OCTOBER 7, 2001




I.  Call to Order – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the business meeting.


II.  Introductions – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus introduced Carla Funk, MLA Executive Director and Jean Sayre, Associate Director of the Greater Midwest Region.  She also thanked exhibitors and sponsors, Midwest Chapter officers, committee and task force chairs and members.  The Milwaukee Annual Meeting Committee was thanked for their work.


III.  Parliamentarian's Report – Sandra Martin


Martin established that a quorum was present.


IV.  Review & Approval of 2000 Annual Business Meeting Minutes Donna Barbour-Talley


Minutes approved as presented.


V.  Board Meeting Review & President's Report – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus reported on the activities of the Chapter Executive Board:

·        “In kind” contributions by individual members or their institutions are to be reported to the Treasurer by December 1st to capture the true costs of the Chapter.

·        The bylaws are under revision and will be voted on next year.

·        The loan available to Conference Coordinating Committees was increased to $1000.  In addition the Chapter is funding the Annual Meetings Committee chair to travel to meet with each local Conference Coordinating Committee.

·        A standard rotation for invitations to states to host a Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting was established.  Each state will host a meeting once every 9 years.  This will include a mechanism to assist smaller local groups with some of the committee work involved in hosting.

·        A Task Force on Membership Expansion was appointed to examine the issues, pro and con, around expanding Chapter membership to incorporate public librarians providing consumer health information.

·        The Electronic Communications Committee investigated the possibility of webcasting portions of our meetings.  The technology is still expensive and not reliable, but the committee will continue to monitor the potential.

·        The Archives Committee will be investigating the issue of electronic archives.

·        The Treasurer was authorized to inverst an additional $3000 to $5000 in certificates of deposit for better interest rates than our savings account.


Broaddus also reviewed her activities as President and her goal to encourage membership in both the Chapter and MLA, summed up as “Together we are a great profession.”


VI.  Treasurer's ReportPeggy Richwine


Richwine reviewed the financial statement from January 1 - August 31, 2001.  There was a beginning balance of $25,062.84.  Income was received from the 2000 Annual Meeting, membership dues and interest, totaling $11,976.37; expenses totaled $6008.06.  The ending balance is $31,228.53.


VII.  Membership SecretarySheryl Stevens


Stevens reported that the Midwest Chapter has 429 members, including 41 new members.  A printed membership directory for 2000/2001 was distributed this year due to the efforts of Gerald Dujsik.  An electronic update to the printed directory is now available at the  Members Only” section at the Chapter website, and all members have been added to the Chapter listserv.


VIII.  Chapter CouncilBarbara Knight


The Chapter Council, which has a representative and an alternate from each chapter, met in Orlando at the MLA annual meeting.  The purpose of the Council is to provide communication between the Chapters and MLA.  Announcements are published in MIDLINE and posted on the chapter listserv.  Applications for MLA grants, scholarships and awards are due soon.


IX.  Nominations/Elections Committee – Doreen Bradley


Bradley reported the results of the 2001 elections.  Forty-nine percent of the ballots were returned and all returned ballots were declared valid.


President-Elect:                        Kellie Kaneshiro

Secretary:                                 Sandra Martin

Treasurer:                                 Chris Shaffer

Representatives-At-Large:        Allan Barclay

Leeila Bina

Nancy O’Brien

Lorna Springston

Representatives-At-Large 2002 (to fill vacancies):

                                                Vicki Killion

                                                Patricia Martin


In addition, the Executive Board elected the chapter’s potential MLA Nominating Committee Candidate:                                   Patricia Redman

                                                Carole Gilbert, Alternate


X.  Conference Coordinators


2001 Milwaukee - Karen Hanus. 

There are 213 registrants at this meeting, including 24 exhibitors and 14 speakers.  The turnout for the continuing education courses was very good.


2002 Minneapolis – Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe

Report deferred to XVI.


2003 Indianapolis – Felicia Young

Dates have been set and a hotel has been selected with planning proceeding on schedule.


XI.  Reports of Standing Committees


Broaddus noted that all of the committees have been busy, but only those with news or important information are reporting.

a.       Audit -  Rick Brewer’s written report was approved by a voice vote of the membership.

b.      Awards – Jim Lander reported for Cindy Cline that the Annual Meeting scholarships were awarded to Paula Whannel from Iowa Methodist Medical Center and Norma Walters from the Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago.  The Award for Achievement was presented to Barbara Gushrowski of St. Vincent Hospital Library in Indianapolis for the library’s serials management project.

c.       Education – Rebecca Woolbert reported that the Chapter website has been improved to list continuing education opportunities in each state.

d.      Publications – Mary Taylor invited members to submit news items, personal notes, and articles to MIDLINE, which is published four times a year.  The next deadline is October 15th.


XII.  Reports of Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces


a.       AHIP Liaison – Billie Broaddus noted that Sandra Martin has volunteered to be an AHIP counselor for the Chapter.

b.      Electronic Communications – activities were reported in the Board report above.

c.       Bylaws – corrections or additions to the bylaws can be sent to Carole Gilbert.


XIII.  Old Business


The 2003 Annual Meeting has been set in Indianapolis and the 2004 in Springfield, Illinois.


XIV.  New Business


There was no new business.


XV.  Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Board Members, ChairsBillie Broaddus


Broaddus presented certificates and individually thanked each member who completed a term of office: 

Ellen Nagle, Jim Lander, Donna Barbour-Talley, Peggy Richwine, Sandra Martin, Karen Anderson, Susan Hill, Tammy Mays, Nancy O’Brien, Janet Stith, Chris Shaffer, Doreen Bradley, and Karen Hanus.

Jim Lander thanked Billie Broaddus for serving as President.


XVI.  Invitation to Minneapolis – Sherry Anderson


Anderson issued an invitation to the Midwest Chapter to come to Minneapolis for the 2002 Annual Meeting on September 27-October 1, 2002.  The conference hotel is the Radisson Metrodome, adjacent to the University of Minnesota, and the theme is “Staying in the Current, Navigating the Future”.  The Welcome Event will be at trip to the Mall of America for hosted dinners and shopping. 


XVII.  Announcements


MLA has again generously donated one MLA membership to a Midwest Chapter member attending the Chapter meeting.  Linda O’Dwyer’s name was drawn from the list of registrants and Carla Funk presented the certificate.


Sharon Kambeitz reminded everyone to complete both the CE survey for the Minneapolis meeting and the evaluation of this year’s conference.


XVIII.  Adjournment – Billie Broaddus


Broaddus adjourned the meeting at 1:50 p.m with the transfer of the gavel to incoming President James Lander..