Midwest Chapter

Medical Library Association

Spring Board Meeting

March 7, 2003

Radisson Hotel & Suites

Chicago, IL




1.      Call to Order                                                                                            Kellie Kaneshiro

 K. Kaneshiro called the meeting to order at 9:30 am


2.       Introductions and Opening Remarks                                                     Kellie Kaneshiro

Members present shared news of professional and personal activities. Members were asked to check roster for corrections. Members signed a card congratulating Billie Broaddus on her retirement.


3.      Parliamentarian’s Report                                                            Donna Barbour-Talley

D. Barbour-Talley established that a quorum was present for the meeting


4.       Review and Approval of Minutes                                              Donna Barbour-Talley

Minutes of the Fall Board meeting, September 27, 2002 were approved as corrected.

Minutes of the September 29, 2002 Annual Business Meeting were corrected.  The minutes of the Annual Business Meeting will be approved at the 2003 Annual Business Meeting.


5.       Officers’ Reports

5.1.   Past President                                                                                                     Jim Lander

 J. Lander reported that MLA requested reports from last year. J. Lander circulated and asked for corrections to a list of names of current Chapter officers, representatives, committee chairs, and members. The list will be used to create the certificates that will be distributed at the Annual Meeting.

5.2.   President                                                                                                 Kellie Kaneshiro

The report was informational requiring no action by the Board.

5.3.    President-elect                                                                                       Melinda Orebaugh

M. Orebaugh’s report was informational requiring no action by the Board. The following revision to the Matrix was noted: the Matrix needs to reflect that the Past President serves on the Awards Committee.

5.4.   Treasurer                                                                                                         Chris Shaffer

C. Shaffer reported a net increase of $5,109. Chapter records are now on the website where members can access them better.  Projected budget changes this year include:

            Acct 360 – Finance Committee:  $50 increase for higher expenses

            Acct 410 – Publications Committee: $500 increase for postage; $135 increase for domain name re-registration.

C. Shaffer projects a surplus of $360.  The budget will need review by the finance committee. Approval held until later

Credit card application was declined for “serious delinquency/bad credit” Chris has been unable to get a response from the credit reporting company. Finance committee has made the following recommendations:

 Obtain a “secured” credit card with a deposit account and no interest

Go through commercial organization to straighten out credit history. This option will take longer and may not be successful. It may need accountant or lawyer to help. Ask for MLA assistance in pursuing the problem.

Action: the treasurer should explore both options.

Savings Account:  the Chapter has a high balance in savings and may pursue another certificate of deposit.

Insurance for Employee Theft:  current coverage is for $40,000 at a cost of $186 per year. The Chapter has assets of $45,000. Increasing the coverage to $60,000 will cost no more than $300 per year.

Action:  C. Shaffer will increase employee theft coverage to $300.


5.5.   Secretary                                                 Donna Barbour-Talley for Sandra I. Martin

D. Barbour-Talley agreed to record minutes for the 2003 spring meeting.


5.6.     Membership                                                                                          Bette Sydelko

B. Sydelko submitted the report from the committee that included membership statistics that are close to the same as last year. The committee will send reminders in April.


6.      Representatives-at-Large

6.1.   Karen Anderson.

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.2.    Allan Barclay

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.3.     Leeila Bina

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.4.    Nancy OBrien

Written report submitted.  Informational only.  No action required.

N. O’Brien had copies of the revised edition of  “Information at a Glance”, the pamphlet created for Chapter representatives

6.5.    Eileen Stanley

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.6.    Sunny Worel

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.7.    Doreen Bradley

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.8.    Vicki Killion

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

6.9.    Lorna Springston

Written report submitted. Informational only. No action required.

E. Stanley raised the question of whether these reports were worthwhile. They all say about the same thing and waste a fair amount of paper. It was pointed out that the first report of the year sets out goals and the second reports on activity. Members suggested filing these reports and posting them electronically as an alternative.



7.1.1.      REPRESENTATIVE                                                 Barb Knight

B. Knight reported on the Chapter Council Winter Meeting. January 30 – February 1, 2003. Items covered included:

Draft strategic thinking document for MLA entitled “MLA Future: Issues, Challenges and Choices”. Chapters holding spring meetings can give input

Value of Medical Librarianship Tool Kit, the reconfigured “Communications Tool Kit”, will be distributed at the 2003 Annual Meeting.  The Tool Kit has information on how to communicate your value

2003 Open Forums- Chapters are being asked to allow program time for publishing issues during their annual meetings.  If chapters are interested in discussing compensation issues, MLA will assist

Continuing Education Committee

The Committee’s fall conference on consumer health may be expanded to include health information literacy. 

The Independent Reading Program on trial in southern Chapter has proved successful and will be adopted.  Participation in the free and AHIP points will be awarded.

The committee is considering courses for a Digital Library Specialization, 

A Web-based CE Course for instructors, and CE for Implications of Expert Searching Task Force. The committee is establishing a clearinghouse to locate courses and is considering another symposium for 2004. There will be Symposium on Evidence-based Nursing at the 2003 MLA annual meeting.

Task Force Opportunities

CORE – Center on Research and Education.  Connie Schardt, Chair

Health Information Literacy Task Force, Neil Rambo, Chair

Expert Searching, Ruth Holst, Chair.

B. Knight reminded the Board that MLA funds are available to invite one person to attend Chapter meetings.


7.1.2.      REPRESENTATIVE, Alternate                                                       Pam Rees

P. Rees reported that MLA still needs facilitators for Chapter sharing roundtables at the Annual Meeting.  P. Rees proposed following revision to the Board Matrix: both the Chapter Council Representative and the Chapter Council Alternate serve on committees and attend Council meetings.




The names of Dave Boilard for potential candidate and Jo Dorsch as alternate candidate were submitted.




9.1.   Annual Meetings                                                                                    Phyllis Nathan

North Dakota planners have set dates for the 2005 meeting. Next they will establish their committees. P. Nathan will go to Fargo sometime after the committees are created.

P. Nathan requested that the Chapter President incorporate as regular practice sending personal thanks to local committee hosting meeting

Phyllis will revise the Program Guide this year once she retires (Monday, March 10, 2003).

The policy in the Guide on speaker eligibility for honoraria or travel expenses needs clarification. There is confusion and inconsistency. Last-minute requests can be hard on a budget. Revision to the policy will take effect in 2004 since contracts for the 2003 meeting in Indianapolis are already signed.

MOTION: at Chapter meetings program participants will not be paid honoraria or travel expenses if they are GMR staff or members of the host organizations. Approved.

MOTION: at Chapter meetings, keynote or plenary speakers will be offered honoraria and travel expenses at the discretion of the conference committee.  Approved.

MOTION: at Chapter meetings, other program participants may be offered honoraria at the discretion of the conference committee. Travel expenses will not be offered.  Approved.

MOTION: at chapter meetings, any group other than MLA that wishes to be part of the program must submit a proposal with an estimate of expenses, at least one year before the meeting to the conference committee. Approved.

ACTION: K. Kaneshiro use column in newsletter to share revised guidelines.

Recommendation for letter with deadlines from Conference Committee to GMR early in planning will be in the revised Program Guide

Business conference coordinators have contacted the Chapter to offer services. They find hotels, etc. and are paid by the hotels.

ACTION:  the Chapter is not interested in these services at this time.


9.2.   ARCHIVES                                                                                                        Lora Gault

There was a reminder to send information to Archives not to the Chair. Three copies should be sent to Archives.


9.3.    AUDIT                                                                                                               Rick Brewer

K. Kaneshiro reported the Audit Committee approved finance records


9.4.    AWARDS                                                                                                        Gerald Dujsik

K. Kaneshiro reported for G. Dujsik that work on the website will need to be done. The committee is considering a possible research award.






9.5.   EDUCATION                                                                                                     Carol Jeuell

C. Jeuell reported the following committee goals: have a better working relationship with CE and establish liaison with the Conference Committee each year; use MIDLINE to survey all members (not just those attending meetings); keep website up-to-date with education opportunities; committee to cover various areas of knowledge and MLA specializations over long term; dual communication from CE committee to and from MLA and to and from local Conference Committees.

9.6.    FINANCE                                                                                                          Chris Shaffer

Report included with Treasurer’s report

Action: the budget was approved.


9.7.    GOVERNMENTAL RELATION                                                              Kellie Kaneshiro

No MLA actions or alerts at this time.


9.8.    MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                            Bette Sydelko

B. Sydelko showed copies of brochures distributed to reps at large. She also has a list of people willing to run for office or to serve on committee. These names were gathered from membership renewal forms.  Bette reported 8 new members.


9.9.    NOMINATIONS and ELECTIONS                                                                Sue London

K. Kaneshiro reported that the committee is looking for committee members and is always looking for nominees.          


9.10 PUBLICATIONS                                                                                               Cathy Perley

C. Perley, the new chair wants a committee member from Kentucky or Ohio

Online Newsletter: SLA Heart of America Chapter has a nice online newsletter. Is it time for the Chapter to reconsider its stance? Currently three members have no access to the Internet.  The move could save the Chapter $2,500/year.  Moving to the Internet offers lots of possibilities. Since printed copies will be needed for the archives a few additional hard copy newsletter could be sent to members without Internet access. The online newsletter could also include a link to the Chapter membership form as encouragement to promote Chapter membership. The committee proposed one more mailing of print to alert the membership.

ACTION: Board approved change from paper to an all electronic Chapter newsletter.


   9.11 TECHNOLOGY                                                                                             Barbarie Hill

B. Hill reported having 3 members and a technical liaison at the GMR to help with the website and listserv. The CE Committee does their own updates. The treasurer has access to updated information. Committees can do their own updates if people in each office have capability, otherwise the committee can do HTML. Future annual Chapter Meetings can be hosted on the Chapter site.  The committee is working on the membership database. Advertising messages appeared in the listserv. The committee is investigating posting for members only.



10.   AHIP LIAISON                                                                                      Frances Cockrum

F. Cockrum plans to attend AHIP Committee meetings in San Diego. She will write reminders for MIDLINE with deadlines and ideas for earning AHIP credits.  The Education Committee used to have AHIP responsibility.

MOTION:  AHIP liaison will become a part of the Education Committee and will no longer stand as an ad hoc committee. Approved.




11.1.        Minneapolis Final Report                             Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe

The final report should be made available in several places. A summary of the reports should go on the Chapter website

11.2.        Indianapolis. September 19-23, 2003                                                Felicia Young

Information about the conference is on the Chapter website. The slogan is “Information @ the Crossroads”. The Omni Severin Hotel will be the official site.

11.3.        Springfield, IL. October 8-12, 2004                                                  Karen Douglas

 Conference planning is underway.

11.4.        Fargo, ND.  September 17-20, 2005                                                 Mary Markland

Mary Markland will co-chair the meeting. The other chair is yet to be determined.  The Holiday Inn in Fargo has been reserved, however other hotels are available.



12.1.        Bylaws Ratification Process              Donna Barbour-Talley/ Kellie Kaneshiro

Bylaws ratification is a three-step process that includes:

·        Approval by the Executive Board – done March, 2002

·        Conditional Adoption by the members present at the Annual Business Meeting – done September 29, 2002

·        Ratification by written vote of all members – Not Done

This means that the ratification vote needs to take place before the 2003 Annual Business Meeting in Indianapolis (dates are set by the Executive Board) and changes do not officially take place until January 1, 2004.  Donna Barbour-Talley prepared a summary of changes to be sent with fully revised bylaws.

ACTION:  Vote to ratify the most recent changes to the bylaws will be held at the same time as election of officers.

ACTION:  Section numbers in the bylaws should be added to the summary of changes.

ACTION:  M. Orebaugh and K. Kaneshiro will check sections dealing with Ammendment of Bylaws and Revision of Bylaws.

12.2.        Library School Liaisons

At the last meeting, it was decided that reps-at-large should perform this function. First, the Memberhsip Committee with the help of Nancy O’Brien who has already started a list in the “Information at a Glance” pamphlet, will discover all the schools in our borders and find contacts. More information on each school than appears in the pamphlet was requested: degrees offered, availability of a health sciences track.






13.1.        Lindberg Research Fellowship                                  Kellie Kaneshiro

 MLA has asked each chapter for a donation of at least $1,000. The fund was started to support more research in our field.

MOTION: Midwest Chapter will make a $1,000 contribution to the Lindberg Research Fellowship Endowment. Approved

13.2.         Informal Meeting at MLA                                                                 Kellie Kaneshiro

 A room will not be reserved for an informal meeting.

13.3.        Approval of Budget                           

Approval deferred for an e-mail vote later.  C. Shaffer will distribute the revised document.


14.   REVIEW OF MOTIONS & ACTION STATEMENTS          Donna BarbourTalley for Sandra Martin

D. Barbour-Talley reviewed motions and action statements


15.  Announcements

Melinda Orebaugh confirmed the spring, 2004 Board will again be held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel and Suites in Chicago on March 26, 2004


16.  ADJOURNMENT          

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.





Respectfully Submitted



Donna Barbour-Talley




Sandra I. Martin,