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Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association
Fall Executive Board Meeting
September 16, 2005
Holiday Inn
Fargo, North Dakota

Present:  Theresa Arndt, Michel Atlas, Donna Barbour-Talley, Barb Bartkowiak, Linda Bunyan, Frances Cockrum, Janice Cox, Sandra DeGroote, Carole Gilbert, Barbarie Hill, Ed Holtum, Jim Lander, Deborah Lauseng, Clare Leibfarth, Mary Markland, Tammy Mays, Melinda Orebaugh, Pam Rees, Julie Schneider, Chris Shaffer, Kathy Skhal, Elaine Skopelja, Eileen Stanley, Sheryl Stevens, Bette Sydelko, Mary Taylor, Win Theirl, Bryan Vogh, Joan Zivich,

 Not Present:  Rick Brewer, Laura Davison, Lora Gault, Pat Redman, Judy Rieke, Carol Scherrer, Erika Sevetson, 

1. CALL TO ORDER – Sheryl Stevens       
The meeting was called to order by the President at 4:10 p.m. 

Chapter Board members introduced themselves. 


3.1. Report - informational

3.2. Review of voting status

3.2. Establishment of a quorum - Jan Cox reported that a quorum of Board members was present. 

Delayed until arrival of Secretary.  See 15.1 and 15.2 below.

5. ACTION ITEMS – Sheryl Stevens 

5.1. Ratification of 8/30/2005 e-mail vote to approve Task Force promotional expense 

MOTION, APPROVAL:  The Board ratified the e-mail vote to approve the expenditure of $75 for promotional buttons for the Chapter Task Force on Library Promotional Materials to distribute and that the funds be put in the Education Committee category.   (Motion by Sheryl Stevens) 

5.2. Ratification of 8/30/2005 e-mail vote to approve MLA insurance & tax fees
Explanation:  Budgeted amount for liability insurance was $275; billed amount was $345; MLA did not notify Chapter Treasurer before budget was prepared that there would be an increase.  In addition, the same invoice includes a new $100 fee for tax preparation and filing that MLA did not previously pass along to the Chapters but does now.  Chapter Treasurer was not notified in advance of this new charge.

MOTION, APPROVAL:  The Board ratified the e-mail vote to approve payment of an invoice for $445 to the Medical Library Association to cover the cost of general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and group federal tax exemption.  The amount is to be charged to the Finance Committee Account 360.  (Motion by Chris Shaffer) 

Reports from officers assumed complete unless action is required by the board.  Action item 14.1 moved to 6.4, under Treasurer's report.

6.1 Immediate Past President – Melinda Orebaugh -- informational 

6.2 President – Sheryl Stevens

6.2.1. Business Meeting Agenda
Sheryl Stevens reviewed the tentative agenda for chapter business meeting on Monday.  We will continue to pursue complimentary memberships for students; a vote of members present at business meeting will be required.  A MOTION from the board will be made to the membership at annual meeting.

6.2.2. MLA HLS Leadership List
Sheryl Stevens was contacted regarding submission of names of outstanding hospital librarians; the board can submit names to her.

6.3. President-Elect – Eileen Stanley
Spring board meeting will be at the Minneapolis Airport Hilton on Friday, March 3, 2006.

6.4. Treasurer – Chris Shaffer
Chris Shaffer reported that cost of insurance is skyrocketing .  Prices have risen considerably since 2002; costs approximately $1,000 per year.  Chris has recommended we set up a Task Force next year to investigate less expensive alternatives.   

MOTION, APPROVAL:  To establish a task force to survey other chapters and investigate methods to reduce insurance and tax filing expenses.  (Motion by Chris Shaffer)     

ACTION:  Sheryl Stevens will solicit volunteers for this task force.  Marlene Porter, treasurer-elect, will chair, Chris Shafer will be on it.  Bryan Vogh and Linda Bunyan volunteered.   Carol Gilbert recommended that recommendations from this task force should be taken to Chapter Council; Chris also recommends that the information learned be taken to Ray Nagel’s MLA meeting for treasurers.   

6.5. Secretary – Terry Arndt-- informational 

6.6. Membership Secretary – Bette Sydelko-- informational
- Statistics by state
- Statistics by category


7.1. Barbara Bartkowiak

7.2. Sandra DeGroote

7.3. Julie Schneider

7.4. Joan Zivich

7.5. Rick Brewer

7.6. Ed Holtum

7.7. Tammy Mays

7.8. Erika Sevetson

7.9. Mary Taylor
All Representative-at-Large reports were informational. 


8.1. Chapter Council Representative – Carole Gilbert  -- informational

8.2. Alternate Chapter Council Representative – Pam Rees  -- informational 



10.1. Annual Meetings Committee – Donna Barbour-Talley  -- informational

10.2. Archives Committee – Lora Gault  -- informational

10.3. Audit Committee – Rick Brewer -- informational 

10.4. Awards & Scholarships Committee – Elaine Skopelja
The Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award will be given for the first time at the Annual Meeting.  Scoring system/selection criteria developed were shared with the Board (see committee report).

10.5. Education Committee – Frances Cockrum
In order to be in compliance with the MLA Named Committees, it was proposed to change the name of the Education Committee to the Professional Development Committee; discussion of this action item was deferred to the bylaws revision discussion.

10.6. Finance Committee– Chris Shaffer -- see Treasurer's Report

10.7. Governmental Relations Committee – Julie Schneider -- informational

10.8. Membership Committee (see also Membership Secretary) – Bette Sydelko -- informational

10.9. Nominations & Elections Committee – Pat Redman
Sheryl Stevens presented information from Pat Redman.  Candidates for Potential Candidate for MLA Nominating Committee are:  Kellie Kaneshiro, Frank Davis, Carol Galganski.  Jim Lander and Frances Cockrum served as vote counters in the absence of Pat Redman.   

ACTION: Jim Lander reports that Kellie Kaneshiro is our potential candidate and Carol Galganski is the alternate potential candidate. 

10.10. Publications Committee – Clare Leibfarth -- informational

10.11. Technology Committee – Barbarie Hill -- informational 


11.1. Bylaws Task Force – Melinda Orebaugh

11.2. AHIP Liaison – Frances Cockrum

11.3. Benchmarking Chapter Liaison – Linda Bunyan 

11.4. Task Force on Promoting Library Services – Kathy Skhal
Sheryl Stevens asked Kathy Skhal to briefly report on the efforts of this task force.  They will have a "PIE Shop" booth in the exhibit area with information on how to contribute to the warehouse of promotional items.  Shared items will be available on the website.


12.1. North Dakota (2005) – Mary Markland
133 registered attendees; one vendor Thomson ISI pulled out but did not ask for a refund, and requested that their booth exhibit be designated for a charitable cause.  Committee decided to collect money to be distributed to Southern and South Central Chapters to disseminate to monies as needed for Hurricane Katrina Relief.  Both Southern and South Central Chapters and MLA have approved this effort.  See attached report.  Mary reminded board to complete evaluations as there are questions on the conference evaluation related to the online registration process.

12.2. Kentucky (2006) – Michel Atlas & Laura Davison

12.3. Nebraska (2007) Joint Meeting with Midcontinental Chapter/MLA – Jim Lander & Chris Shaffer 


13.1. Revised Travel Reimbursement Policy – Sheryl Stevens
See report; all changes/corrections/additions are captured there.

·         Question about necessity of funding both chapter council rep and alternate attendance at MLA: YES, both have committee assignments and are expected to attend MLA.

·         Question about funding travel for potential candidate:  NO not an officer, not board member.

·         Funding for Annual Meetings chair to travel to planning meetings and make site visits was added as a separate section, since this person is not an elected officer. 

MOTION, APPROVAL:  To accept changes/revisions to the Travel Reimbursement Policy as discussed.   (motion by Chris Shaffer) 

ACTION: Sheryl will post updated copy to the website. 

13.2. Bylaws - Melinda Orebaugh
Discussion of “big issues”; committee will wordsmith and produce next draft prior to Spring Board Meeting; committee has reviewed other chapters’ bylaws.  Issues discussed:

n       create index for the bylaws (print & web)

n       tie matrix into bylaws – consider one document

n       create separate procedural manual to be maintained by immediate past president; remove procedural items from bylaws, e.g.,

o        Treasurer policies; tax status

o        Travel policy

o        Annual meeting planning guide

n        Must not conflict w/MLA bylaws – suggestion that we follow MLA model bylaws (which MLA is currently simplifying)

n       Concern about word “boundaries” section 2 – committee will consider alternate wording

n       Purpose: use more succinct language; make relationship to MLA a separate article

n       Discussion of eliminating reps-at-large – What is purpose of reps?  not truly representative of all the states nor required to do so; consider alternatives, e.g. liaisons from each state (might be a problem for smaller states w/fewer members) or smaller number of reps-at-large (we currently have 9);  role of our reps-at-large is ill defined.  Consider having reps-at-large only at the annual meeting; less travel and expense for them.  Ed Holtum remembered a few reps-at-large from rotating states; or could combine smaller states so they share a rep.  Reps nice for input into priorities planning, e.g., but less important for discussions of procedural issues.  Whatever is decided, reps need a defined role.  Perhaps reps-at-large could serve as committees – e.g. membership committee, finance committee.  Most other chapters have committee chairs on the board, and members from the various states are members of the committees and thus have representation at that level.  Concern that board is too large to function effectively.  Board membership is not only way to be involved in the chapter.

n       Term limits:  issue, term limit but longer term, especially for jobs that require learning curve (treasurer – 3 yrs?, secretary 2 yrs?).   Limit to two successive terms?  Make sure procedures are clear for how terms overlap.

n       Quorum:  should be a number not a percentage.  Suggestion for annual business meeting:  50 people.

n       Recommend retaining elected membership secretary even though it is not recommended in model bylaws

n       Annual meeting: would like language to specify that meetings rotate among states (procedural docs can specify how this is accomplished)

n       Recommend that officers assume office immediately following business meeting, with stipulation in procedures for wrapup of duties by outgoing officers.

n       Question:  do we need all the current committees?  E.g., Archives – is “committee” needed?  Membership Committee?  Relates to earlier question about a new model for reps-at-large.  Publications Committee?  Finance Committee?  Can some of these functions be better performed by individuals appointed by the board?

o        Name of Education Committee?  Need to clarify what their role will be and choose name accordingly.  E.g., in other chapters they plan CEs for conferences (rather than having local arrangements handle this)

o        Look at all committees; which are needed; should chairs be on board? Should they be elected and voting members?

n       Vacancies – pull this out of bylaws and address in procedural docs

n       Immediate past pres to serve as coordinator for having matrix up-to-date; other chapters have responsibilities outlined and accompanied by a calendar – simpler than our current matrix

n       Selection of potential candidate for ------ when does this need to be named?  Not sure when MLA needs to have names, if we knew the date MLA, then we would know when we had to select our potential candidates  -- do as part of our Summer election by the membership? 

Goal is to have revised bylaws for discussion at Spring 2006 Board meeting and then have bylaws we can take to the membership at the 2006 Fall annual meeting.  Will need MLA approval prior to membership vote.  Also, Chapter board will need to discuss transition to new bylaws once approved. 


14.1. Task force to investigate insurance alternatives – Chris Shaffer
(See 6.4, Treasurer's Report, above) 

(with thanks to Melinda Orebaugh and Bryan Vogh for taking minutes prior to Secretary's arrival)

15.1. Review & Approval of Minutes from Spring 2005 Executive Board Meeting 

MOTION, APPROVAL:  Minutes approved as corrected (motion by Chris Shaffer) 

15.2.  Review & Approval of Minutes from Fall 2004 Annual Business Meeting (review only; approved at business meeting) 

16. ADJOURNMENT – Sheryl Stevens


Minutes Respectfully Submitted,
Theresa Arndt, Secretary














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