MLA 2008 Flickr Group

We had so much fun with Flickr at the Omaha meeting. I’m glad that MLA is encouraging people to post meeting photos to Flickr to share meeting photos. They’ve set up the MLA 2008 Flickr Group. There are 11 members so far. I’m looking forward to the fun.
MLA has their photo gallery up and running with 2008 meeting photos. This morning they added some photos from yesterday. MLA President and photographer extraordinarie Mark Funk is already out and about with his camera!

MLA ’08 Plenary Webcast

I might not be going to Chicago for MLA, but I can watch on my computer here at work. I have already signed up for the MLA ’08 Plenary Webcast “Web 2.0 Tools for Librarians: Description, Demonstration, Discussion, and Debate.” To register, all you need is your handy-dandy MLA members only area username and password.
What is really great about this is that two of the scheduled presenters are Midwest Chapter members!

  • Carol Jeuell, Reference Librarian, Brennemann Library, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago
  • Melissa Rethlefsen, Education Technology Librarian, Learning Resource Center, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Midwest rocks!

MLA Vicariously

The midwest is hosting MLA in Chicago this year. Unfortunately, your intrepid blog editor will not be attending. [Insert frowny face here.] But this is no problem! I can read all about it in my feed reader!
Of course, there is the official MLA ’08 Blog itself. Lately, the entries have been posted by the Local Assistance Committee Publicity Subcommittee. Nice to see all those Midwest Chapter members contributing!
As I am sure you know by now, MLA held a little contest and chose 10 Official MLA Bloggers. The bloggers will enjoy free wireless internet access at MLA. And it looks like we are going to get some great coverage. The National Program Committee’s Conference Wiki has a blog schedule page where the bloggers are signing up to cover specific parts of the conference program. You can also sign up for a digest or RSS feed of the bloggers’ posts. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be much else on the wiki except advertisements.
But this is even better: I have been using David Rothman’s Yahoo! Pipes feed to monitor the Official MLA Blogger posts. It works well! Thank you David!
Attention Midwest Chapter Members attending MLA: please consider sharing YOUR insights, experiences, and photos here on ConnectMidwest. Contact me and I’ll show you how!
And remember to tag any blog posts and photos with mla2008.

FREE Lunches at MLA

Roundtables.jpgThe deadline for applications for the chapter’s Chapter Sharing Roundtables “Free Lunch Award” is less than a week away! If you will be attending MLA, this is a no-brainer! Two chapter members will be able to participate in the discussion AND get a free lunch on May18th.
Here is the information you need to know to apply for the Free Lunch Award. All you have to do is submit paragraph or two describing “Why I deserve a free lunch.”
There is a Chapter Sharing Roundtable for every interest! There will be 30 topic tables this year:

  • Second Life and Health Care Information
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Changes in Technical Service in a Digital Environment
  • Clinical Decision Making Tools (Up-to-Date, MDConsult & others)
  • Communication Techniques for Library Patrons
  • Copyright Issues
  • Document Delivery Services and ILL
  • Electronic Libraries
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Evidence Based Nursing
  • Expert Searching
  • Handheld Clinical Resources
  • How to Obtain Funds for Library Projects
  • How to Stay Current with New Technologies
  • Integrating You or the Library into the Curriculum
  • Issues in Hospital Librarianship
  • Liaisons Stepping Out of the Library
  • Librarian as a Consultant
  • Library Directors of the Future
  • Management of E-Resources
  • Managing Resources in Emergency/Disaster Situation
  • Multi-generations Working in the Same Library
  • New and Emerging Roles for Medical Librarians
  • Oral History
  • Point of Care Clinical Resources
  • Providing Virtual Reference Service
  • Strategies for Threatened Librarians/Libraries
  • Supporting Magnet Status Initiatives
  • Using New Technologies and Instructional Design for Teaching
  • Wikis in the Library

Conference Blogging

Already, your intrepid blog editor is thinking about how to blog the 2008 Midwest Chapter Annual Conference just up the way in Troy, Michigan. The conference wiki has a Blogging @ Midwest page where you can list yourself if you will be blogging from the conference. And tag your posts and photos Midwest08. One thing that I really enjoyed last year was sharing Flickr photos.


I’ve picked up these conference blogging tips since the Omaha meeting. And don’t miss this tongue-in-cheek advice at A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette. Liveblogging doesn’t really work for me. If I’m frantically blogging, I find that I’m not really able to “digest” the information. So I’m hoping that someone else might want to try at this year’s conference. How about you?
That conference wiki looks interesting! It will be a great way to share all kinds of information. Looking for a roommate? Shared transportation? Want to know who will be attending which functions? How to get there? Where to EAT?
Want to keep up with all this information? Use your feed reader! Since the conference website main page is in blog format, you will be able to subscribe to find out the latest. There is even a feed for wiki updates! Already in my Bloglines feeds!