SEPTEMBER 22, 2000



Present at meeting (voting members identified by asterisk):

*Ellen Nagle – President                                               Karen Graves – Archives

*Billie Broaddus – President-Elect                                James Lander – Audit

*Peggy Richwine – Treasurer                                        Barbarie Hill – Electronic Communications

*Donna Barbour-Talley - Secretary                                   and 2000 Annual Meeting Coordinator

*Gerald Dujsik – Membership Secretary                       Janet Stith – Government Relations

*Karen Anderson, Representative-at-Large                  David Boilard – Nominations & Elections

*Rick Brewer, Representative-at-Large                        Karen Hanus – 2001 Annual Meeting *Susan Hill, Representative-at-Large                                        Coordinator

*Kellie Kaneshiro, Representative-at-Large                  Jane Bryant

*Tammy Mays, Representative-at-Large                       Sharon Kambeitz

*Nancy O’Brien, Representative-at-Large                    Jill Van Buskirk

*Doreen Roberts, Representative-at-Large

*Pamela Rees, MLA Chapter Council Representative Alternate


1.0              CALL TO ORDER – Ellen Nagle


Nagle called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. using the gavel presented to the Chapter by the Medical Library Association in honor of its 50th anniversary.  She asked those attending to introduce themselves and welcomed three of the newly elected Representatives-at-Large, who are traditionally invited to attend the fall meeting before their terms of office begin.


2.0              AGENDA REVIEW – Ellen Nagle


Nagle reviewed the agenda.


3.0              PARLIAMENTARIAN’S REPORT – Carole Gilbert


Gilbert established that a quorum was present at the meeting and identified voting members. 


4.0              REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF SPRING 2000 BOARD MEETING – Donna Barbour-Talley


The minutes of the March 24, 2000 Spring Board Meeting in Chicago, Illinois were approved as published.


5.0              OFFICERS’ REPORTS


5.1              Past President – Sandra Martin

No report.


It was noted that Past-President Sandra Martin has pneumonia and she was wished a speedy recovery.


5.2              President – Ellen Nagle

Written report submitted.


Nagle announced that she is still seeking a permanent location for a listserv for the Midwest Chapter Executive Board.  She reported that she had attended the Minnesota state meeting in April and will attend the Iowa state meeting in October.


5.3              President-Elect – Billie Broaddus

Written report submitted.


Broaddus announced that she has appointed Sandra Martin as Parliamentarian for 2001.


5.4              Treasurer – Peggy Richwine

Written report submitted.


Richwine reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.


A financial advisor was consulted about investing funds.  Richwine requested that an item be added to New Business for discussion.


5.5              Secretary – Donna Barbour-Talley

No report.


5.6              Membership Secretary – Gerald Dujsik

Written report submitted.


Dujsik reported that the Chapter has 424 current members.


He thanked the representatives-at-large and other Chapter officers who participated in cleaning up the prospective member database and contacted many former members for recruitment.


Dujsik reported that the biannual Membership Directory is due to be published by the end of this year.  The officers for 2000 and 2001 will be listed in the directory and the President-Elect agreed to provide the Foreword by November 1st.


The Medical Library Association has provided the Chapter with a certificate for a free 2001 membership to be given away at this meeting.  A drawing is planned for the end of the business meeting.  Nagle noted that both the President and the Membership Secretary had received certificates from MLA and clarification will be sought from Carla Funk to ascertain if we can use both.


Dujsik reported that membership has fallen by 2% in the past two years.  However, membership brochures were available at all of the state meetings and the membership form on the website has been used as well.  Hanus noted that 17 registrants at this meeting thought they were members but were not.


Anderson suggested that a potential membership benefit might be the webcast of meeting sessions.  The suggestion will be considered in New Business.




5.7.1        Mary Bayorgeon

Written report submitted)


5.7.2        Rick Brewer

Written report submitted.


Brewer noted that he has updated the Representative-at-Large manual started by Larry Ellis.  Newly elected representative-at-large Jane Bryant will be taking over the project from him.


5.7.3        Karen Dahlen

No report.


5.7.4        Kellie Kaneshiro

Written report submitted.


5.7.5        Doreen Roberts

Written report submitted.


Roberts announced that the University of Minnesota is hosting a Molecular Biology CE course at a very affordable rate.  It was noted that the course will also be presented in Wisconsin and Illinois.


5.7.6        Karen Anderson

Written report submitted.


Anderson reported that her article about the use of NetMeeting software for distance instruction was published in both Three Sources and MIDLINE.  Richwine thanked her for sharing the idea and noted that use of the software is spreading widely.


5.7.7        Susan Hill

Written report submitted.


S. Hill reported that there have been a number of retirements among Ohio members lately.  The idea of a “retirees” membership category was briefly suggested.


5.7.8        Tammy Mays

Written report submitted.


Mays reported data on her efforts to locate former members in the database cleanup project.


5.7.9        Nancy O’Brien

Written report submitted.


O’Brien noted that she will continue recruitment at the upcoming Iowa meeting.


5.7.10  Appreciation


Nagle, Dujsik and Richwine all commended the representatives-at-large for their efforts at recruitment and revision of the database during this year.



Written report submitted.


In addition to the written report from Knight, the Alternate MLA Chapter Council Representative Rees reviewed some background on the MLA Chapter Council.



No report.


It was noted that our candidate was not elected to the MLA Nominating Committee this year.




6.1              ARCHIVES – Karen Graves

Written report submitted.


Graves expressed the committee’s gratitude to Bob Adelsperger for his gracious support of the Chapter archives and his timely advice to committee members.


6.2              AUDIT – Jim Lander

Written report submitted.


6.3              AWARDS – Phyllis Nathan

Written report submitted.


Clarification on the number of awards and what is covered is on the agenda under New Business.


6.4       EDUCATION – Sheryl Stevens

No report.


6.5              FINANCE – Peggy Richwine

No separate report (covered by Treasurer’s report).


6.6              GOVERNMENT RELATIONS – Janet Stith

Written report submitted.


An additional role for the Chair of the Chapter Government Relations Committee is to serve as liaison to the MLA Government Relations Committee.


6.7              MEMBERSHIP – Gerald Dujsik

Written report submitted


6.8              NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS – David Boilard

Written report submitted.


Boilard reported the results of the 2000 election.  Paid members as of June 1st were eligible to vote; 171 ballots were returned.  Only 7 ballots were invalidated; 4 were photocopies rather than originals and 3 were postmarked after the deadline.  The successful candidates were:

President-Elect:                  James H. Lander

Membership Secretary:       Sheryl R. Stevens

Representatives-at-large:     Jane Bryant, Patricia Grundke, Sharon Kambeitz, Carol Scherrer, Jill Van Buskirk


Each year the Board elects a potential MLA Nominating Committee Candidate and Alternate.  This is part of a three year process: the Board elects potential candidates, the Chapter Council selects from the potentials, and the final candidates go on the national ballot for election by the MLA membership.  Boilard distributed candidate information and ballots to voting members.


6.9              PROGRAM – Lila Pedersen

No report.


6.10          PUBLICATIONS – Deborah Sobczak

Written report submitted.


The Board commended Sobczak for her commitment in continuing the role during a job change and for producing a high quality newseletter.  A new editor will be sought for 2001.  A suggestion was made to investigate moving to an electronic-only format, but it was widely agreed that there is still support for a print publication.




7.1              AHIP LIAISON – Faith Ross

No report.


7.2              ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS – Barbarie Hill

Written report submitted.


Nagle commended B. Hill for her work on the website.  She again asked everyone to check the contact information and send updates to B. Hill.  B. Hill showed a proposed new design for the website.  An electronic version of the Board Matrix is still being sought for addition to the site.


Graves inquired if there is any way to archive the content of the website.  B. Hill reported that the committee has addressed this concern and is developing a process to take a snapshot of the website at specified intervals.




8.1              2000 ANNUAL MEETING, CINCINNATI – Barbarie Hill

Written report submitted.


B. Hill reported on the registration and preliminary finance report of the 2000 Annual Meeting.  The final number of registrants is 205 with 133 of them chapter members.  The finances remain in line with the budget but final figures are not yet available.  A PowerPoint presentation for a session has been linked off the chapter website.


8.2       2001 ANNUAL MEETING, MILWAUKEE – Karen Hanus

Written report submitted.


Hanus reported that plans are proceeding on schedule for the 2001 Annual Meeting to be held October 5-9, 2001 at the Wyndham Milwaukee Center.  Promotions at this meeting include chocolate bars in the registration bags and prize drawings at the booth in the registration area.  A CE survey has been placed in the registration packets and also distributed over several listservs, with a separate prize drawing for completed surveys.


9.0              OLD BUSINESS


9.1              ELECTIONS PROCEDURES – David Boilard


The procedures of the Nominations & Elections Committee have required the voter’s name to appear on the ballot envelope.  The committee investigated fully that this practice was not specified by either the Midwest Chapter bylaws or the Medical Library Association (which has already stopped using this practice).  The 2000 election was conducted without the requirement and had many fewer invalidated ballots.  It was recommended that the committee place an article in Midline explaining the change and revise its election procedures.


9.2              COMMITTEE CHAIRS – Ellen Nagle


Nagle reported that she has been clarifying the appointments process in a grid to delineate responsibility and terms of office.  All current committee chairs will be asked to confirm their intent to continue in office or end their terms.  She is working with Broaddus to ensure a smooth transition.


A number of smaller problems have arisen with specific recommendations in the Chapter Bylaws.  Nagle announced the appointment of an Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee to investigate the issue and Carole Gilbert volunteered to chair it.


9.3              BOARD ELECTION RESULTS – David Boilard


Boilard reported that Kellie Kaneshiro was elected as the Midwest Chapter’s potential MLA Nominating Committee Candidate, with Jo Dorsch as Alternate.


10.0          NEW BUSINESS


10.1          FUTURE CHAPTER MEETINGS – Ellen Nagle


Nagle reported that a letter of proposal to host a Midwest Chapter annual meeting has been received for 2002 from the Health Science Libraries of Minnesota.  A site is still needed for the 2003 meeting.  There was discussion of the process for selecting sites.


10.2          SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS – Phyllis Nathan


Nathan requested that the Board consider allowing the Awards Committee more flexibility in making awards based on applications.  This year no applications were received for the Midwest Chapter’s Award for Achievement in Health Information Management; in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board, it was decided to use the funds designated for this award for a second scholarship.  Nathan also requested clarification on whether conference registration is provided to scholarship recipients in addition to the award.


Nagle confirmed that the Board needs to decide each Fall how much money is to be allotted for awards and scholarships in the upcoming year.  The Board specified that the scholarship money can be used by recipients for any portion of meeting expense they wish (registration/hotel/travel); it is not expected that the scholarship will cover all the costs of attending an annual meeting.  The Board approved the following resolution, proposed by Richwine and seconded by S. Hill:


The Board allocates $1500 for the Awards Committee to spend on awards and scholarships in the year 2001, with a limit of $500 per award or scholarship.




Dahlen submitted an inquiry about the formal relationship between the chapter and the state associations.  It was clarified that there is no formal relationship.  Traditionally, some state groups have hosted the annual meeting of the chapter as a joint meeting of both groups.  It has been a courtesy to offer a time slot for the business meeting of any state group during the annual meeting.


10.4          BENCHMARKING – Carole Gilbert


Gilbert noted that the Hospital Library Benchmarking Project underway at MLA is in need of more participants in the beta test and MLA has requested assistance in spreading the word.  The institutional membership requirement has been dropped.  The project is on the Members Only section of MLANET.  The deadline for the entry of data for the beta test is November 15, 2000.


Gilbert also noted that the new Journal of Hospital Librarianship, which she is editing, will publish its first issue in Spring 2001.  She continues to seek articles and columns for future issues and would welcome contributions.


10.5     INVESTMENT OF FUNDS – Peggy Richwine


As follow-up to discussion at the Spring Board Meeting, Richwine reported that the Chapter has considerable funds in bank accounts at relatively low interest rates, which could be invested without harming operating funds.  She participated in a Chapter Roundtable at the MLA meeting in Vancouver and learned that MLA is able to consult on this issue.  In addition, she met with a financial advisor who consults with nonprofits on investing and received a recommendation for the Davis Mutual Fund.


After discussion, it was concluded it was probably not the time to do this, due to the condition of the stock market.  However, it might be prudent to shift funds to short-term certificates for a higher interest rate.  After the financial results of the 2000 Annual Meeting are known, the Treasurer will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of the Board on shifting funds to certificates.


10.6     ELECTRONIC INITIATIVES – Karen Anderson


Anderson’s suggestion that the Chapter investigate webcasts of its meetings was discussed.  It is a format suitable for lectures or presentations rather than an interactive session, but might encourage people to join who can’t attend meetings.  Anderson noted that she is trying to obtain information from a Texas broadcast about what is involved in broadcasting a program over the Internet.  The costs and capabilities required would be of primary interest.  B. Hill indicated that the Electronic Communications Committee should be involved.  Nagle and Broaddus will determine if a separate task force should be formed or if this should be referred to the Electronic Communications Committee.


It was also suggested that more articles on applying technology in library settings should be shared by Chapter members, either through publication in Midline or postings on the Chapter website.  B. Hill noted that there are plans for a technology sharing section on the website.




B. Hill presented a request from the committee that the Board begin the process of making this a standing committee.  The following resolution was approved by the Board:


The Board recommends that the Chapter Bylaws be revised to make Electronic Communications a Standing Committee.


Nagle referred the matter to the Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee chaired by Gilbert.




Nagle reviewed the proposed agenda for the Annual Business Meeting of the Chapter and confirmed which committee chairs will give reports.  It was decided to count members at the doors to establish a quorum; in the future, voting paddles for members might be considered.


11.0          REVIEW OF ACTION ITEMS AND MOTIONS – Donna Barbour-Talley


Barbour-Talley reviewed the action items and motions from the meeting.


12.0          NEXT MEETING


Broaddus consulted with members present on the date for the next meeting.  The Executive Board of the Midwest Chapter, Medical Library Association will meet on Friday, March 23, 2001 in Chicago, Illinois at a place and time to be announced.


13.0          ADJOURNMENT


Nagle adjourned the meeting at 7:10 p.m. and was commended for running an efficient meeting.