Welcome To the New Year/ Letter From the Editor

Welcome, Midwest Chapter, to the New Year.  This isn’t January 1st, and this isn’t the Chinese New Year either.  This is the New Year for ConnectMidwest.  Our 2012 conference is over, but the blog lives on.  And we at ConnectMidwest (and the Communication Committee) are looking to keep in touch with you all year round.

As information professionals, we need to grow and adapt with the current climate.  When you throw in the fast-paced changes in health sciences/medical/nursing/dental/allied health information, it’s even more vital that we work together and share knowledge so our hospitals and universities, our faculty and clinicians, and our students can reach their highest potential.

So, in this spirit, I ask you to keep us posted, just like we’ll keep you posted.  If you have a tip for us, let us know!  Want to know more about a subject? Suggest it! We can’t afford to wait a year to talk about things that are happening now.   Start the connection to your peers with ConnectMidwest.