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Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association
Annual Business Meeting
October 10, 2004
Renaissance Hotel
Springfield, Illinois 

1.  Call to Order - Melinda Orebaugh, President at 12:05 p.m. 

2.  Happy 10th Birthday HealthWeb -- Jean Sayre, Chair of HealthWeb
Jean Sayre shared a HealthWeb Birthday Cake with the membership, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of HealthWeb.  HealthWeb provides web access to evaluated non-commercial, health-related, Internet-accessible resources.  The project is a past recipient of the Chapter's "Award for Achievement in Health Information Management." 

3.  Welcome - Karen Douglas, 2004 Conference Coordinator
Official welcome to the Springfield meeting's 177 registrants and 24 exhibitors.  Thanks to all planning committee members. 

4.  Introductions - Melinda Orebaugh
Patricia L. Thibodeau
, MLA Immediate Past President
NN/LM Greater Midwest Region Staff
Board of the Midwest Chapter 

5.  Parliamentarian's Report - Jan Cox
A quorum of members was present. 

6.  Minutes of 2003 Annual Business Meeting - Melinda Orebaugh
Corrections identified by the Board during the Spring 2004 meeting are as follows:

  • Item 6, Strike the last sentence in the Treasurer's Report which reads "They are especiallay interested in ideas for reducingcosts of conference attendance." As no such emphasis was expressed.

  • Item 14, Correct theme for the 2005 Fargo, ND annual meeting is "Routes to Discovery".

  • Item 18, Correct statement is "Invitation to Springfield".

  • First names, as well as surnames, will be used to refer to all persons mentioned in the minutes.

MOTION, APPROVAL:  Minutes of 2003 Annual Business Meeting approved with corrections noted.  (Motion by Jim Lander.) 

7.  Treasurer's Report - Chris Shaffer
The treasurer presented the financial report.  The Chapter currently has a surplus.  He noted that the Chapter now has a credit card to facilitate payments.  The Annual Meeting Finance Task Force met following the Board Meeting on October 8.  The Task Force will be giving its report to the Board by e-mail in the near future. 

8.  Highlights of 2004 Fall Board Meeting - Melinda Orebaugh
a.  President's Report
:  Melinda reported on her attendance at the following state health sciences library associations:  Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois.  She discovered that there are people in our chapter who do not understand that we are affiliated with MLA.  More than one person in more than one state had this misunderstanding.  Some librarians identify with their state organization and with MLA, but not with the chapter, so we will need to work on better communication of this connection.  An informal survey Melinda conducted indicated that networking and educational opportunities are the most valued benefits people perceive from chapter membership. 

b.  Action Items

  • Kent State University Library School will have a career fair in February 2005.  Sheryl Stevens is seeking volunteers to present on medical librarianship at the fair. 

  • Chapter Council inquired on the Chapter's willingness to fund attendance at Chapter Sharing Round Tables held at the MLA Annual Meeting.  Melinda Orebaugh and Carole Gilbert will investigate this further.

  • The National Institutes of Health issued a call for public comment on their “Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information” proposal.  Government Relations Chair Julie Schneider  will submit a comment from the Chapter consistent with the MLA comment.

  • Eileen Stanley, incoming Chapter President-Elect, will be taking the lead on the Chapter Research Initiative.  A progress report will be given at the Spring 2005 Board Meeting.

 c.  MLA Chapter Council Update - Pam Rees
Pam Rees explained the role of the Chapter Council representatives.  There are 2 from each chapter who serve a 3 year term as liaisons between MLA national and the chapter.   They coordinate the Chapter Sharing Round Tables at MLA Annual Meeting.  The 2004 meeting had 30 tables with over 300 participants. 

d.  Annual Meetings Committee - Donna Barbour-Talley
2006 (Oct. 6-10) - Louisville, KY
2007 - Joint meeting with Midcontinental Chapter in Omaha, NE - Midwest Chapter co-chairs are Jim Lander and Chris Shaffer 

e.  Awards & Scholarships Committee - Jerry Dujsik
Four people applied for the two 2004 chapter meeting scholarships.  Awardees are Rebecca Chapman and Rebecca Tremaglio.  Watch for their articles in Midline. 

f.  Membership Committee - Bette Sydelko
The Chapter has 42 new members for a total membership of 421, a slight increase over last year. 

g.  Nominations & Elections Committee - Nancy O'Brien
Announcement of newly elected officers:

                President-Elect Eileen Stanley
                Membership Secretary Bette Sydelko
                Representatives-at-Large Rick Brewer, Ed Holtum, Tammy Mays, Erika
                    Sevetson, Mary Taylor
                Potential MLA Nominating Committee Candidates Pat Redman & Carol
                    Scherrer (alternate)

Twenty-two Chapter members indicated a willingness to serve on their membership renewal form.  Only 4 who were approached declined nomination. 

h.  Chapter Goals & Objectives
Chapter Goals were published in the Spring 2004 Midline.  Sheryl Stevens will carry these goals forward during her term as Chapter President, aligning them with the priorities set by incoming MLA President Joanne Marshall. 

9.  Old Business - NONE 

10. New Business - Melinda Orebaugh
Chapter Bylaws Revision
.  MLA recently ratified revisions to national bylaws.  Chapter bylaws need to be made consistent with national bylaws.  The Board invoked Article III, Section 1 of the Chapter bylaws.  This section states that MLA bylaws take precedence until Chapter bylaws can be revised.  This will allow the Chapter to begin electronic distribution of ballots with the next election, although actual voting will still be by mail.  The members of the Bylaws Committee to revise the Chapter Bylaws will be:  Melinda Orebaugh (chair), Jan Cox (ex officio, non-voting), Sheryl Stevens (ex officio), Eileen Stanley, and Kellie Kaneshiro.  

11.  Recognition of Outgoing Officers and Board Members - Kellie Kaneshiro, Immediate Past President
Certificates of appreciation were presented. 

12.  Invitation to 2005 Annual Meeting in Fargo, ND - Mary Markland
Mary Markland channeled Brainerd Police Chief Marge Gunderson in issuing the invitation to the 2005 annual meeting.  The meeting will be Sept. 16 - 20.  Book your hotel room early!  The room block will be released August 20.   Preliminary information is available from the Chapter website. 

13.  Passing of the Gavel - Melinda Orebaugh
Melinda Orebaugh passed the gavel to Sheryl Stevens.  Sheryl thanked Melinda for her dedication and service to the Chapter. 

14.  Adjournment - Sheryl Stevens, President at 1 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Arndt, Secretary














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