MARCH 19, 1999

Present at meeting (voting members identified by asterisk):

Deborah Sobczak - Publications
Sandra Martin - PresidentKaren Graves - Archives
Ellen Nagle - President - electPhyllis Nathan - Awards
Vicki Killion - TreasurerSusan Hill - Government Relations
Pamela Bradigan - SecretaryCarole Gilbert - Parliamentarian
Gerald Dujsik - Membership Secretary
Mary Bayorgeon - Rep-at-largeJane Bryant - 1998 Annual Meeting Program Coord.
Rick Brewer - Rep-at-largeDoreen Bradley - 1999 Annual Meeting Program Coord.
Billie Broaddus - Rep-at-largeKaren Hanus - 2001 Annual Meeting Program Coord.
Karen Dahlen - Rep-at-largeLarry Ellis - Rep-at-large
Kellie Kaneshiro - Rep-at-largeSusan London - Rep-at-large
Doreen Roberts - Rep-at-largeKaren Tubolino - Rep-at-large
  1. CALL TO ORDER – Sandra Martin
  2. Martin called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. and welcomed everyone to Chicago.

    Martin asked each attendee to check their name and address on the routed Chapter Board listserv that Redman maintains.

    A copy of the revised Board Responsibility and Procedures Matrix was distributed.

  3. REVIEW OF AGENDA – Sandra Martin
  4. Martin reviewed the agenda.

  6. A quorum was present for the meeting and the voting status of those attending was established.

  8. The minutes of the October 10, 1998 Fall Board Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky were approved.

    1. Past President – Pat Redman
    2. Written report submitted.

    3. PRESIDENT – Sandra Martin
    4. Written report submitted.

      Please review the draft 1999 goals and objectives and send comments by March 31.

      Martin has names of individuals who are interested in becoming more involved in the Midwest Chapter. Contact her if you need individuals to work on a committee or project.

    5. PRESIDENT-ELECT – Ellen Nagle
    6. Nagle will be assisting the Board and learning more about the group’s activities.

    7. TREASURER – Vicki Killion
    8. Killion asked members to discard the previously printed report and insert an updated one she distributed at the meeting.

    9. SECRETARY – Pam Bradigan
    10. Written report submitted.

    11. MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Gerald Dujsik
    12. Written report submitted.

      The second membership renewal notice will be mailed in April. Dujsik will compile a list of individuals who have not responded to the second notice and forward the names to the Representatives-at-Large who will personally contact each individual to encourage membership and/or determine why the individual has not renewed their membership. Dujsik will also send the Representatives-at-Large the benefits of membership. The membership form is on the web.

    14. At future meetings the Representatives-at-Large will include reports on State activities. Selected Representatives will report on States not having an elected Representative. Gilbert will ask Redman to change the Matrix to include this responsibility and Ellis will add it to the handbook discussed in Section 5.7.7.

      1. Mary Bayorgeon
      2. The Wisconsin Health Sciences Library Association (WHSLA) will not have an annual meeting this year in an effort to encourage attendance at the MLA Annual Meeting. WHSLA will hold a business meeting at MLA.

        The Wisconsin Library Association had a very active legislative day in February where funding for BadgerLINK was encouraged.

      3. Rick Brewer
      4. Brewer introduced himself and stated that he is looking forward to working as a Representative-at-Large.


      5. Karen Dahlen
      6. Dahlen reported that the University of Wisconsin at Madison will be building an Integrated Learning Center which will bring together three libraries. The design and construction phases will each take two years and the opening is planned for 2003.

      7. Kellie Kaneshiro
      8. Written report submitted.

        The Indiana Health Sciences Library Association will focus on the topic of benchmarking at its April 1999 meeting.

        Martin thanked Kaneshiro for work done on the 1999 Membership Directory which was sent out in January.

      9. Doreen Roberts
      10. Written report submitted.

      11. Karen Tubolino
      12. Written report submitted.

      13. Larry Ellis
      14. Written report submitted.

        Ellis distributed a prototype of a handbook for each Representative-at-Large which explains the responsibilities of the office and contains other useful information. The twelve-page booklet is in draft form and Ellis welcomes suggestions.

        Ellis agreed to finalize the document and Brewer will assist if needed.

        Members suggested that a final copy of the handbook be shared with other MLA Chapters.

      15. Susan London
      16. London reported that Indiana has a new Commissioner of Higher Education who is encouraging community colleges. This emphasis on the community colleges is creating some concern among the state’s existing major academic institutions.

      17. Billie Broaddus

      Written report submitted


Written Report Submitted



Martin emphasized Elwell’s suggestion to attend the MLA Annual Business Meeting where the following important items will be discussed: a single election slate; proposed dues increase and a proposed name change for the association.

Martin will ask Elwell to discuss the above topics on the Chapter list.

Board members should email Martin to notify her who is attending what MLA Chapter Sharing Roundtable.


Martin explained that a candidate for the MLA Nominating Committee should have been identified last fall, but since this was not accomplished, the Board should identify individuals who would be willing to have their names put forth as a potential candidate. The Board deferred further discussion on this until later on in the agenda. (See Section 10.2)

    1. ARCHIVES – Karen Graves
    2. Written report submitted.

      Graves requested that photographs from the 1998 Lexington meeting be sent to the Archives.

    3. AUDIT – Jim Lander
    4. Written report submitted.

    5. AWARDS – Phyllis Nathan
    6. Written report submitted.

      Nathan will send each Representative-at-Large information on the scholarships and awards.

    7. EDUCATION – Sheryl Stevens
    8. Martin will request the report be distributed to Board and ask the Committee to update the Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association Directory of Professional Organizations and Consortia.

    9. FINANCE – Vicki Killion
    10. Written report submitted.

      Killion reported that "in-kind contributions" from Board members totaled $17,500.00 and she asked if the Board wanted to continue keeping this data. The Board concluded that the Treasurer should continue keeping this data and suggested that it might be helpful to subdivide it into certain categories such as travel.

    12. Written report submitted

      Hill announced that a new Illinois representative is needed on the Committee and she would appreciate suggestions.

    13. MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - Gerald Dujsik
    14. Dujsik will redistribute the written report to the Board. In order to avoid confusion over who is Chair of the Membership Committee, Gilbert will ask Redman to clarify the matter in the Matrix.

    15. NOMINATIONS – Lila Pedersen
    16. Martin will request a report be distributed to the Board.

    17. PROGRAM – Jane Bryant
    18. Written report submitted.

    19. PUBLICATIONS – Deborah Sobczak

    Sobczak reported that Lori Green, Mary Taylor, Nancy O’Brien and Sheryl Stevens are members of the Committee. The following are deadlines for future issues of MIDLINE: April 15, 1999 for the Spring issue; July 15, 1999 for the Summer issue; and October 15, 1999 for the Fall issue.

    Any member of the Midwest Chapter who is presenting at MLA should email Sobczak so that she can include the information in MIDLINE.

    Sobczak is creating a Publications Manual.

    1. AHIP LIAISON – Faith Ross
    2. Martin will request a report be distributed to the Board.

    4. Martin deleted this item from the Agenda because it is handled by the Awards Committee.


    Written report submitted.

    1. 1999 – Doreen Bradley
    2. Written report submitted.

      Bradley announced that a call for conference papers will go out soon and she solicited ideas on how to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Midwest Chapter at the Annual Meeting. A suggestion was made to invite former members or retirees to the meeting.

      Martin and Bradley will review a suggestion to hold the Fall Board Meeting on Tuesday afternoon, October 5. The suggestion was made to avoid having the Board Meeting during continuing education courses.

    3. 2000 – Barbarie Hill and Leslie Schick
    4. Written report submitted.

    5. 2001 – Karen Hanus
    6. Written report submitted.

    7. 1998 – Jane Bryant

    Bryant reported the attendance for the 1998 Joint Annual Meeting in Lexington was 271. There were 145 registrants from the Midwest Chapter, 23 exhibitors, and 7 continuing education courses.

    The profit from the Annual Meeting, which will be distributed to the Midwest Chapter, is expected to be nine thousand dollars.

    1. Dues Increase – Vicki Killion
    2. A dues increase from ten to twenty dollars per year is recommended. The Board wants to inform all the membership of the proposal and clearly explain the need.

      Martin and Killion will write an article for MIDLINE and/or draft a special letter to the membership on the proposed dues increase. Several of the following points might be discussed: the current dues are the least expensive of all the Chapters; the dues do not cover one-fifth of the Chapter’s budget; the goal of the Business Reserve Fund and its present status; cost cutting measurers; the large amount of in-kind contributions made to the Chapter by the Board.

      Martin and Killion may also want to distribute the dues information in other manners such as on the Chapter’s web site.

    3. Exchange-For-A-Day Program – Carole Gilbert

    Gilbert recommended to the MLA Continuing Education Committee that they consider offering an educational opportunity similar to the Exchange For-A-Day-Program.

    Martin will ask the Midwest Chapter Continuing Education Committee to consider offering a similar opportunity.

    1. Meeting Minutes for the Web – Pam Bradigan
    2. Bradigan recommended posting the draft minutes on the web so that more up-to-date information can be shared. The Board agreed and labels will be placed with the draft minutes to indicate their status: minutes to be approved at the Annual Meeting or Board Meeting.

    4. Martin asked the Board to identify several possible candidates and the following individuals were suggested: David Boilard, Billie Broaddus, Larry Ellis, Pamela Elwell, and Pat Redman.

      Martin will contact Pedersen, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, and request that she conduct the election for the MLA Nominating Committee Candidate as soon as possible.

    5. 2002 Meeting – Sandra Martin
    6. Bryant will solicit hosts and sites for the 2002 meeting.


    The Board voted to accept all the Committee and Task Force reports including the proposed budget.

  6. REVIEW OF ACTION ITEMS – Pam Bradigan
  7. Bradigan reviewed the action items and incorporated suggestions from Board members.

  8. NEXT MEETING – Sandra Martin
  9. Martin will finalize the date and time of the Fall Board Meeting and report to the Board.

    The Board agreed that an announcement section be added to the next meeting agenda. HealthWeb was suggested as a possible topic to include in this new section.

  10. Adjournment

Martin adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.