Midwest Chapter
Medical Library Association
Annual Business Meeting

September 22, 2003
Omni Severin Hotel


I. Call to Order – Kellie Kaneshiro

The meeting was called to order by President, Kellie Kaneshiro at 12:50 p.m.

II. Introductions – Kellie Kaneshiro

Kellie Kaneshiro introduced Pat Thibodeau, MLA President, attendees from the National Library of Medicine, attendees from the Greater Midwest Region, and members of the Midwest Chapter Board

III. Parliamentarian's Report – Donna Barbour-Talley

Donna Barbour-Talley reported a quorum established

IV. Minutes of 2002 Annual Business Meeting – Kellie Kaneshiro

Minutes of the 2002 Annual Business Meeting were approved as distributed.

V. Report of 2003 Executive Board Activity – Kellie Kaneshiro

Kellie Kaneshiro reported that Board meetings for 2003 were held March 7, 2003 and September 19, 2003. Updating the Chapter website was a priority in 2003. The Chapter contributed $1,000 to MLA Endowment for the Lindberg Fellowship. The Chapter also piloted posting electronic Board reports to the website.

VI. Treasurer's Report – Chris Shaffer

Chris Shaffer reviewed the financial statements for 2002 and YTD 2003. Full records are available on the website. He introduced the question of using the growing treasury and stated that the Board is encouraging Chapter committees to propose methods for using funds to benefit the membership.

VII. Membership Secretary – Bette Sydelko

Bette Sydelko reported 407 current members. A password protected e-directory will be coming soon. Bette noted 40 new members in attendance at the meeting. New Chapter members and first-time attendees were recognized.

VIII. MLA Chapter Council – Pam Rees

Pam Rees reported the MLA decision to continue the AHIP pilot to reduce paperwork. Members renewing at the same level are not required to submit paperwork documenting each activity. MLA now has a mentoring website. Pam noted that MLA wants to give each member a voice in the national organization and welcomes comments and concerns.

IX. Audit Committee – Rick Brewer

2002 financial records of the Chapter were verified and found to be accurate.

X. Awards Committee – Jim Lander

This year the Committee awarded 2 scholarships to attend the meeting because there were no applications for the Advances in Health Information Management award.   The 2003 scholarship recipients were Deidre Rawls and Richard McGowan both from the University of Illinois at Chicago.   Applications for the 2004 awards are available on the website

XI. Education Committee – Carol Jeuell

The Education committee wants to hear members' CE needs and has posted an electronic survey to the website. Carol Jeuell urged attendees to complete the survey to assist future meeting planners in developing programs

XII. Nominations and Election

Susan London announced the results of the 2003 election:

2004 Board Election Results


Sheryl Stevens


Theresa Arndt


Chris Shaffer


Barb Bartkowiak


Sandra De Groote


Julie Schneider


Joan Zivich

MLA Chapter Council Rep:

Carole Gilbert

MLA Chapter Council Alternate:

Pam Rees

Potential Candidate MLA Nominating Committee:

Logan Ludwig

XIII. Publications Committee – Kellie Kaneshiro

Kellie Kaneshiro reported that the MIDLINE newsletter was published in electronic format this year. The e-version provides the option of longer articles and photos.  

XIV. Conference Coordinators

2003 Indianapolis - Felicia Young .

Felicia Young reported attendance for the conference at 160 plus a CE total of 97.   She urged everyone to complete the evaluation form. Felicia thanked her co-chair Peggy Richwine and each committee chair. Special thanks went to Kellie Kaneshiro for participating in all the conference planning activities and to Amy Hatfield for technology assistance.

Felicia presented a gift to MLA President Pat Thibodeau from the Midwest Chapter and Indiana Health Science Librarians Association.

2005 Fargo North Dakota – Mary Markland

Mary Markland extended the formal invitation to Midwest Chapter to come to Fargo September 16-20, 2005. The Committee plans to use the theme Routes to Discovery in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial.

XV. Old Business – None

XVI. New Business – None

XVII. Recognition of Outgoing Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs.

XVIII. Invitation to Springfield, IL – Karen Douglas

Karen Douglas announced that the theme for the 2004 Annual meeting will be “Road to Collaboration”. The meeting will be held October 9-12, 2004. Her invitation included the Top Ten Reasons to come to Springfield.

XIX. Transfer of Gavel – Kellie Kaneshiro

Kellie Kaneshiro transferred the gavel to Melinda Orebaugh who expressed appreciation to Kellie and requested ideas for the Board.

XX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra I. Martin