OCTOBER 7, 1999

I. Call to Order - Sandra I. Martin

Martin called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the business meeting.

II. Introductions - Sandra I. Martin

Martin welcomed MLA officers and officials, Midwest Chapter officers, committee and task force chairs and members. The Grand Rapids Annual Program Committee was also thanked for their work.

III. Parliamentarian's Report - Carole Gilbert

Gilbert established that a quorum was present.

IV. Annual Business Meeting Minutes- Review & Approval of 1998 - Pamela Bradigan/ Billie Broaddus

Billie Broaddus reported for Pamela Bradigan. Minutes approved as presented.

V. Board Meeting Review & President's Report - Sandra I. Martin

Martin thanked the Chapter for an interesting year. Midwest Chapter has the most dynamic people as shown by its activities and dedication. The work of the organization has succeeded in many areas among them financial streamlining. It has been a busy year, two board meetings (March and October) and today as we continue the business of the organization. Martin thanked the members for allowing her the opportunity to be President.

VI. Treasurer's Report - Vicki Killion

Killion reviewed the financial statement as of August 31, 1999.

VII. Membership Secretary - Gerald Dujsik

Dujsik reported that the Medical Library Association was donating one full membership to the Chapter for the Year 2000. He thanked Carla Funk, MLA Executive Director, for the donation. There was a drawing and Linda Winslow, Marquette General Health System, was the winner. Congratulations Linda.

As of the annual meeting Midwest Chapter has 435 members.

VIII. Chapter Council - Pamela Elwell

The Chapter Council met in Chicago at the MLA annual meeting. The Chapter Council sponsors the Chapter Round Tables at the Convention. It provides an informal opportunity to share experiences and expertise. Each table has a facilitator and resource person to initiate discussion. It is an opportunity to meet other chapter members and gather information about issues and problems of organizing an annual meeting, archives, collections, etc.

IX. The Nominating Committee - Lila Pedersen/Pamela Elwell

Lila Pedersen, Chair, Kay Wegner and Jean Demas

The names of Larry Ellis, Billie Broaddus were submitted for the 1999 MLA Nominating Committee Potential Candidate. Billie Broaddus was selected as potential candidate and Larry Ellis was selected as alternate.

Year 2000 MLA Nominating Committee Potential Candidate names submitted to the Board: Patricia Pinkowski, Julie Kelly and Kathy Perley. Julie Kelly was selected as candidate and Patricia Pinkowski was selected as alternate.

396 ballots for the Year 2000 Executive Board were mailed out.

Asterisk indicates person elected:

Chair-Elect*Billie Broaddus
Janet Stith
Treasurer*Peggy Richwine
Karen Tubolino
Secretary*Donna Barbour-Talley
Larry Ellis
Representatives-At-Large*Karen Anderson (ND)
*Susan Hill (OH)
*Tammy Mays (WI)
*Nancy O'Brien (IA)
Cathy Perley
Allan Barclay
Brian Finnegan
Marcia Poggione

Pam Elwell, who was reporting for Lila, reported on how important it was to process your ballot correctly. For example, 396 ballots were mailed and 198 were returned. Thirty-seven (37) ballots were not usable because no name was included on the envelope. This is an important step in validating that the ballot is from a member of the organization. The votes are very close and not including your name on the outside of the envelope above the return address results in your ballot not being counted.

X. Program Committee

1999 Annual Meeting - Doreen Bradley, Sandy Swanson reported that their Final Report will be sent to the March Board Meeting.

  1. Annual Meeting - Barbarie Hill, Leslie Schick will report later see XVI.
  2. Annual Meeting - Karen Hanus. Karen reported the meeting would be in Milwaukee. They would like input and ask that the purple sheet in packet be filled out for gathering information.
  3. Annual Meeting - To be determined

XI. Reports of Standing Committees

  1. Archives - Karen Graves report informational
  2. Audit - Jim Lander report informational
  3. Awards - Phyllis Nathan reported:
  1. Award for Achievement in Health Information Management: 1998 recipient Medical College of Ohio Technology Work on Web - Sheryl Stevens will demonstrate at this meeting.
  2. Scholarship Award was originally presented in 1990 by the Midwest Chapter Medical Library Association Task Force. This year the Board voted to include the following as candidates for the scholarship: Midwest Chapter member who has never attended a conference, new practicing library, or a library science student. One or two $500.00 awards will be given each year depending on the budget.
  1. Education - Sheryl Stevens report informational
  2. Finance - Vicki Killion report informational
  3. Governmental Relations - Susan Hill report informational
  4. Publications - Deborah Sobczak report informational

XII. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

  1. Electronic Communications - Barbarie Hill report informational

XIII. Old Business

  1. Dues increase - Sandra Martin/Vicki Killion

Vicki noted that the Midwest Chapter had placed information about the need for dues increase in MIDLINE. She discussed the fact that the only guaranteed income of the organization is its dues. The Midwest Chapter membership has been going down each year therefore, there is less money to budget. The organization receives in-kind gifts from the members of the Board which last year amounted to $17,000. Other examples of budget challenges are that the funding from annual meetings fluctuates each year. Although we continue to look for cost controls the cost of the Directory runs about $5.00 per member and in 2000 we will be producing a new Midwest Chapter Membership Directory . Vicki pointed out that the Midwest Chapter has one of the lowest membership dues of the Chapters. Therefore the Finance Committee with the approval of the Board, asked for approval to increase dues from $10.00 to $20.00 beginning in the Year 2000. The dues increase was approved.

XIV. New Business

Carole Gilbert discussed the MLA Lucretia McClure Award for education and that the Board voted to donate $500.00 for this award. She also gave information for individual donations. To establish a MLA award a fund of $25,000 must be established. Currently $18,000 has been raised.

XV. Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Board Members, Chairs - Sandra Martin

Martin individually thanked each member who completed a term of appointment: Vicki Killion, Larry Ellis, Billie Broaddus, James Lander, Susan Hill, Barbarie Hill, Karen Tubolino, Patricia Redman, Pamela Bradigan, Patricia Redman, Susan London, Lila Pedersen, Pamela Elwell, Melinda Orebaugh, Gerald Dujsik.. Ellen Nagle thanked Sandra Martin for serving as President.

  1. Invitation to Cincinnati - Barbarie Hill, Leslie Schick, Billie Broaddus

The group invited the members to the 2000 Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio from September 22-26. The Cincinnati contingent gave away "Come to Cincinnati" prizes.

XVII. Adjournment - Sandra I. Martin

Martin adjourned the meeting at 2:00 p.m.