Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Event planning is hard, especially when unexpected things happen.  It is also fun and rewarding when things go right.  Either way it is definitely worth all the work because it is still, even in our iGeneration, the best way to learn, connect with colleagues, and have fun.

One of the main purposes for me to attend #MidwestMHSLA17 was to observe the details of planning a professional conference.  I am on the Planning Committee for the next Midwest MLA Conference in Cleveland in October 2018.  I am a member of the Publicity Committee, and the Webmaster for the conference site.  The Publicity Committee is responsible for getting the word out to the Midwest MLA membership about the conference and promoting the host city and state. We have already been working hard since the spring and the 2017 meeting was our first big milestone in planning.  Besides observing and meeting our counterparts at the 2017 meeting, the 2018 Planning Committee sponsored a table with promotional materials, and announced the conference at the MHSLA Business Meeting and the Midwest Chapter Business Meeting.

The 2018 Publicity Committee (consisting of Margaret Hoogland, Theresa Kline, and me) planned out our table and decided to give out buckeyes (chocolate and peanut butter truffles for those non-Ohioans), Cleveland pins, and chances to win a $50 coupon towards the registration cost of the next meeting. We made a banner and decorated our table with rock-n-roll paraphernalia.  We encouraged visitors to take selfies and tag them with the official meeting hasthtag, #MidwestMLA18.  We benefited from the 2017 Special Karaoke Event which got people thinking in a rock-and-roll mode.  The video featuring our 2018 conference chairs Mary Pat Harnegie and Mary Schleicher, and the music of real life rock star librarian Cathy Murch put an exclamation point on our marketing efforts.  In a happy coincidence, the NLM in Focus blog has been focusing on “rock-star” medical librarians all month – a gift of free marketing for us!

I am sure that all the 2018 Conference Planning Committee members were watching carefully and learning from the 2017 meeting.  Stephanie Swanberg, the chair of the 2017 Publicity Committee, met with us and shared some pointers and volunteered to be available for questions.  I spoke with Emily Ginier, the chair of the CE committee, when my CE instructor suddenly cancelled.  Probably the most important thing I learned from observing this meeting is how to land on one’s feet when that inevitable something doesn’t go as planned. Switching gracefully to Plan B is a conference planner’s biggest challenge.  But the 2017 conference planning committee did an excellent job of moving forward and rolling with the stormy waves.  I told Emily that I actually enjoyed the substituted CE class very much as it ended up giving me a full day crash course on Research Data Management. Although I was disappointed at not getting to hear Curt Guyette speak, I did not mind the gap in the schedule as things just moved on gracefully.

In reflecting on my 2017 conference experience, I am very thankful for this opportunity.  I am thankful to have received an NN/LM GMR Professional Development Award to attend the conference.  I had hoped to take some CEs, and learn from the vendors, paper and poster presenters, and the keynote speaker, but what I learned most is how important personal interaction still is and how valuable physical attendance at a conference is.  Even the “fun” sessions like the welcome party, karaoke night, and down-time are not just icing on the cake, but opportunities to really build relationships among colleagues, have some great discussions, and even establish some mentor and mentee relationships.

All in all I was very pleased with my conference experience – and that is the goal, after all, isn’t it?  I realized that a tight schedule is important, but that just being with and learning from one’s peers is what is most important about conferences.  If I want to learn about a topic I can just search for an article, or watch a video online.  But there is no replacement for meeting people in person.  Even with scheduling snafus, an annual conference still provides that in-person networking and fellowship time that is growing increasingly rare in our society.  I will take this realization back to my 2018 planning work.  I want to keep in mind that building collegial relationships is the most important thing in a conference, not the production of a perfectly smooth, clockwork event.  In that spirit, we can almost guarantee that the Cleveland conference next year will Shake, Rattle, and Roll!!

Donald Pearson, MBA/MIS, MLIS, AHIP
Library Technology Specialist, Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library
Columbus, Ohio |

Research Data Management and Serendipity

Saturday at #MidwestMHSLA17 was a full day of Continuing Education for me. I had planned to learn about Research Data Management (RDM) with Kevin Read and Alisa Surkis from New York University School of Medicine in the morning, then about library assessment in the afternoon. I thought it would be a nice introduction to two dissimilar topics, one having to do with research and numbers, and the other with having to do with marketing and the business of libraries.

Serendipitously, though, I ended up spending a full eight hours learning about RDM. My afternoon class got cancelled and so I ended up in a second class entitled Data Management for Librarians given by Caitlin Bakker from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

From Kevin and Alisa I learned not only the basics of RDM, but also how it can be marketed. I learned that librarians should make meetings with researchers about their research, not about the library. Kevin even went into how to “cold-call” researchers to drum up business for the library. A couple of ways to find out about what your institution’s researchers are doing include the NIH RePORTER database and your institution’s grant office.

Then Alisa showed us this cute video, which dramatized many of the frustrations researchers have when managing their data and what can go wrong can you buy cialis online with RDM and sharing.

I’m going to start learning more about RDM by reading this article by Kevin and Alisa and their colleagues, “Starting the data conversation: informing data services at an academic health sciences library.”

As usual, I felt overwhelmed with the information in just one CE class; nevertheless, I persisted in the afternoon, as Caitlin Bakker reinforced many of the RDM topics from Kevin and Alisa’s class. Caitlin provided us with some hands-on exercises using the DMP Tool to actually critique and compose a Data Management Plan. Within a few hours she had the class reviewing and creating real plans that would meet institutional and funder requirements.

I ended up with a day-long crash course in data management, but I still learned about library marketing as I had hoped. I was a beneficiary of a serendipitous confluence of three great instructors and a rising topic in health sciences librarianship. I made sure to tell Emily Ginier, the Chair of the CE Committee, how pleased I was with my day, despite the cancellation and substitution of my afternoon class. I also wrote to Kevin, Alisa, and Caitlin suggesting they team teach a seminar together on RDM. What an excellent day of learning at #MidwestMHSLA17!

Donald Pearson, MBA/MIS, MLIS, AHIP
Library Technology Specialist, Mount Carmel Health Sciences Library
Columbus, Ohio |

Something New at Midwest Chapter

Who’s excited about the Midwest Chapter meeting? It is only 10 days away!

This year, we are trying something new at Midwest Chapter. Along the same lies as the Roundtable Luncheon at MLA annual meetings, we are going to have Campfire Conversations! From 4-5pm on Sunday Oct 12th (immediately following the paper presentations) we will offer the chance for you to join a campfire and talk with your colleagues on a designated topic. Each campfire will have a moderator to get the conversation going and keep it on topic. Listed below are the topics and moderators for the event.

Join us for the Campfire Conversations and talk about “hot” topics and enjoy “s’more” networking with your peers. (Puns totally and completely intended.)

TOPIC: AHIP –  Moderated by Jolene Miller

TOPIC: New and emerging roles for medical librarians  – Moderated by Doreen Roberts

TOPIC: Advocacy and promotion – Moderated by Kelly Thormodson

TOPIC: Future of libraries and embedded librarianship – Moderated by Michel Atlas

TOPIC: Working with nurses and nursing students – Moderated by Liz Weinfurter

TOPIC: New to the profession / Resume recommendations – Moderated by Janna Lawrence

CE: EBM to EBL workshop at OSU Sept. 30-Oct. 1

The Ohio State University Health Sciences Library, with generous support from the Barbara Van Brimmer Academic Awards Endowment, will be hosting the two-day workshop, Evidence-Based Medicine to Evidence-Based Librarianship, providing up to 12 hours of MLA contact hours on September 30 and October 1 at the Fawcett Center on the campus of Ohio State University. Course instructors will be Connie Schardt, MLS, AHIP, FMLA, and Lorie Kloda, MLIS, PhD. More details about the workshop including the scope of each day are available at

Registration deadline is September 23 and is limited to 30 participants. Cost is a very reasonable $110 for both days (including lite breakfast, lunch and snacks), or $75 for one day. Parking is free and convenient at the Fawcett Center.

This workshop has been coordinated by Lynda Hartel, Fern Cheek, and Stephanie Schulte. Questions about the program may be directed to Lynda Hartel, Lynda dot hartel at osumc dot edu, or 614-292-4892.

GRANTS for Midwest MLA ’14! Due by June 30!

Are you a first time attendee of the Midwest Chapter’s conference?  There’s a grant for that!

Are you a regular member who wants free money?  There’s a grant for that!

We have two grants available (with two awards each) for first time attendees and regular members to win $500 for travel and FREE conference registration!  That’s 4 grants total!

All you have to do is send in an application, a current cv/resume, and a letter documenting why you need the grant by JUNE 30, 2014!

For more details and the application forms, check out the awards here:


Due JULY 1! Call for Proposals! Midwest Chapter annual meeting in Bismarck

Call for Posters and Papers

The Program Committee invites proposals for contributed papers and posters for the Midwest Chapter/ MLA Annual Meeting to be held in Bismarck, North Dakota from October 10th through 14th, 2014.  The theme for this year is “Come West and Explore.”  Ideas for contributed papers and poster exploration are only limited by your imagination. All proposals will be considered, even those that were presented at MLA ’14.

Contributed papers will be presented Sunday afternoon.

The posters will be displayed Monday, October 13 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.  Posters are required to be staffed by the author from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Monday.

All poster and paper proposals need to include:

  • An abstract no longer than 250 words describing your paper or poster.
  • Your name, position title, address, phone number and email address.
  • Indicate whether or not you would like to be considered for the Research Awards

and if you are a current member of Midwest Chapter/MLA (See Research Awards section below).

  • Indicate in your proposal if your paper or poster was previously presented at a conference, including MLA ’14.

Email your abstracts for contributed papers to Dawn Hackman dawn.hackman at med dot und dot edu. Email your poster abstracts to Karen Anderson karen.anderson at med dot und dot edu. Contact either of the above if you have any questions.

The deadline for contributed paper or poster proposals is July 1st .

Notifications of acceptance will be made by the end of July.

Research Awards
Midwest Chapter will once again grant awards to the primary author of the best research paper and the best research poster presentations at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Monetary awards total $500 (1st place paper and poster will each receive $150, 2nd place paper and poster will each receive $100).

To be eligible for consideration for a Research Award, the papers and posters must be selected for presentation at the Midwest Chapter/MLA Annual Meeting, one author must be a Midwest Chapter member, and one author must be present at the paper/poster presentation. When you submit your proposal, be sure to indicate in your email that you are interested in competing.

The quality of the research as presented at the meeting will be evaluated and scored using standardized poster and paper evaluation forms. You can find out more about the judging criteria here <>.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Anne Beschnett (besch015 at umn dot edu).

Webinar: Librarians Collaborating to Produce Systematic Reviews: Project Launch to Publication

Webinar: Librarians Collaborating to Produce Systematic Reviews: Project Launch to Publication.  April 16, 2014 1-2:30pm Central

What is a systematic review? What are the practice guidelines? How do I negotiate my contribution? Join our panel of speakers as they discuss what is really needed and resources for improving your skills. They will tackle these issues and discuss opportunities for librarians to be part of the team.

Register here for this MLA webcast or visit one of the webcast viewing sites in your state sponsored by the NNLM GMR.

IL: University of Illinois at Chicago, Library of the Health Sciences, Chicago – Registration Link:

IL: University of Illinois at Chicago Library of the Health Sciences Peoria, Peoria – Registration: Contact Emily Johnson at emj11 at uic dot edu

IN: Indiana University School of Medicine, Ruth Lilly Library, Indianapolis – Registration Link:

IN: Indiana University School of Medicine Northwest, Center for Medical Education, Gary – Registration: Contact Corona Wiley at cwiley at iun dot edu

IA: Des Moines University Library, Des Moines – Registration: Contact Natalie Hutchinson at Natalie dot hutchinson at dmu dot edu

IA: University of Iowa, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Iowa City – Registration link:

KY: University of Kentucky, Medical Center Library, Lexington – Registration: Contact Susan Foster-Harper at smfost1 at email dot uky dot edu

KY: University of Louisville, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, Louisville – Registration: Contact Vida Vaughn at vida dot vaughn at louisville dot edu

MI: Mercy Health Saint Mary’s, Health Sciences Library, Grand Rapids – Registration: Contact Mary Hanson at hansonm at mercyhealth dot com

MI: Wayne State University School of Medicine, Shiffman Medical Library, Detroit  – Registration: Contact Wendy Wu at wendywu at med dot wayne dot edu, or Toni Janik at toni dot janik at wrh dot on dot ca

MN: University of Minnesota, Bio-Medical Library, Minneapolis – Registration: Contact Anne Beschnett at besch015 at umn dot edu 

ND: University of North Dakota, Harley E. French Library of the Health Sciences, Fargo – Registration: Contact Mary Markland at mary dot markland at med dot und dot edu

ND: University of North Dakota, Library of the Health Sciences, Grand Forks – Registration: Contact Theresa Norton at theresa dot norton at med dot und dot edu

OH: Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library, Cleveland – Registration: Contact: Gretchen Hallerberg
OH: Ohio State University, Health Sciences Library, Columbus – Registration: Contact Lynda Hartel at lynda dot hartel at osumc dot edu

SD: Wegner Health Science Information Center, Sioux Falls – Registration: Contact Molly Youngkin at molly dot youngkin at usd dot edu

WI: Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries, Milwaukee – Registration: Contact Karen Hanus at khanus at mcw dot edu

WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ebling Library for the Health Sciences Health Sciences, Madison – Registration link:

Midwest CE: Systematic Review Course at UMich

Systematic Review Course

Are you interested in participating in systematic reviews – but just don’t feel like you have the right skills or know how to get involved? Or do you want to teach systematic reviews at your institution but you don’t know where to get started? This course is for librarians interested in systematic reviews!

Location: University of Michigan – North Campus Research Complex, Ann Arbor MI 48109

What’s required:

  • Your full participation in the 2-week online course, which includes 8 learning modules and related activities (14-25 April 2014)
  • Your attendance at and participation in a 2-day workshop at U-M (28-29 April 2014)


Nandita Mani PhD, – Assistant Director of Enabling Technologies, Taubman Health Sciences Library

Mark MacEachern MLIS, Health Sciences Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library

Chase Masters MEd, Instructional Designer, Taubman Health Sciences Library

Whitney Townsend MLIS, Health Sciences Informationist, Taubman Health Sciences Library

About the course:

We’ve developed a hybrid course to teach you how to do systematic reviews, and to give you a way to apply what you learn at your home institution. Featured content includes:

  • The basics of a systematic review – study types and methodologies
  • Selecting databases and developing search strategies
  • Data management and writing for publication
  • Strategies to establish your presence and expertise
  • 20 MLA CE credits

The course runs on a flipped classroom model where didactic material is presented in an asynchronous online format over a period of 2 weeks. Online content includes lectures, learning activities, and interactive features including a discussion board, virtual office hours, and more. Following the 2-week online module, you’ll join us at U-M’s North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) for a 2-day intensive workshop. The in-person workshop is an incubator for implementation – through hands-on experience with resources, activities, and discussions, you’ll develop a toolkit of useful tips and resources and an action plan to take back to your home institutions to get involved in systematic reviews.


  • The course registration fee is $100.  This fee covers all course content, parking, and breakfast and lunch on 28-29 April.
  • Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, including overnight accommodations and other expenses.  Travel and lodging information will be available to registrants on the course site.
  • Registration will be capped at 15 participants
  • Please register no later than March 24, 2014
  • Questions?  Please contact Mark MacEachern (markmac at umich dot edu)

To register, please download and fill out the registration form ( and mail or fax to:

University of Michigan Library Finance
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
913 S. University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
(734) 763-1281 (p)
(734) 763-7082 (f)

Free CE: Keeping Up with PubMed

Keeping Up with PubMed
This four-week course is designed for the experienced PubMed searcher and builds on the information covered in Making PubMed Work for You. This class will focus on the effective use of advanced PubMed features including MeSH headings and subheadings, subset and filter options including My NCBI Filters,saving search strategies, creating journal searches, and linking to libraries and full text sources.
Earn: 6 MLA CE.
Dates: February 24, 2014 – March 21, 2014

There is no cost to take our asynchronous courses.  Take it at your own pace, spending about and one to two hours a week at the time of your convenience via our our Moodle system. Register online with the GMR registration system at:

See the NNLM GMR’s education page for more details.

Hospital librarian presenting at MLA? Apply for HLS’ Professional Development award!

The Professional Development Committee of the Hospital Library Section invites HLS members to apply for a Professional Development Award. The purpose of the HLS Professional Development Award is to recognize those papers and/or posters at the MLA Annual Meeting that best represent hospital librarianship. Up to four
$500 awards will be given for 2014.

To be eligible, the applicant must have a poster or paper accepted at the MLA Annual Meeting of the year in which the Award will be given, and the applicant must be a current HLS member. The applicant must provide the title and abstract of the paper or poster with the application. The application must be received by March 3rd.

For the application and for more info visit the HLS blog.


To submit your application, please email the chair of the Professional Development Committee: Ene Belleh, ebelleh at christianacare dot org. A signed application form with the title and abstract of the paper or poster to be presented must be received no later than March 3rd, 2014.