Midwest Chapter

Medical Library Association

Spring Board Meeting

March 22, 2002

Radisson Hotel and Suites, Chicago, Illinois



1.0  Call to Order                                                                                  James Lander

J. Lander called the meeting to order at 9:30 am


2.0  Introductions and Opening Remarks                             James Lander

J. Lander welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked the members to introduce themselves and include news about their institution or library happenings around their state

2.1  Review of Agenda.                                                                                   James Lander

J. Lander reviewed the agenda and Board voting procedure. He also added an item under New Business


3.0  Parliamentarian’s Report                                          Donna Barbour-Talley

D. Barbour-Talley established the quorum.


4.0  Review and Approval of Minutes 2001                   Donna Barbour-Talley

The minutes were approved as corrected.


5.0  Officers’ Reports

5.1  Immediate Past President.                                                                Billie Broaddus

Written report submitted.

B. Broaddus distributed copies of the revised Board Responsibility and Procedures Matrix. She asked members to review relevant portions of the Matrix and forward any changes to her.

ACTION:  Officers, committee chairs, and representatives should review relevant sections of the Board Responsibility and Procedures Matrix for items needing revision and submit recommendations for change to Billie Broaddus as soon as possible.


5.2  President.                                                                                           James Lander

Written report submitted.

Jim reported that he has volunteered to serve as one of the facilitators at this year’s MLA Chapter Sharing Roundtable.


5.3  President-Elect.                                                                      Kellie Kaneshiro

Written report submitted.


5.4   Treasurer.                                                                                        Chris Shaffer

Written report submitted.

Travel Reimbursement Policy. C. Shaffer reviewed changes to the Travel Reimbursement Policy. The Board approved proposed revisions that included increasing the mileage allotment according to IRS guidelines, funding of up to $500 per year to support travel to planning committee meetings for the chair of the Program Committee, eliminating the requirement that requests for reimbursement be submitted on chapter reimbursement forms.

2002 Budget.

ACTION: The Board approved the 2002 budget as submitted

Chapter Credit Card. The Board discussed the advantages of obtaining a credit card for the chapter. Members expressed general approval.

ACTION: Finance Committee will develop a proposal for a chapter credit card including recommended policy and procedures.



5.5  Secretary.                                                                                   Sandra Martin

No report submitted 



5.6  Membership Secretary.                                                       Sheryl Stevens

Written report submitted

S. Stevens reported that she has Chapter stationery.

Membership Database. As part of the bi-annual cleanup of the membership database S. Stevens asked Reps-At-Large to review sections of a print out of the list and to provide updates on pre-2001 names that either should be deleted or should be retained for a specific purpose.

ACTION: Representatives-at-Large are to send S. Stevens recommendations for exclusions or inclusions to the membership database.


ACTION: Membership Secretary, S. Stevens, and treasurer, Chris Shaffer, will consult with the chair of Electronic Communications to investigate creation of a web membership database. The database will be accessible to both the treasurer and the membership secretary. Database outputs should include the membership directory.


Volunteers. Sheryl has the names of members interested in running for office or in committee work.


Electronic Directory. Board members discussed the merits of eliminating print directories to be replaced by electronic only.

ACTION: S. Stevens will oversee production and distribution to the entire membership of an abridged version of the directory without the bylaws.



Fall 2001 Pictures. Stevens asked that anyone with pictures from the Fall 2001 Conference send them to the Archivist. L. Gault.



5.7  Representatives-at-Large

5.7.1        Pat Grundke

Written report submitted.


5.7.2        Sharon Kambeitz

Written report submitted.


5.7.3        Vicki Killion

Written report submitted.


5.7.4        Patricia Martin

Written report submitted.

5.7.5        Carol Scherrer

Written report submitted.


5.7.6        Allan R. Barclay

Written report submitted.


5.7.7        Leeila Bina

Written report submitted.


5.7.8        Nancy O’Brien

N. O’Brien provided a brief update on Ill charging practices.


5.7.9        Lorna Springston

Written report submitted


5.8  MLA Chapter Council.                                                                     Pamela Rees

P. Rees encouraged members to participate in the Leadership Workshop that is planned for Wednesday 5/22/02 at MLA. Pam provided the board with an update from MLA Board winter meeting.



6.0  Reports of Standing Committee

6.1  Annual Meeting Program Committee.                                              Phyllis Nathan

P. Nathan reported activities to date. She plans a May trip to Minneapolis and trips to Springfield to meet with the 2004 planning Committee. Phyllis reviewed responsibility for shipping Chapter poster for next meetings.

ACTION: add responsibility for shipping poster to next meeting to conference planning manuals as another clean up activity for most recent host group.



6.2  Archives Committee.                                                                        Lora Gault

L. Gault reminded members to send her 3 copies of reports.


6.3  Audit Committee.                                                                               Rick Brewer

R. Brewer reported receipt and audit of 2001 treasurer’s records


6.4  Awards Committee.                                                                          Cindy Cline


6.5  Education Committee.                                                           Rebecca Woolbert

Written report submitted.


6.6  Finance.                                                                                             Chris Shaffer

Written report submitted.


6.7  Governmental Relations.                                                                  Carole S. Gall

Written report submitted.

C. Gall asked for assistance with in locating grass roots representatives to assist with campaigns as needed.


6.8  Membership.                                                                                     Sheryl Stevens

No report.


6.9  Nominations and Elections.                                                              Peggy Richwine


6.10                      Publications.                                                                          Mary K. Taylor

Mary asked for discussion on password protection of Chapter electronic newsletter on the website, public versus member only access. The board recommended continuing to allow access by the public.




7.0  Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces


7.1  AHIP Liaison.                                                                        Lisa McCormick


7.2  Benchmarking Educator.                                                                  Jill Van Buskirk


7.3  Bylaws.                                                                                              Carole Gilbert

C. Gilbert reviewed changes to several sections of the Bylaws.

ACTION: Board accepted Bylaws changes and approved presentation to the membership for approval voting at the Fall 2002 Conference


7.4  Electronic Communications.                                                  Barbarie Hill


7.5  Membership Expansion – Sharon Kambeitz

S. Kambeitz has been in contact with the members of her committee. She expects to have a report by the Fall Board meeting.



8.0  Reports of Conference Coordinators

8.1  Milwaukee 2001.                                                                               Karen Hanus

Final report submitted.


8.2  Minneapolis 2002 – Donna Barbour-Talley for Sherry Anderson

D. Barbour-Talley reported ongoing conference preparations. The Radisson has been selected as the conference hotel. Hotel rates are $115 double and $105 single. Eugenie Prime will be the keynote speaker.

8.3  Indianapolis 2003                                                                   Felicia A. Young

Committee members have selected the conference them of Information at the Crossroads.  Felicia reported that a timeline has been developed and assignments have been distributed.


8.4  Springfield 2004



9.0  Old Business

9.1  Travel reimbursement for chair of the Annual Meetings Committee.

Discussion in Treasurer’s report item 5.4



10.0          New Business

10.1    Midwest Chapter’s AND Library Research           J. Lander

J. Lander proposed that the Chapter establish a monetary award for outstanding research and asked members for other ideas that in keeping with MLA goals might foster research. Members approved appointing an ad hoc committee to investigate the idea further and develop guidelines as necessary.

ACTION:  C. Gilbert to establish an ad hoc committee to investigate support for research within the Chapter and to develop guidelines as necessary. The committee is expected to prepare a report for the Fall 2002 Board Meeting. Carole will bring sample guidelines to the fall meeting.



10.2                      Midwest Chapter’s plans for possible sponsored lecture    J. Lander

J. Lander also proposed establishing support for sponsored lectures. Board members discussed aspects of the project, project support, national vs. Chapter speakers, endowments, etc.

ACTION: J. Lander to appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate feasibility of establishing a sponsored lecture.



10.3                      Midwest Chapter’s plans for continuing education. J. Lander

J. Lander is interested in developing additional courses to meet Chapter need. James would like the Chapter to support any of its members who wish to develop courses that are particularly relevant to the Chapter, but could also be useful for other regions or Chapters. Board members agreed that this idea was a good fit for the Education Committee.


10.4                      Other New Business

10.4.1    Joint Chapter Meetings

N. O’Brien led discussion of Midwest Chapter planning for future joint chapter meetings.

ACTION:  topic was tabled for future discussion.


10.4.2    MLA Leadership Conference

Pam Rees asked the Board to consider support for additional participation in the Leadership Conference to be held Wednesday after the close of the 2002 MLA meeting. The Board approved support for the president and president-elect.


10.4.3    Benchmarking Educator Status

Board members discussed availability and plans of the current educator and suggested selecting an alternate.

ACTION: C. Gilbert will contact the 2002 educator, J. Van Buskirk and ask about plans to continue.



11.0          Review of Action Statements.                             S. Martin

S. Martin reviewed all action statements.



12.0          Announcements


13.0          Adjournment.                                                                James Lander

J. Lander adjourned the meeting at 3:00 pm











Respectfully submitted

Sandra I. Martin, Secretary