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Midwest Chapter/Medical Library Association
Spring Board Meeting
March 18, 2005
Radisson Hotel & Suites
Chicago, Illinois

Present:  Sheryl Stevens, Eileen Stanley, Theresa Arndt, Bette Sydelko, Chris Shaffer, Carole Gilbert, Pam Rees, Janice Cox, Barb Bartkowiak, Ed Holtum, Tammy Mays, Mary Taylor, Pat Redman, Donna Barbour-Talley, Lora Gault, Elaine Skopelja, Frances Cockrum, Barbarie Hill, Linda Bunyan, Mary Markland, Michel Atlas, Karen Douglas     

Not Present:  Melinda Orebaugh, Sandra DeGroote, Julie Schneider, Joan Zivich, Rick Brewer, Erika Sevetson, Carol Scherrer, Clare Leibfarth, Judy Rieke, Laura Davison, Jim Lander  

1.  CALL TO ORDER – Sheryl Stevens
The meeting was called to order by the President at 9:33 a.m. 

Discussion of the MLA/ARL Leadership and Career Development Program was removed from the agenda.  Two new items (14.10 and 14.11) were added to the agenda. 


3.1. Report – informational

3.2. Review of voting status

3.3. Establishment of a quorum – Jan Cox reported that a quorum of Board members was present. 


4.1. Fall 2004 Board Meeting – The minutes were approved pending correction of errors noted.  (motion by Chris Shaffer)

4.2  Fall 2004 Annual Business Meeting – Several typographical errors were noted.  Approval of these minutes takes place at the Fall 2005 Business Meeting. 

5. ACTION ITEMS – Sheryl Stevens

5.1. Ratification of 11/24/2004 e-mail vote to approve Annual Meeting Finances Policy
As noted in Treasurer’s Report: “Under the new policy, the host Finance and Budget Committee directs the finances of the annual meeting according to an approved budget, while leaving all signature authority ad bank accounts in the direct control of the Chapter Treasurer, subject to audit by the Chapter Audit Committee.” (motion to ratify by Carol Gilbert) 

5.2. Ratification of 12/28/2004 e-mail vote to approve payment to Springfield Renaissance Hotel (motion to ratify by Pam Rees) 

5.3. Ratification of 12/28/2004 e-mail vote to approve expenditure for Chapter Sharing Roundtables:    “That the Midwest Chapter contribute $100 for sponsoring four attendees at the Chapter Council Roundtable at the MLA Annual Meeting in San Antonio.  This amount to be divided with $50 going to MLA to be used on a first come, first served basis to any attendee, and $50 being reserved for Chapter members.  This amount is a one-time expenditure.  The Midwest Chapter Awards & Scholarship Committee will determine which Midwest Chapter members are to receive the Roundtable fee prior to the MLA Annual Meeting.” (motion to ratify by Eileen Stanley)

Sheryl Stevens reported receipt of a thank you letter from Carla Funk of MLA for the Chapter’s contribution. 


6.1. Immediate Past President – Melinda Orebaugh
Sheryl Stevens highlighted the following action item in the report in Melinda Orebaugh’s absence:  “Chapter board members are asked to submit suggested bylaws revisions to Melinda, in writing, no later than May 1, 2005.”  Sheryl reviewed the requirements for bylaws revision (see Article XV of bylaws).   

6.2. President – Sheryl Stevens – informational  

6.3. President-Elect – Eileen Stanley – informational 

6.4. Treasurer – Chris Shaffer
The Treasurer presented the financial report, noting a loss of $1236.44 on the 2004 Conference.  This is not of great concern as the overall budget of the Chapter is still healthy.   Membership is up, so more income is expected.  A question was raised about how interest is earned on Chapter accounts.  The Treasurer noted that there is $12,000 in a 3 year CD, $6,000 in a 10 month CD, and $12,000 in a savings account.  Interest rates now are quite low; the interest earned for the year was $500. 

6.5. Secretary – Theresa Arndt – informational
Sheryl Stevens inquired about some past minutes (e.g., Spring 2003) for which draft versions are still on the Chapter website.   

ACTION:  Theresa Arndt will check with prior secretaries and work to get final versions of all minutes on the website and in the archives. 

6.6. Membership Secretary – Bette Sydelko
Report including Statistics by state and Statistics by status & affiliation
-- informational

Update on membership database:  The NN/LM-GMR cannot host the Chapter membership database as desired.  An alternative might be a private web hosting service, with the company keeping the software up-to-date.  Chris Shaffer noted that such services are now relatively inexpensive.  The question was raised as to how important it is to have a searchable database?  Bette Sydelko is keeping current with quarterly updates, and can provide the most up-to-date data on request.  Maintenance of a searchable web database would require a Chapter volunteer with database expertise.  And if another host institution was found, the membership secretary might not have ready access to any database created.  The main advantage of a web database would be the ability for members to update their own data, however our membership is pretty stable so this is of minimal value.   

DECISION/ACTION:  It is not a high priority to get a searchable member database on the web at this time.  Revisit the issue in a year to see if situation has changed.

 Update on new membership brochure:  “Publisher” software was used to create the brochure.  Those present offered some suggestions:

  • include information on committees

  • distinguish membership in Chapter from membership in MLA and state organizations

  • elaborate on benefits of membership

  • use heavier stock paper

Bette Sydelko requested additional specific suggestions be sent to her by April 1. 

E-mail list management:  Sheryl Stevens noted that in practice the Membership Secretary has also served as the e-mail list manager.  Chris Shaffer has been maintaining the Board e-mail list, and asked if this could also be managed by the membership secretary.  Bette Sydelko agreed that this made sense. 

ACTION:  The Membership Secretary will take over maintenance of the Board e-mail list.


7.1. Barb Bartkowiak

7.2. Sandra DeGroote

7.3. Julie Schneider

7.4. Joan Zivich

7.5. Rick Brewer

7.6. Ed Holtum

7.7. Tammy Mays

7.8. Erika Sevetson

7.9. Mary Taylor 

All Representative-at-Large reports were informational. 


8.1. Chapter Council Representative – Carole Gilbert

8.2. Chapter Council Alternate Representative – Pam Rees
Carole Gilbert noted that she will be working with the Education Committee to identify possible Round Table topics.  Please sent suggestions for MLA CE courses, instructors, and satellite teleconference topics to her.  Carole is facilitator for the “Survival Skills for Hospital Libraries” Round Table, and would appreciate ideas.  Carole is also happy to meet with local arrangements Chapter CE coordinators to help with Chapter meeting programming. 

Sheryl Stevens noted that there is no MLA Round Table for Chapter chairs/incoming chairs at this year’s MLA meeting.  Carole Gilbert thought that a special meeting for Chapter chairs would be held.  She will raise this issue with MLA national. 

Pam Rees noted that many Chapters do not have the planning tools which Midwest has, such as our Annual Meeting Planning Guide and information on which Chapter members are also MLA national members.  She will share these ideas with other Chapters.  She also noted that the MLA New Member breakfast will have information on Chapters to encourage membership; 300 people typically attend the breakfast.  Chris Shaffer noted that there is an initiative at the national level to put at least one newer member on each MLA committee.   

Pat Redman explained how the MLA Nominating Committee is formed, with each Section and Chapter submitting names.  MLA members vote on the final nominating committee.


10.1. Annual Meetings Committee – Donna Barbour-Talley
Theresa Arndt raised a question about how conflicts between State meetings and Chapter meetings can be avoided.  Donna Barbour-Talley noted that the Chapter usually sets meeting dates before the state organizations.  Carole Gilbert noted that the Michigan state organization meeting is the one typically in conflict.

ACTION:  The Annual Meetings Chair will communicate with the State Association Presidents as soon as Chapter meeting dates are set.  

10.2. Archives Committee – Lora Gault
Sheryl Stevens noted that all past chapter presidents are now noted on the website.

Ed Holtum asked if photography at Chapter meetings was organized.  Photography at meetings is not systematic; it is done by whoever thinks to bring a camera.  It was noted that the Program Guide indicates that the local arrangements committee should coordinate photography.  Ed suggested that photographs of past and future meetings should be archived, and possibly digitized. 

ACTION:  Ed Holtum will contact Ann Weller to explore the idea of systematizing meeting photography and archiving of photographs. 

10.3. Audit Committee – Rick Brewer
It was noted that Rick Brewer has agreed to continue on as chair of the Audit Committee.

10.4. Awards & Scholarships Committee – Elaine Skopelja
The committee reviewed the timeline for Annual Meeting Scholarship applications, and moved the deadline up to July 1 for this year only (it had been August 1) to allow for notification of the awards before the recipient has to register for the meeting.  This change has been made on the website. 

There was a discussion of the procedure for granting the two one-time Chapter Sharing Round Table awards to Midwest Chapter members.

ACTION:  Invitation to apply for the awards will be posted to the Chapter e-mail list.  Any member may submit a paragraph on “Why I deserve a free lunch” by April 15.  Submissions will be judged on “creativity and desperation”.  Winners will be encouraged, but not required, to submit a brief report to MIDLINE.  Payment will be by reimbursement following the MLA meeting. 

The committee proposed a Midwest Chapter Distinguished Librarian of the Year award, with nominations to be submitted by Chapter members.  The award would be for a Chapter member who has “displayed exceptional leadership, collaborative skills, organizational abilities, work ethic or mentoring efforts in either the Chapter or their State health science association”.  The award will be kept confidential from the recipient until it is announced at the annual Chapter meeting. 

MOTION, APPROVAL:  The Board approved awarding of the Midwest Chapter Distinguished Librarian of the Year at the 2005 Chapter Meeting. (motion by Elaine Skopelja) 

The committee proposed a Midwest Chapter Information Innovation Award as a re-working of the Award for Health Information Management.  This could be awarded to an individual, team or library that has “displayed creativity and/or problem solving skills that have resulted in new or improved methods, projects, products, organizational innovations or publications for health information management within their institution, state association or the Chapter”.  The individual or at least one member of the group must be a Midwest Chapter member.  On discussion, it was decided that the name of the new award should be simply the “Midwest Chapter Innovation Award.”  

DECISION/ACTION:  The Board charged the Awards Committee to develop specific criteria for a proposed Midwest Chapter Innovation Award.  

Treasurer Chris Shaffer noted that the Chapter budget can easily absorb these new awards, and suggested that these new awards do not necessarily have to be given annually. 

10.5. Education Committee – Frances Cockrum
Extenuating circumstances have delayed submission of the Education Committee Report.

10.6. Finance Committee (see Treasurer’s Report) – Chris Shaffer 

10.7. Government Relations Committee – Julie Schneider
The Government Relations Committee will be developing a page for the Chapter website.

10.8. Membership Committee (see Membership Secretary’s Report) – Bette Sydelko 

10.9. Nominations & Elections Committee – Pat Redman
Bette Sydelko will supply the latest list of members interested in running for office so that the Committee can prepare nominations this Spring.

10.10. Publications Committee – Clare Leibfarth
Informational report submitted.  Sheryl Stevens noted that Clare Leibfarth represented the Chapter at the Kent State University School of Library and Information Science “Library Careers Night 2005” on February 15, 2005. 

10.11. Technology Committee – Barbarie Hill
Barbarie Hill raised the issue of security of the Chapter website.  Currently anyone with authorization to upload webpages can change anything on the website.  At least six people have passwords because some groups want to do their own work.  Barbarie likes to keep a backup all webpages.

DECISION/ACTION:  Barbarie Hill will investigate the possibility of individuals having passwords to only the section of the website relevant to their work, rather than to the entire website.  The goal is that only members of the Technology Committee would have a password for the entire website. 


11.1. Annual Meeting Finances Task Force – Chris Shaffer
This Task Force was disbanded, having completed their charge.

11.2. Bylaws Task Force (see Past President’s Report and 14.4 below) – Melinda Orebaugh 

11.3. AHIP Liaison – Frances Cockrum
No report. 

11.4. Benchmarking Chapter Liaison – Linda Bunyan
The change in title to “Benchmarking Chapter Liaison” (formerly “Benchmarking Chapter Educator”) was noted.  

ACTION:  Linda Bunyan will follow-up on getting the title changed on the Board Responsibility & Procedures Matrix. 


12.1. Illinois (2004) – Karen Douglas – informational
It was noted that although the Illinois meeting had a $1200 loss, it was closer to break-even than other recent conferences.

ACTION: Request for templates for contracts to be added to the Program Planning Guide to assist in writing agreements with speakers, vendors and transportation services.  (Hotels typically have standard contract forms and are not so much a problem.)  Ideally these templates would be available electronically for downloading and editing.

 12.2. North Dakota (2005) – Mary Markland – informational
Sheryl Stevens noted a change in the time for the Board Meeting; it will be Friday, September 16 at 4 p.m.  The change was made to accommodate the free GMR-sponsored CE class that day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

12.3. Kentucky (2006) – Laura Davison & Michel Atlas -- informational
Chris Shaffer noted that the newly revised Meeting Finances Policy will be implemented starting with the 2006 meeting.

12.4. Nebraska (2007): Joint Meeting with Midcontinental Chapter  – Jim Lander & Chris Shaffer – informational
Chris Shaffer noted that there are some custom/tradition differences between the Midwest and Midcontinental Chapters, so joint meeting planning has been interesting.  For example, Midcontinental has the express goal of making money off their annual meeting. 

MOTION, APPROVAL:  That the Omaha 2007 Midcontinental and Midwest Chapter Meeting finances be managed by the ICON Library Consortium.  [Note: ICON is a consortium of greater-Omaha health sciences libraries.] (motion by Chris Shaffer and Jim Lander) 


There was no unfinished business.

 14. NEW BUSINESS – Sheryl Stevens

14.1. Travel Reimbursement Policy
The Board discussed various inconsistencies and lack of clarity in the current policy for reimbursing officers for travel expenses.   

MOTION, APPROVAL:  That Chapter funding for both the President and the  President-Elect be the same for travel to the 2005 MLA Annual Meeting.  (motion by Chris Shaffer)

 ACTION:  Sheryl Stevens and Theresa Arndt will review the Travel Reimbursement policy and propose recommendations for improving the over-all coherence of the document. 

14.2. Complimentary membership for students
Mary Markland noted that the Midcontinental Chapter gives students 2 years of membership for free.  Giving library science students free membership would introduce them to the Chapter and serve the goal of mentoring and encouraging future involvement in the Chapter.  A concern was raised about defining who qualifies as a “student” since many people take a class here and there.  Since student members get a special conference rate, increasing student membership could reduce conference income. 

MOTION:  That students enrolled in a library-related graduate program be provided with 2 years of  “student membership” at no charge.  (motion by Carole Gilbert)

ACTION:  Per the bylaws, this motion must be put to a vote of the membership at the Annual Business Meeting since it involves changing the dues structure.

 14.3. Electronic ballots & voting
Carole Gilbert stated that Chapter Council discussed that some groups want to conduct ballots entirely electronically.  Discussion raised concerns about the integrity and security of e-balloting.  The Board decided to monitor this issue and the state of the technology for possible future consideration.

 14.4. Bylaws revisions
MLA bylaws now allow electronic distribution of ballots.  At the Fall Board Meeting Article III, Section 1 of the Chapter bylaws was invoked, thus MLA bylaws take precedence pending revision of Chapter bylaws.  At that time a Chapter Bylaws revision committee, chaired by Melinda Orebaugh, was formed.  Discussion ensued which indicated that there are additional areas of the Chapter bylaws which may need revision.   

ACTION:   Sheryl Stevens will speak with Melinda Orebaugh about the possibility of expanding the charge of the bylaws revision committee to go beyond the electronic balloting issue. 

ACTION:  The archivist must maintain an official copy of the Chapter bylaws and verify such in their report. 

14.5. Research Task Force or Committee

14.6. Professional Practice Task Force or Committee
Sheryl Stevens raised the issue of forming these new groups.  Examples of work such groups might do include establishing a database of “best practices”, providing/identifying a collaborative pool of research support, developing a website on technology tips/trends.  The Board decided that a small group should look more closely at the possibilities and make specific recommendations. 

ACTION:  Sheryl Stevens and Eileen Stanley will re-evaluate current priorities for practicality, see where these ideas might fit in, and suggest which would be most appropriate to move forward on.  

14.7. Library science contacts
Sheryl Stevens raised the issue of developing an area on our website for students.  This had also come up as a topic within the Education Committee.  The Board decided to table this idea for now.

 14.8. Membership survey 

ACTION:  Sheryl Stevens and Bette Sydelko will confer on conducting a membership survey. 

14.9. Chapter Level Leadership Education Challenge Grant 

ACTION:  Planners of the joint 2007 Midwest-Midcontinental Chapter Meeting will apply for this grant. 

14.10. Commercial Crime Insurance Policy – Chris Shaffer
The Commercial Crime Insurance Policy premium for $30,000 coverage has risen from $296 per year in 2003 to $500 per year in 2005.  Chris Shaffer raised the question of whether the coverage is worth the price. 

ACTION:  The premium will be paid for this year, but the Finance Committee is charged to investigate the need and cost of the coverage so that options can be considered before the policy is renewed again. 

14.11. Vote to adopt Treasurer’s Report as amended  

MOTION, APPROVAL:  To modify the submitted budget with the following changes:  1. Eliminate the Health Information Management Achievement Award ($500.00) and replace it with a Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award ($500.00). 2. Increase the amount allotted to Commercial Crime Policy Insurance from $353.00 to $500.00. 


15. ADJOURNMENT at 4 p.m. 

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,
Theresa Arndt, Secretary













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