Medical Library Association

Annual Business Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2002

Radisson Metrodome Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota



1.0  Call to Order – James Lander

J. Lander called the meeting to order at 12:50 pm


2.0    Introductions – James Lander

J. Lander introduced Ruth Holst, Secretary MLA Board of Directors, Beverly Bradley, MLA headquarters staff, and Susan Jacobson, Director of the Greater Midwest Region (GMR) along with other members of the GMR staff.

R. Holst gave an overview of MLA activities that covered president, Linda Watson’s “Extreme Librarians” recruitment initiatives; strategic planning initiatives; plans to create a task force to define MLA’s role in health information literacy; updates to the career website and revision of continuing education offerings. Ruth’s overview also included information on several new fellowships, the David Kroenig and Donald Lindberg fellowships; legislative efforts; benchmarking initiatives; promotional activities for National Medical Librarians Month. She ended by extending an invitation to attend the MLA annual meeting, May 3-6, 2004 in San Diego, California.


3.0  Parliamentarian’s Report – Donna Barbour-Talley

D. Barbour-Talley established that a quorum was present.


4.0   Review & Approval of Minutes of 2001 Annual Business Meeting – Sandra I. Martin

Minutes of the 2001 Business Meeting held in Milwaukee, WI were approved as presented.


5.0   Report of Report of 2002 Executive Board activity – James Lander

J. Lander reported on March 22, 2002 and September 27, 2002 Board meeting activity. Actions resulting from the two meetings were: 1) establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee for endowed lecturer, a chair is needed; 2) investigations into steps and procedures needed to obtain a Chapter Credit Card; 3) establishment of web accessible membership database; 4) distribution of membership directory; 5) bylaws revision and 6) investigation of supporting activities for Carol Jenkins’ research initiatives.


6.0    Treasurer’s Report – Chris Shaffer

C. Shaffer summarized Chapter finances; reporting income of $12,364, expenses of $12,715 with a remaining balance or $25,062.84. 



7.0  Membership Secretary – Sheryl Stevens

Nancy O’Brien summarized the Membership Secretary’s activities for S. Stevens, reporting 422 members. During the year Sheryl gathered demographic data on the membership. Some of her findings were that 61% of the members are MLA members, 74.9% are non-AHIP, 13% of those in AHIP are distinguished, 51.7% of the membership are hospital librarians and 7.6% are from universities.

8.0    Chapter Council – Barbara Knight

B. Knight reported that from September 2002 through August 03 the MLA Credentialing is testing a streamlined renewal procedure.  AHIP members renewing at the same level will not be required to submit documentation. Barbara encouraged the membership to take a look at the requirements for grants scholarships and awards and to apply.  She also urged members to check MLANet for the latest Association information.

9.0    Audit Committee – James Lander

The results of the February, 2002 audit indicated that the Chapter books were in good order.

10.0          Awards Committee – Kellie Kaneshiro

Cara Sparks, University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center Library was the recipient of a Chapter scholarship to attend the Fall 2002 meeting.  K. Kaneshiro offered her congratulations. 

11.0          Nominations/Elections Committee – Peggy Richwine

P. Richwine reported the results of the 2002 elections. Ballots were sent out July 29, 2002. They were declared valid and counted on September 04, 2002

            President Elect              Melinda Orabaugh

            Membership Secretary  Bette Sydelko

            Representatives-at-Large          Karen Anderson

                                                            Doreen Bradley

                                                            Vickie Killion

                                                            Eileen Stanley

                                                            Sunny Wroel

            Candidate to MLA Nominating Committee       David Boilard

                        Alternate                                              Jo Dorsch


12.0          Bylaws – Carole Gilbert

C. Gilbert reported that proposed changes to the bylaws were distributed to the membership by August 2002. The only substantive change was renaming the Electronic Communications committee the Technology Committee and reassigning its status from ad hoc to standing committee.


ACTION:  changes to bylaws were approved by the membership. 

13.0            Membership Expansion – Sharon Kambeitz

S. Kambeitz reported activity of the Ad Hoc committee.


14.0          Conference Coordinators

14.1          2002 Minneapolis - Sherry Anderson & Della Shupe

S. Anderson reported 220 registrants for the conference as well as 18 posters, 12 contributed papers and 20 vendor exhibitors. Sherry recognized the outstanding work of her committee members. She announced an award from the Health Science Libraries of Minnesota to the College of St. Catherine. Angela Petrie was awarded a scholarship to attend the Fall meeting.

14.2           2004 Springfield – Karen Douglas

K. Douglas announced that the meeting is scheduled for October 8 – October 12.


15.0          Old Business.  None.

16.0          New Business

 J. Lander announced that MLA provided a free 2003 membership.

17.0           Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Board members, and Chairs – James Lander

J. Lander thanked all members completing a term of office during the year.

18.0             Invitation to Indianapolis – Felicia Young

F. Young invited the membership to Indianapolis for the 2003 Annual Meeting on September 19 – 23, 2003. The planners have booked the Omni Severin as the Conference Hotel The theme is “Information at the Crossroads”. Felicia went on to describe some of the activities planned for the Fall.

19.0          Adjournment – James Lander

J. Lander passed the gavel to incoming President, Kellie Kaneshiro and adjourned the meeting at 1:40 pm.