March 14, 1997
Spring Board Meeting

1.0 Call to Order -- Carole Gilbert

The meeting was called to order by Carole Gilbert at 9:04 a.m.

2.0 Introduction and Opening Remarks, Review of Agenda -- Carole Gilbert

All attendees introduced themselves and gave a brief description of their facilities. The agenda was reviewed.

3.0 Report of Parliamentarian -- Ann Alexander

The voting status was reviewed. There were 16 voting members present; quorum was established.

4.0 Minutes -- Jody Branson

There was one correction to the Fall Board Meeting minutes. Under 8.6 the Task Force name was changed to the Electronic Communication Task Force. The minutes were approved as corrected.

5.0 Past President's Report -- Dave Boilard

The Nominating Committee has been appointed. The Officer's manual is being completed.

6.0 President's Report -- Carole Gilbert

The Executive Board Committee Directory is being updated. A corrected version will be available soon.

6.1 Committee Appointment Letters -- The committee appointment letters have not been sent out. Letters will not be sent out until the end of the year. Often committee members receive their letters, use them for AHIP, and don't work on the committee. This will help to alleviate the problem. Lists of people interested in working on committees were sent to committee chairs. Committee chairs need to notify Carole Gilbert of new committee member appointments, as well as a full list of committee members.

7.0 President-Elect's Report -- Pat Redman

Written report -- no further information.

8.0 Treasurer's Report -- Gerald Dujsik

Written report -- There was a net loss for the year of $2,417.22.

8.1 Budget -- A budget needs to be passed. Financial areas were discussed. Scholarships has been $300.00 in past, it was approved for $650.00. Centennial Project was decreased from $1,000.00 to $700.00. Preparing packets for the board meetings is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. New ways to prepare packets need to be explored. A discussion followed, ranging from producing E-mailing reports to using Kinko's. Jerry Dujsik suggested that the cost may fit into board meeting expenses. $250.00 Was allocated for 2-sided copies at Kinko's. A motion was made to accept the budget as amended for the 1997 year. The motion passed.

9.0 Secretary's Report -- Jody Branson

It was with deep regret that the Secretary announced the loss of the box of past minutes. The Flood of '97 in Louisville, Kentucky drowned the past minutes. Jody Branson will check with the archivist to determine extent of loss. Members graciously offered back issues to fill the gaps too.

10.0 Membership Secretary's Report -- Jerry Perry

Written report -- Additional information. Jerry Perry resigned his position as Membership Secretary. He is taking a new position outside the region. Labels were ordered for acknowledgment of membership. The membership database was updated by Sue Knopf. Jerry suggested raising dues from $10.00 to $12.00-$15.00. Membership forms will be mailed to Representatives-at-Large. Jerry Perry will send a resignation letter to Carole Gilbert.

11.0 MLA Nominating Committee Candidate Report -- Logan Ludwig

There has not been any information received from MLA yet.

12.0 Chapter Council Report -- Barbara Schmiechen

Written report -- Additional information. MLA Compliance will be voted on at the annual meeting. This will be followed by a mail vote. The approved changes will go into effect January 1. 1998. The change will be deleting Section E from the Guidelines. The statement is "A Chapter for a period of three consecutive years fails to maintain a membership of MLA voting members equal to one-half of the association's voting members within the Chapter council boundaries." The Chapter Roundtable is a 7:00 a.m. coffee clutch, in Seattle, at the MLA annual meeting. Please sign-up on the MLA registration form. Membership brochures will be taken to MLA. Barbara Schmiechen has finished her term. She will be retiring in the fall.

13.0 Representative-at-Large Reports

A reminder was given to use Midwest Chapter instead of MC/MLA as an abbreviation.

13.1 Eric Albright -- written report -- additional information. Eric Albright will be leaving the region.

13.2 Phyllis Nathan -- written report ; no addition.

13.3 Elaine Trzebiatowski -- written report ; no addition.

13.4 Peg Allen -- absent ; written report.

13.5 Lila Pedersen -- written report ; no addition.

13.6 Diane Ebro -- written report ; no addition.

13.7 Carol Galganski -- written report ; no addition.

13.8 Melanie Wilson -- no report.

13.9 Jim Lander -- written report ; no addition.

14.0 Standing Committee Reports

14.1 Archives -- Cynthia Henderson -- no written report.

The Archives wants to include E-mail into the collection. Please forward E-mail. In the next year, ways to include E-mail and electronic data will be explored.

14.2 Audit -- Jim Lander -- written report ; no addition.

14.3 Education -- Melinda Orebaugh -- written report ; no addition.

14.4 Finance -- Gerald Dujsik

An explanation for travel reimbursement for board members was presented. A board member must travel 400 miles round trip to be eligible for reimbursement and may be reimbursed up to $100.00. It is on a first-come first-served basis. Reimbursement covers transportation only. A discussion followed regarding the 400 mile rule. It was felt that 400 miles eliminated many people. The Finance Committee will look at options. 200 miles may be the future guideline.

14.5 Government Relations -- Carol Gall

Written report -- no additions.

14.6 Membership -- Jerry Perry

No written report -- Carole Gilbert stressed that everyone should be recruiting new members.

14.7 Nominations and Elections -- Leslie Schick

A new MLA membership representative from the Midwest Chapter needs to be appointed. A discussion followed, about appointing the Membership Secretary versus Past Membership Secretary of the Chapter. It was felt that the Past Membership Secretary has a good background for the MLA position. The Bylaws may want to reflect that the Past Membership Secretary be appointed as the MLA representative.

14.8 Program Committee -- Lila Pedersen

No written report. Lila Pedersen assisted Lisa McCormick with Sample hotel contracts for the annual meeting.

14.9 Publications -- Sheryl Stevens

Written report -- no additions.

15.0 Task Force Reports

15.1 Annual Meeting Scholarship -- Carol Galganski

No report

15.2 Awards -- Dave Boilard

No written report. Verbal report -- There are two different awards committees. Dave Boilard as Past president is responsible for applications for the Midwest Chapter Award for Achievement in Health Information Management (AAHIM). Diane Ebro is responsible for the Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award. Diane Ebro needs to set up a committee and write charges and guidelines for the Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award. MLA has forms of the Committee's use. The AAHIM Award is for within the region and the Major/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award is for an officially sanctioned Midwest Chapter award. There was a discussion regarding the application process and difficulty in applying for the awards. The awards are for groups or associations. There was a discussion about whether this should be available to individuals too. The criteria for the awards are advocacy, leadership, service, technology, and innovations. Any one of the criteria may be used, but not all of them are required. The deadline for AAHIM is June 1. The deadline for the Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award is September. The Bylaws revisions need to include these two awards and Chapter members who are responsible for the awards. The Board agreed to review the awards in one year, and see how the application process has progressed. A note will be sent out ion the ListServ to invite people to apply for awards. This note will try to remove the intimidation factor from the application process.

15.3 Bylaws Revision -- Logan Ludwig

Written report -- additional information.

All references refer back to handout entitled "Proposed Revision." Revisions have been made in addition to the handout. The changes are as follows:

page 1 -- 4th paragraph -- dates changed to May, 1965, October 1975, and September 1992.

page 6 -- Article IV -- Section 2-E -- The revision is to read "Chapter Committee Chairs who are not medical Library Association (MLA) members will be encouraged to join MLA.

page 7 -- Article V -- Section 4 -- 1st paragraph, 2nd line -- Chapter's Board Responsibility and Procedure Matrix.

page 8 -- Section A -- #1 -- Chapter's Board Responsibility and Procedure Matrix.

Article 5 -- Section 4 -- F7 -- should be included under duties of the President, Secretary, and Membership Secretary.

Article 5 -- Section 4 -- A -- Add a #6 to read -- to submit an annual report to MLA Headquarters by the date requested.

page 9 -- Article 5 -- Section 4 -- C6 -- change to read -- to attend the Incoming Chapter Chair Seminar. Add a C8 to read -- to serve on the Awards committee.

page 9 -- Article 5 -- Section 4 -- E1 -- change to read -- To maintain accurate records and directory of the chapter members...

page 10 -- Article 5 -- Section 4 -- G-
#7 -- drop the "and"
# 8 -- add an "and"

page 18 -- Article XI -- Section 2 -- J -- change to -- Board Responsibility and Procedure Matrix...

page 18 -- Article XI -- Section 2 -- N -- To approve annual meeting proposed budgets and programs and to accept the final reports...

page 19 -- Article XIII -- Section 1 -- 1st paragraph -- change to Standing committee and Special Committee Chairs are encouraged to become...

page 20 -- article XIII -- Section 3 -- C -- 5th line -- is responsible for administrative and promotional...

page 20 -- Article XIII -- Section 3 -- I -- #2 -- change to Coordinator's reports are to be submitted at each board meeting with final reports due by...

page 19 -- Article XIII -- section 3 -- C -- add that the Past President will serve as a member of the Awards Committee.

page 8 -- Article V -- Section A -- Add #6 -- To service as a member of the Awards Committee.

page 21 -- Section 5 -- A -- change to The Chair of each committee shall submit reports of its activities to the Chapter President prior to each board meeting by dates established by the President.

A discussion followed these revisions. Melinda Orebaugh Page 9 E -- Left out responsibility for member directory under Membership Secretary. Add under 9 E #1. The Bylaws were approved.

15.5 Electronic Services -- Jan Mixter

Written Report -- additional information. Please keep placing information on the ListServ. Official chapter listing is now available. The Task Force would like to add a membership form. The Task force would like to include E-mail addressed for board members. The Board agreed to this. Pat Redman suggested a closed ListServ for the Board. A discussion followed. The outcome of this discussion is that the Board will use the regular ListServ. All messages should be prefaced with Midwest Chapter Board. When E-mail addressed change, please notify the ListServ. Carole Gilbert has a new E-mail address: Carole@NINEMile.org. Jody Branson has a new E-Mail address: JodyB@lglou.com. Diane Ebro will send a new directory of members to the ListServ.

15.6 Mentoring -- Carol Gall

It was suggested that at the annual meeting, first time attendees or new members be matched with a mentor. The Board members will act as mentors, along with other volunteers. Mentoring could become part of the membership function. Carol Gall will work with the Meeting Registration group and Membership to see where Mentoring could fit in.

15.7 Officers Manual -- Dave Boilard

The officers manual is being updated. Please submit any changes or additions. The Bylaws revisions will be added. Updates should be completed annually in December. The Manual will be scanned into the home page. Task Forces and Standing Committees will be included in the manual.

15.8 Promotion -- Karen Tubolino

Verbal report -- Members of the committee will be contacted to see if they wish to remain on the committee.

15.9 Centennial -- Jean Demas

Written report -- additional information.

The Centennial Task Force explained the Midwest Chapter archives. A notice will be placed in MIDLINE requesting photos and memorabilia for the display. A large display will be at the 1997 Midwest Chapter annual meeting. The display will start in Philadelphia and end in Chicago. Deb Ward invited the Centennial display to the 1998 Midwest Chapter annual meeting in Lexington. Cultural tidbits from the archives will be submitted to MIDLINE.

16.0 Program Coordinators Reports

16.1 1996 Program (Columbus) -- Pam Elwell

Written report -- additional information.

Pam Elwell expressed concern over financial risk involved with the annual meetings. There is also competition from state meetings. There was a discussion about the annual meetings regarding frequency of meetings, cost off food (running about 25% of annual meeting) and facility sites. The Board feels that the annual meetings are the most valuable aspect of the Midwest chapter. Jean Demas suggested looking at local high schools or colleges for meeting sites. It was also believed that if food was provided on site, attendees would not leave. A Task Force on Annual Meeting was appointed. Sheryl Stephens is chair, Lila Pedersen and Jody Branson are also on Task Force. The annual meeting chairs and the archivist will also be on the Task Force.

16.2 1997 Program (Des Moines) -- Jim Lander

Written report -- additional information.

Mailing labels have been acquired from library schools, MLA and consortia. Promotional material may be printed off their Web page. A motion was made to approve Iowa's budget and program as stands. The motion was approved.

16.3 1998 Program (Lexington) -- Deb Ward

Written report -- additional information.

A draft program was presented to the Southern Chapter. After numerous changes, the logo has been designed, "Weaving the Future." Keeneland will be running, so hotels will be running short. The 1998 program is ready for their seed money.

16.4 1999 Program (Grand Rapids) -- Sandy Swanson

The meeting will be held at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. The meeting will be held October 6-9, 1999 (Wednesday - Saturday). A contract has not been signed yet. CE will be held on Wednesday and Saturday.

17.0 Old Business -- No old business.

18.0 New Business

18.1 Reimbursement Policy -- Discussed under 8.0 Treasurer's Report

18.2 Chapter year is MLA year -- Carole Gilbert

18.3 The calendar years for the Midwest Chapter and MLA are not in sync. On January 1 the report due to MLA goes to the president. The President takes over in January. This causes conflict. The MLA annual report will be done in the future by the Past President. This will be looked at by the Bylaws Committee.

18.3 Annual Report -- Written report -- Will be sent to MLA as is.

18.4 AHIP Liaison -- Faith Ross volunteered to be the Midwest Chapter Liaison.

18.5 Filing Membership Secretary Position

The position has to be voted on, so it could not be filled at the Board Meeting. However, the Representative-at-Large position has been filled by Karen Tubolino.

18.6 HealthWeb -- Pat Redman

An invitation was extended to Midwest Chapter members to participate in HealthWeb.

19.0 Next Meeting -- Pat Redman

Wanted to discuss being at airport or downtown. However, several people had left the Board meeting.

21.0 Adjournment -- The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


Jody Branson
Ann Alexander
Melinda Orebaugh
Faith Ross
Deb Ward
Lila Pedersen
Gerald (Jerry) Perry
Sandy Swanson
Karen Tubolino
Barbara Schmiechen
Jim Lander
Jean Demas
Phyllis Nathan
Gerald Dujsik
Elaine Trzebiatowski
Jan Mixter
Carol Galganski
Carole Gall
Melanie Wilson
Cynthia Henderson
Diane Ebro
Dave Boilard
Logan Ludwig
Pamela Elwell
Eric Allbright
Pat Redman
Sheryl Stephens
Carole Gilbert

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