Midwest Chapter

Medical Library Association

Fall Board Meeting

September 27, 2002

Radisson Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota



1.0 Call to Order                                                                                  James Lander

J. Lander called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm



2.0 Introductions and Opening Remarks                              James Lander

Lander welcomed board members, committee chairs and representatives then following along with past practice asked them each to introduce themselves and to tell some news about themselves their institutions or happenings around the state.



3.0 Parliamentarian’s Report                                          Donna Barbour-Talley

D. Barbour-Talley established that a quorum was present for the meeting.



4.0 Review and Approval of Minutes                                        Sandra Martin

Minutes of the spring Board meeting, March 22, 2002 were approved as corrected.




5.0 Officers’ Reports


5.1 Immediate Past President                                                                       Billie Broaddus

Written report submitted. No action required


5.2 President                                                                                                  James Lander

Written report submitted. No action required


5.3 President-Elect                                                                                         Kellie Kaneshiro

Written report submitted. No action required


5.4 Treasurer                                                                                                 Chris Shaffer

Written report submitted. No action required


5.6 Membership                                                                                             Sheryl Stevens

Written report submitted. No action required


5.7 Representatives at Large


5.7.1 Pat Grundke

Written report submitted. Informational only



5.7.2 Sharon Kambeitz

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.3 Vicki Killion

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.4 Patricia Martin

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.5 Carol Scherrer

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.6 Allan Barclay

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.7 Leeila Bina

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.8 Nancy O’Brien

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.7.9 Lorna Springston

Written report submitted. Informational only


5.8 MLA Chapter Council Representatives                                                Barbara Knight

B. Knight reviewed notable activity from the MLA winter 2002 board meeting. It included:

·        Availability of a website for the Informationist Task Force. Both the website and a resource list are found on MLANet.

·        Approval of modifications to McClure award for Excellence

·        Creation of list of 10 most useful consumer health websites

·        Approve participation with ALA to advocate better salaries for librarians and library workers

·        Collaborate with ALA in development of a occupation toolkit for health science librarianship

·        Approval of extension of student membership periods.

·        Title change from Consumer Health Certificate to Consumer Health Specialization

·        High interest in activity surrounding recruitment of 21st century librarian.


         5.8.1 Alternate Chapter Council Representative                                            Pam Rees

         Written report submitted. Informational only



6.0 Reports of Standing Committees


6.1 Annual Meetings                                                                                     Phyllis Nathan

P. Nathan provided board members an overview of upcoming meetings.



6.2 Archives                                                                                                   Lora Gault

L. Gault reminded members to send 3 copies of reports to the Archives.


Action: L. Gault will arrange for archival copies of chapter website. Charniel McDaniel at the region is the contact.

Action: Chapter officers and chairs should address archival materials to University of Illinois not to Purdue. The correct address is:

            MC/MLA Archives

            C/o Library of the health Sciences

            Special Collections Department

            University of Illinois at Chicago

            1750 West Polk Street, M/C 763

            Chicago, IL  60612


6.3 Audit                                                                                                         Rick Brewer

R. Brewer reported annual activity. He assured that records of former treasurer, Peggy Richwine, reflected the financial condition of the Chapter.

Written report submitted. No action required.


6.4 Awards                                                                                                      Cindy Cline

C. Cline reported an award of a $500 scholarship to Cara Sparks, a student in the School of library science at the University of Kentucky.


6.5 Education                                                                                                  Rebecca Woolbert

Report distributed. No action required.


6.6 Finance                                                                                                     Chris Shaffer

C. Shaffer reported results of committee investigation of a chapter credit card. Implementation required that committee members revise and/or formalize some of the Chapters existing policies and procedures. The committee also worked to bring existing forms in line with recommended practices.


Action: Approved Banking policy.

Action: Approved Bill Payment Policy and payment procedures

Action: Approved changes to Payment Request Form

Action: Committee will make policies and revised forms available on Chapter website.


6.7 Governmental Relations                                                                         Carole S. Gall

Written report submitted. No action required.


6.8 Membership                                                                                             Sheryl Stevens

Written report submitted. No action required.



6.9 Nominations                                                                                             Peggy Richwine

P. Richwine reported committee activity and results of annual election. Of the 415 ballots distributed 189 were returned. The results were: 1) President Elect, Melinda Orebaugh, 2) Membership Secretary, Bette Sydelko, and 3) Representatives at Large Karen Anderson, Doreen Bradley, Vicki Killion, Eileen Stanley, and Sunny Worel.

Following announcement of the results from the general election Peggy conducted the election for candidates to the MLA Nominating Committee. The results were:  Dave Boilard, potential candidate and Jo Dorsch, alternate potential candidate.            



7.0 Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

7.1 AHIP Liaison                                                                                           Lisa McCormick

No Report.

7.2 Benchmarking Educator                                                              Jill VanBuskirk

No Report.

7.3 Bylaws                                                                                                      Carole Gilbert

C. Gilbert reported that having presented bylaws changes to the Board at the Spring meeting and having mailed the revisions to the general membership the work of the committee was complete and motioned dismissal of the committee.

Action: approved dismissal of the Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee at the end of the annual business meeting.


7.4 Electronic Communications                                                                     Barbarie Hill

Membership on the Electronic Communications, which will take on the new name of Technology Committee following the Business Meeting, has been dwindling. Regrettably, two members were forced to offer their resignation because of pressing commitments. As a result the committee was unable to respond to the charge to investigate mounting membership information on the chapter site.

Action: K. Kaneshiro will make a special effort to solicit members for the Electronic Communications Committee.


7.5 Membership Expansion                                                                           Sharon Kambeitz

S. Kambeitz reported the committee activities and reviewed its recommendations to: 1) explore the interest and value of promoting membership to non-health science librarians; and 2) explore opportunities to partner with other agencies and associations. The board discussed plans to continue work of the committee including coordinating efforts with the membership secretary and using members of her membership committee to assist in investigating these issues.

Action: K. Kaneshiro will work with both outgoing membership secretary, Sheryl Stevens and incoming secretary, Betty Sydelko to coordinate efforts with membership expansion team.





8.0 Reports of Conference Coordinators

8.1 Minneapolis 2002                                                            Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe

Conference coordinators reported preliminary statistics on the conference. 20 vendors attended filling the designated spaces



8.2 Indianapolis 2003                                                                                     Felicia A. Young

F. Young reported that the logo for the conference theme Information at the Crossroads has been developed. Planners are seeking speakers.  The fall Board meeting is scheduled for September 19. CE will take place on Saturday and Tuesday. Felicia asked Board members to be sure to fill out the CE survey in conference packets and return them to the Indianapolis booth in the exhibit area.


8.3 Springfield 2004                                                                                       Karen Douglas

K. Douglas reported that planning is well underway with the assignment of committees and appointment of committee chairs. The local arrangements committee has a signed contract with the Springfield Renaissance the site for the October conference. Dates are October 8-12, 2003.



9.0 Old Business

9.1 Library Research                                                                         Carole Gilbert

The Board talked current activity and ways to encourage research within the Chapter. C. Gilbert led the discussion with examples from her experiences in Michigan. Two areas in which members would like to encourage research are consumer health and hospital libraries/librarianship. Members discussed how best to identify papers or posters with research focuses that are submitted for the annual conference to encourage further development. The Board also discussed the concept of a Research mentorship. Collaboration between the Awards and Education committees will be important in bringing about these initiatives.

Action: Education will investigate and promote the research-mentoring concept.

Action: Awards Committee will investigate development of recognition awards for research. A report to the board detailing activity and plans for fall, 2003 implementation will be presented at the spring, 2003 Board meeting.


9.2 Sponsored Lecture                                                                                   James Lander

J. Lander explained that the search for a chair to spearhead this activity is ongoing.



10.0 New Business

10.1 Website                                                                          Chris Shaffer / James Lander

Board members agreed that all committee charges should be posted on the Chapter website.

Action: Committee chairs will locate existing charge and forward to K. Kaneshiro. Kellie will determine further action.


10.2 Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee                                           Carole Gilbert / James Lander

J. Lander accepted with thanks the committee’s motion to disband.

Action: approved motion to disband Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee.


10.3 Fall, 2003 Business Meeting                                                     James Lander

J. Lander reviewed the agenda and plans for the annual business meeting scheduled for September 29, 2002. He announced that MLA officers Beverly Bradley and Ruth Holst would be in attendance as well as GMR staff.


10.4 Schools of Library and Information Science                            James Lander

J. Lander led discussion of current Chapter efforts to promote librarianship and Chapter membership among the schools. Members discussed current recruitment materials. Board members recommended that the representatives at large could be handed the responsibility.

Action: Membership Committee will create and distribute membership packets

Action: K. Kaneshiro will assign the representatives at large the charge of establishing contacts and promoting Chapter membership among regional schools of library and information science.


10.5 Request for 2004 meeting support                                            Karen Douglas

K. Douglas asked for a $500 grant to support conference-planning activities. The committee can also request a loan from the Chapter of up to $1,000.

Action: Board approved $500 grant.



11.0 Review of Action Items                                                            Sandra Martin

S. Martin reviewed all action statements



12.0 Announcements  


K. Kaneshiro announced that the spring, 2003 Board meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2003. Once again the meeting will be held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Chicago.


J. Lander encouraged members to attend the MLA strategic planning forum scheduled for 7:30 am Sunday, September 29, 2003.





Respectfully submitted


Sandra I. Martin, Secretary