Fellow Midwest Chapter/MLA Members,

Ratification of our proposed bylaws is slated to occur during our upcoming annual business meeting on October 8, 2012, in Rochester, MN. Your Bylaws Committee is submitting two documents for your review in order to prepare you for voting on the proposed bylaws revisions.

The first document is a strike-through version of our current Chapter bylaws (last revised October 2008). The strike-through text indicates content that is not included in the proposed bylaws revision. While this is not a verbatim strike-through, per se, the text with a strike-through is a very close approximation of text to be removed from the bylaws; however, content removed from the bylaws is to be included in the Chapter's Policies Manual or the Procedure Manual. Your Immediate Past President, President and President-Elect are charged with ensuring that the Policies Manual and Procedures Manual are updated accordingly.

The second document is the proposed revision of our Chapter bylaws. For quite some time, the Chapter has needed to align our bylaws with the MLA model bylaws for Chapters and Sections. This revision will completely align our bylaws with the MLA model bylaws. While we were not far off the mark, the proposed revision will afford us the flexibility to be more nimble in a rapidly changing business environment, permit us to revise bylaws as frequently as we deem necessary, and will keep the Chapter's bylaws closely aligned with MLA.

You may find that the proposed revision of the bylaws is somewhat more permissive and succinct than our current bylaws. It is MLA's desire that Chapters and Sections adopt bylaws that permit flexibility and Chapter Board efficiency. Our proposed revisions have been approved by the MLA Bylaws Committee. Having spent a great deal of time in revising our proposed bylaws revision, I can assure you that the proposed revision is solid and contains the essentials that are needed to run the Chapter properly.

The documents are available here:

Please review the documents linked in this message; post your questions to the Chapter discussion list or contact me directly. Your bylaws Committee will respond to each question or concern.


Midwest Chapter Bylaws Committee
Melinda Orebaugh, Chair
Eileen Severson
Clare Leibfarth
Katherine Schililng
Karen Hanus
Janna Lawrence, ex-officio