SEPTEMBER 25, 2000

I. Call to Order - Ellen Nagle

Nagle called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the business meeting.

II. Introductions - Ellen Nagle

Nagle introduced Michael Homan, Medical Library Association President (and Midwest Chapter member); Carla Funk, MLA Executive Director; Sheldon Kotzin, Chief of Bibliographic Services, National Library of Medicine; Susan Jacobson, Director and Jean Sayre, Associate Director of the Greater Midwest Region. She also acknowledged exhibitors and sponsors, Midwest Chapter officers, committee and task force chairs and members. The Cincinnati Annual Meeting Committee was thanked for their work.

III. Parliamentarian's Report - Carole Gilbert

Gilbert established that a quorum was present.

IV. Review & Approval of 1999 Annual Business Meeting Minutes - Donna Barbour-Talley

Minutes approved as presented.

V. Board Meeting Review & President's Report - Ellen Nagle

Nagle reported on the activities of the Chapter Executive Board:

VI. Treasurer's Report - Peggy Richwine

Richwine reviewed the financial statement from January 1 - August 31, 2000. There was a beginning balance of $21,875.56. Income was received from the 1999 Annual Meeting, membership dues and interest, totaling $10,299.97; expenses totaled $5,305.08. The ending balance is $26,370.45.

VII. Membership Secretary - Gerald Dujsik

Dujsik reported that the Midwest Chapter has 425 members. He thanked members of the Board for their assistance in recruitment and cleaning up the database of former members. A new membership directory for 2000/2001 will be published by the end of the year.

VIII. Chapter Council - Pamela Rees

The Medical Library Association has two councils which advise the Board of Directors, one from the chapters and one from the sections. The Chapter Council, which has a representative and an alternate from each chapter, met in Vancouver at the MLA annual meeting. The deadline for MLA Awards is November 1st and December 1st for Grants & Scholarships. Each year MLA sponsors a Chapter Project of the Year Award; the Midwest Chapter should consider if it has projects to be nominated.

IX. Nominations/Elections Committee - David Boilard/Ellen Nagle

Nagle reported the results of the 2000 elections for Boilard.
President-Elect: James H. Lander
Membership Secretary: Sheryl R. Stevens
Representatives-At-Large: Jane Bryant
Patricia Grundke
Sharon Kambeitz
Carol Scherrer
Jill Van Buskirk

In addition, the Executive Board elected the chapter's potential MLA Nominating Committee Candidate: Kellie Kaneshiro Jo Dorsch, Alternate

X. Program Committee

2000 Annual Meeting - Barbarie Hill, Leslie Schick. Hill reported that there are 211 registrants at this meeting, including 13 speakers and 19 vendors. CE courses were well attended with 111 registrants. Everyone was encouraged to fill out the evaluation form in the registration packet and leave them at the Registration table.

2001 Annual Meeting - Karen Hanus. Report deferred to XVII.

XI. Reports of Standing Committees

Nagle noted that all of the committees have been busy, but only those with news or important information are reporting.

a. Audit - Jim Lander reported the Reserve Fund goals has been achieved and all records are in order.

b. Awards - Billie Broaddus reported for Phyllis Nathan that the Annual Meeting scholarships were awarded to Cassie Beck, a graduate assistant at the University of Kentucky, and Colleen Crowley, a new graduate employed by Northern Wisconsin Area Health Education in Wausau WI.

c. Governmental Relations - Janet Stith noted that an Illinois representative is needed for the committee. The committee functions to relay information from MLA to the state listservs. A current topic of interest is the AHA campaign concerning the Balanced Budget Act.

XII. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

a. Electronic Communications - activities were reported in the Board report above.

XIII. Old Business

There was no old business.

XIV. New Business

A site is being sought for the 2003 Annual Meeting.

XV. Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Board Members, Chairs - Ellen Nagle

Nagle presented certificates and individually thanked each member who completed a term of office: Gerald Dujsik, Karen Graves, Jim Lander, Barbarie Hill, Leslie Schick, Carole Gilbert, Deborah Sobsczak, David Boilard, Phyllis Nathan, Sheryl Stevens, Lila Pederson, Mary Bayorgeon, Rick Brewer, Karen Dahlen, Kellie Kaneshiro, Doreen Roberts, Julie Kelly, Barbara Knight and Sandra Martin

Billie Broaddus thanked Ellen Nagle for serving as President.

XVI. Announcements

Carole Gilbert encouraged hospital libraries to participate in the MLA Hospital Library Benchmarking Project. Data can be input by any member, not just institutional members, before November 15th on the Members Only section of MLANET. Gilbert also noted the new Journal of Hospital Librarianship, of which she is editor, will be coming out in the spring.

Nagle reported that the Medical Library Association was donating two full memberships to the Chapter for the Year 2001. MLA President Michael Homan drew the names and the winners were Penny Philpot of Trihealth/Good Samaritan, Cincinnati, and Michel Atlas of the University of Louisville.

XVII. Invitation to Milwaukee - Karen Hanus

Hanus issued an invitation to the Midwest Chapter to come to Milwaukee for the 2001 Annual Meeting on October 5-9, 2001. The conference hotel is the Wyndham Milwaukee Center and the Welcome Party will be held at the Sprecher Brewery in keeping with the "Octoberfest" theme. Winners of the Milwaukee prizes will be posted at the booth in the registration area. A separate drawing is being held for completion of the CE survey included in the packets for the meeting and also available on various regional listservs.

XVII. Adjournment - Ellen Nagle

Nagle adjourned the meeting at 1:50 p.m.