OCTOBER 5, 2001




Present at meeting (voting members identified by asterisk):

*Billie Broaddus – President                                         Sandra Martin – Parliamentarian

*James Lander – President-Elect                                  Phyllis Nathan – Annual Meetings

*Ellen Nagle – Past President                                                   (Program)

*Peggy Richwine – Treasurer                                        Lora V. Gault – Archives

*Donna Barbour-Talley – Secretary                              Rebecca Woolbert – Education

*Sheryl Stevens – Membership Secretary                     Doreen Bradley – Nominations &

*Karen Anderson – Representative-at-Large                            Elections

*Patricia Grundke – Representative-at-Large                Mary K. Taylor – Publications

*Susan Hill - Representative-at-Large               Karen Hanus – 2001 Conference

*Sharon Kambeitz - Representative-at-Large                Sherry Anderson – 2002 Conference

*Tammy Mays - Representative-at-Large                     Della Shupe – 2002 Conference

*Nancy O’Brien - Representative-at-Large                   Felicia A. Young – 2003 Conference

*Carol Scherrer - Representative-at-Large                   Kellie Kaneshiro

*Barbara Knight – MLA Chapter Council                     Chris Shaffer

            Representative                                                  Lorna Springston

* Pamela Rees – MLA Chapter Council

Representative Alternate


1.0              CALL TO ORDER – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm using the Chapter’s official gavel.


2.0              INTRODUCTION AND OPENING REMARKS – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus welcomed everyone to the meeting.  She asked all those attending to introduce themselves, including some personal or library news.


2.1              REVIEW OF AGENDA – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus reviewed the agenda, noting that questions and proposals from individual officers or committees should be deferred to the New Business portion of the meeting.  She gave her estimated timetable for the meeting, including breaks and dinner.


3.0              PARLIAMENTARIAN’S REPORT – Billie Broaddus


As Sandra Martin’s arrival had been delayed, Broaddus established that a quorum was present at the meeting and identified voting members.


4.0              REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Donna Barbour-Talley


The minutes of the March 23, 2001 Spring Board Meeting in Chicago, Illinois were approved as written.


5.0              OFFICERS’ REPORTS


5.1              PAST PRESIDENT – Ellen Nagle

Written report submitted.


5.2              PRESIDENT – Billie Broaddus

Written report submitted.


5.3              PRESIDENT-ELECT – James Lander

Written report submitted.


Lander announced that he had appointed Donna Barbour-Talley to serve as Parliamentarian in 2002.


5.4              TREASURER – Peggy Richwine

Written report submitted.


Richwine reviewed the Treasurer’s Report in detail. 


The Board was reminded to document and report “in kind” expenses and contributions from members and their institutions.  These reports are due to the Treasurer by December 1st.


The question of whether the Chapter could or should obtain a credit card has been raised.  Richwine will leave the issue for the newly elected Treasurer to investigate.


5.5              SECRETARY – Donna Barbour-Talley

No report.


5.6              MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Sheryl Stevens

Written report submitted.


Stevens added a page to her written report which included the Membership Count by State and the MLA Status of Chapter Members.  The total membership of the Chapter stands at 429 members at present.


Stevens commented that even with over 400 members, the Chapter still has trouble getting people involved even as committee members.  In discussion it was suggested that a MIDLINE article might be appropriate to emphasize the value of participation and that travel is not required for committee work.


The discussion included the observation that new members are probably not aware of many aspects of the Chapter.  It was suggested that new members be contacted by a buddy or mentor to welcome them and inform them about the Chapter.  The Representatives at Large agreed to take on this responsibility.




5.7.1        Karen Anderson

Written report submitted.


5.7.2        Jane Bryant

Written report submitted.


Bryant submitted her resignation due to the lack of travel funds.


5.7.3        Pat Grundke

            Written report submitted.


5.7.4        Susan Hill

Written report submitted.


Hill noted that Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Health Sciences Library is partnering with Ohio State University’s Eric Schnell in a project called “DocMD” to apply for an NLM grant.  It supports a Prospero server to allow hospitals with firewall problems to use Ariel; 11 hospital libraries will test the system under the grant.


5.7.5        Sharon Kambeitz

Written report submitted.


Kambeitz reported that she will be editing a column in the Journal of Hospital Librarianship on services to rural areas and other underserved health professionals. 


5.7.6        Tammy Mays

Written report submitted.


Mays announced that the Greater Midwest Region has materials about NLM resources (pens, bookmarks and posters) which can be used for health fairs sponsored by hospitals or public libraries.


5.7.7        Nancy O’Brien

Written report submitted.


O’Brien has agreed to update the “Information at a Glance” handbook for new representatives-at-large.  She also noted that Iowa librarians are pleased to welcome Jean Sayre as director of the Hardin Library after a lengthy vacancy in that position.


5.7.8        Carol Scherrer

Written report submitted.


Scherrer reported on her efforts to recruit new members and to encourage conference attendance and other participation by younger librarians.


5.7.9        Jill Van Buskirk

Written report submitted.


Van Buskirk submitted her resignation due to staffing consolidation and travel budget freezes at her institution.


5.8              MLA CHAPTER COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE – Barbara Knight

Written report submitted.


Knight had a recent report on the September 20-22, 2001 MLA Board Meeting from Chapter Council Liaison Linda Markwell:


·        Chapter Council will be appointing a liaison to the MLA Core Membership Committee.

·        Lucretia McClure is working with the MLA Fellows to establish ways in which the MLA Fellows can serve in mentoring capacities.

·        MLA members will be reminded of the Committee Appointment process, as there is trouble getting committee members at the national level too.

·        MLA has asked Chapter Council for ideas on how they can support the Chapter mentoring activities.

·        Announcements of the MLA Grants & Scholarships and the MLA Awards have been e-mailed to MLA listservs.

·        EBSCO is adding two more grants for new or junior librarians (defined as in the profession less than 5 years) to attend the MLA Annual Meeting.

·        MLA is planning to offer a Technology Specialization credential.  This will not be a certification and the exact requirements are still being determined.

·        A Task Force to Promote the Importance of Expert Searching has been appointed in the wake of the Johns Hopkins incident.

·        Executive Director Carla Funk and Jeannine Gluck, the MLA Representative to JCAHO, wrote a letter to the JCAHO.  The letter asks JCAHO to involve MLA and other health information organizations in the knowledge-based information section of Standards Review Task Force.

·        At the MLA Annual Meeting, 350 people attended the Chapter Roundtables.  New topics offered this year were PDAs and Distance Learning.

·        Deborah Rand has been appointed to head the Benchmarking Implementation Task Force.


5.8.1        MLA CHAPTER COUNCIL ALTERNATE – Pamela Rees

Written report submitted.




Bradley distributed ballots to voting members of the Board to elect our potential candidate for the MLA Nominating Committee.  The candidates were Carole Gilbert, Ellen Nagle and Patricia Redman.




6.1              ANNUAL MEETINGS (PROGRAM) – Phyllis Nathan

Written report submitted.


Nathan reported that she is seeking a host for the 2005 meeting.  She suggested that it would be much easier to find a host if we established a standard rotation for hosting the meeting in each state; the issue will be discussed more fully under New Business.


Karen Hanus was recognized for her efforts in coordinating an excellent meeting.  Nathan reported that she attended the first planning meeting of the 2003 Conference Coordinating Committee in Indianapolis and all felt it is a good practice for the Chapter to share suggestions, hints and help from the beginning.


It was suggested that Nathan recruit another committee member to formalize the apprenticeship for chair of Annual Meetings to ensure continuation of this important role.


6.2              Archives – Lora V. Gault

Written report submitted.


Gault noted the address for the archives in her report, which is not where she is now employed. 


6.3              Audit – Rick Brewer

Written report submitted.


Broaddus noted that all the financial records are in order and the Treasurer is doing an excellent job.


6.4              Awards – Cindy Cline

Written report submitted.


Broaddus noted that two conference scholarship awards were made for this meeting.  The Award for Achievement will be presented to Barbara Gushrowski of St. Vincent Hospital Library in Indianapolis at the Annual Business Meeting; the recipient has agreed to do a poster session on her serials management project for the 2002 meeting.


6.5              Education – Rebecca Woolbert

Written report submitted.


Woolbert reported that the Chapter website has been updated with links to CE opportunities within each state in the chapter.


6.6              Finance – Peggy Richwine

No separate report (covered by Treasurer’s report)


6.7              Government Relations – Janet Stith

Written report submitted.


Broaddus announced that Janet Stith had found it necessary to resign in August; Chris Shaffer was appointed as the new Chair, but his election as Treasurer will require another new Chair.  Shaffer urged that someone be found who is willing to revitalize this committee.


6.8              Membership – Sheryl Stevens

Written report submitted.


Stevens noted that the orange membership forms distributed by the Representatives-at-Large did come in with some new memberships.  The 2002 renewal forms will go out in late December.


Stevens raised the question of whether we should try to recruit public librarians interested in consumer health as Chapter members.  There was discussion of the pros and cons of the proposal.  Broaddus appointed a Task Force on Membership Expansion to consider the issues and make a recommendation to the Board.  Sharon Kambeitz was appointed to chair the task force; Sandra Martin, Tammy Mays, Ellen Nagle and Lorna Springston volunteered to serve on the task force.


6.9              Nominations & Elections – Doreen Bradley

Written report submitted.


Bradley reported that 381 ballots were mailed to members and 187 (49%) were returned.  All of the returned ballots were valid.  The results are:


President-Elect 2002                            Kellie Kaneshiro

Secretary 2002-2003                           Sandra Martin

Treasurer 2002-2003                           Chris Shaffer

Representatives-at-Large 2002-2003   Allan Barclay

                                                            Leeila Bina

                                                            Nancy O’Brien

                                                            Lorna Springston

Representatives-at-Large 2002 Vicki Killion

(to fill mid-term vacancies)                    Patricia Martin


In addition, Bradley announced the results of the Board’s balloting for our Chapter’s Potential Candidate for MLA Nominating Committee.  Patricia Redman was elected with Carole Gilbert as the alternate.


6.10          Publications – Mary K. Taylor

Written report submitted.


Broaddus noted that MIDLINE is looking better than ever.  Taylor acknowledged the mentorship of both Billie Broaddus and Sheryl Stevens.




7.1              AHIP Liaison – Lisa McCormick

Written report submitted.


McCormick’s report noted that no one had volunteered to be an AHIP counselor for the Chapter; Sandra Martin volunteered at the meeting.


7.2              Electronic Communications – Barbarie Hill

Written report submitted.


Broaddus noted that the committee has recommendations on the idea of webcasting which will be deferred to Old Business.


7.3              Bylaws Revision – Carole Gilbert

Written report submitted.


Gilbert’s draft of the bylaws and a follow-up e-mail with the changes to the Program Committee section were distributed prior to the meeting.  A number of spelling errors and several omissions were noted.


The question was raised whether posting the bylaws changes on the website could substitute for mailing copies to all members.  It was decided that it could be considered “distributing” the bylaws if all members were notified by e-mail that they were there. The Board emphasized the desirability of having a summary of the changes rather than expecting all members to read the entire document.




8.1              2001 Annual Meeting, Milwaukee – Karen Hanus

Written report submitted.


Hanus reported that the current registration for the meeting was 213, including 14 speakers and 24 vendor representatives.  She drew attention to the difficulties with the meeting website, which was repeatedly attacked by hackers during July and August.  It was recommended that future meetings use a section of the Chapter website which is hosted at the GMR’s server.


8.2              2002 Annual Meeting, Minneapolis/St. Paul – Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe


Anderson and Shupe reported on planning for the 2002 meeting, which will be held September 27-October 1, 2002 at the Radisson Metrodome Hotel adjacent to the University of Minnesota campus.  The theme is “Staying in the Current, Navigating the Future.”  They also thanked the 2001 committee chairs for their advice and willingness to share information.


8.3       2003 ANNUAL MEETING, INDIANAPOLIS – Felicia Young


Young reported that the 2003 meeting will be held September 19-23, 2003 at the Omni Sevrin in Indianapolis by the Circle City Mall.  Chair assignments have been made and Phyllis Nathan, chair of the Annual Meetings Committee, was able to attend the first planning meeting, which was very helpful.


9.0       OLD BUSINESS




Broaddus noted that she is seeking a person to fill this role for the chapter due to Jill Van Buskirk’s resignation.  It is essential that the person be able to attend the MLA Annual Meeting in Dallas in May 2002.


9.2              WEBCASTING


The Electronic Communications Committee, with Karen Anderson and Rebecca Woolbert as participants, investigated the potential for webcastign portions of the Chapter meetings for members unable to travel to meetings.  The committee suggested a survey of interest among members.  However, the technology is still very expensive and not very reliable.  It was decided that a survey should be postponed and the committee should continue to monitor developments to check on the feasibility of the idea.


9.3              ELECTRONIC ARCHIVES


The issue of archiving the electronic records of the Chapter has not been resolved.  Shaffer noted that it is possible for him to download the site to a CD periodically to capture a snapshot of the website.  Lander volunteered to raise the question of how other chapters handle this on the chapter chairs listserv.  Gault was also referred to a Detroit-area company which is handling electronic archives for a number of organizations and other options for continued investigation.


10.0          NEW BUSINESS


10.1          PRESIDENTIAL GOALS FOR 2002 – James Lander

            Written report submitted.


Lander noted that MLA asks for Chapter goals each year and reviewed his 2002 suggestions outlined in his report.  The Board indicated their support for his plans.


10.2          INTERLIBRARY LOAN CHARGES – Nancy O’Brien


O’Brien noted that she had placed a question on the Chapter listserv about charging users for interlibrary loans.  An article in MIDLINE on her results and/or information on FreeShare was recommended.


10.3     Membership directory – Sheryl Stevens


Stevens reported that action to make our membership directory available on the web will be deferred until next year.  The GMR is purchasing a new server later this year which will be better able to host a database. 


10.4     REQUEST FOR FUNDS – Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe

            Written report submitted.


The Conference Coordinating Committee 2002 from Minneapolis requested a loan of $1000 and a grant of $500 from the Midwest Chapter; this was approved unanimously.


10.5     ROTATING ANNUAL MEETING – Phyllis Nathan


Nathan suggested that the Midwest Chapter establish a standard rotation for the location of its Annual Meeting as is commonly done in other chapters.


Her suggested rotation, based on the schedule to date, is:


2001 – Wisconsin                           2006 – Kentucky

2002 – Minnesota                          2007 – Iowa

2003 – Indiana                               2008 – Michigan

2004 – Illinois                                 2009 - Ohio

2005 – North Dakota


The difficulties of hosting a meeting in North Dakota, which has only 9 members in the entire state, were acknowledged.  The Board strongly committed that the Chapter would find a mechanism to provide assistance with committee work for smaller states.  It was noted that many committees now work by e-mail and have members not located in the city hosting the meeting.


The Board approved the following resolution, made by Grundke and seconded by Stevens:


An invitation will be issued to states in a nine-year rotation to host the Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting.


10.6          INVESTMENTS – Peggy Richwine


Richwine noted that the Chapter currently has $17,000 in savings accounts, which is more than is needed for immediate expenses. 


The Board approved her recommmendation that:


The new Treasurer will make an investment of an additional $3000 to $5000  in certificates of deposit.  This can be combined with existing accounts or done separately for the best rates.


10.7          REVIEW FOR ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus reviewed arrangements for the Annual Business Meeting on October 7th.  She confirmed the reports to be delivered in person and the copies to be provided to members.  Only the Audit Committee report needs to be approved by a vote of the membership.


11.0     REVIEW OF ACTION ITEMS AND MOTIONS – Donna Barbour-Talley


Barbour-Talley reviewed the action items and motions from the meeting.


12.0     ADJOURNMENT – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm, thanking the 2002 Board for their hard work for the Midwest Chapter.