publicity for the meeting. There are 22 poster sessions. 159 conference registrations, 139 are full registrations, 12 Sunday only, 8 for Monday only. There are 97 CE participants. There are 21 exhibitors and 2 sunrise sessions (Swets/Blackwell and Elsevier).

•  2004 Springfield - Karen Douglas  

Informational only requiring no Board action.

•  2005 North Dakota - Mary Markland

Mary Markland distributed envelopes with information from the North Dakota Library Association (NDLA). Meeting location and hotel rates have been set. Phyllis Nathan asked Board members to volunteer to serve on meeting committees, as there are only eleven members in North Dakota.

•     Ongoing Business


•  New Business

•  Board Meetings.

Members discussed scheduling the Fall Board meeting for Saturday not Friday. The general feeling was that the Friday meeting worked best since many members had conflicting obligations on Saturday.

Members discussed the location for the Spring Board Meeting; moving it to a hotel in the suburbs. This is an option to be explored at the Spring 2004 Meeting. Members also recommended holding the meeting in cities other than Chicago.

•  Chapter organization and procedure  

Some procedures and policies have been lost; others are hard to find a not well organized. Kellie Kaneshiro will work with Melinda Orebaugh to organize procedures and policies; putting more information on the web. Melinda Orebaugh said that she would like to focus the attention of the Board on getting existing activities organized and doing some “good housekeeping.

•  Chapter Mentoring

Kellie Kaneshiro thanked Pam Rees for helping to develop speaking points on Chapter mentoring. Pam Rees spoke about some of the MLA mentoring activities including: establishing a section on MLANET and assigning mentors to first-time applicants for AHIP, Kellie Kaneshiro and Melinda Orebaugh may appoint an ad-hoc committee.

•  Chapter Research

Nancy O'Brien spoke about MLA and other chapter research efforts. The Awards Committee is investigating a research award, and should have something to report in the Spring

•     Annual Business meeting review of agenda and program

Board members set the agenda for the Annual Business Meeting

•  Review of Action Items

•  Adjournment




Finance Committee to work with Annual Meetings Chairs to contact other chapters and MLA about financial issues .Results will be reported at Spring Meeting

Chris Shaffer

Annual Meetings Chairs and the Conference Coordinators will recommend ways the Chapter can reduce costs of meetings for members

Phyllis Nathan

Contact Publications to clarify budget target mentioned in report

Kellie Kaneshiro

Develop and focus on chapter policies, procedures, and goals for 2003

Melinda Orebaugh

Kellie Kaneshiro



•  Open accounts at a national financial institution that offers ATM/debit cards for businesses. Eliminate practice of moving accounts with each new treasurer. Close all current accounts.

•  Place an electronic directory on the Chapter Website. The directory will be password protected and include name, institution, mailing address, phone, fax and email.

•  Discontinue services of database manager at the end of this fiscal year, December 31, 2003.

•  There must be an option on the Annual Meeting registration form for members to opt-out of vendor contacts prior to the meeting. Meeting planners who make member names and address available to vendors must obtain vendor agreements that the lists will only be used for promotional purposes prior to the annual meeting.