Call for Papers and Posters – Annual Conference 2015

Have you submitted your paper or poster yet for the 2015 MWMLA Conference, it’s not too late. The deadline for submission is June 30, Follow the link for more details.

This year’s conference keynote speaker will be Dr. Lawrence K. Altman. Click the following link to learn more about Dr. Altman and our other esteemed speakers and panel guests.

This year’s MWMLA Meeting will be held in Louisville, KY. Never been to Louisville before? Want to know more about the host city? Click here for complete details on travel, dining, things to do and hotels.

North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum

What a delight to have a reception in North Dakota’s Heritage Center and State Museum!  From the beautiful architecture of the new galleries to the fascinating exhibits presented inside, the center makes for a wonderfully educational introduction to the state’s history.

And some of that history is ancient!  I think everyone enjoyed the dinosaurs and how engagingly they were displayed.  Should I ever get a cat I am naming him or her after Dinictis (transl. Terrible Stab) the inhabitant of North Dakota from approximately 30 million years ago (what a fantastic name!).

I was also delighted that the gift shop stayed open late for our event because I was able to pick up some North Dakotan chippers that I had heard so much about since I arrived.  I brought them home to share to immense success.  A truly delightful evening in a fantastic setting!



Sally Gore’s Making the Case


Anytime a speaker offers to serenade her audience, you know it will be a fun talk.  Sally Gore of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the blog, A Librarian by Any Other Name, gave an engaging talk on health sciences librarianship in the changing health sciences environment.

Starting from dreams, even the seemingly unrealistic ones, Gore walked us through planning and realizing those dreams.  With her copyrighted “Backpacking Strategic Planning Model”, she helped navigate dreamers through the hike to achieve them.  With such practical hiking advice as “only planning as far as you can see” and “make sure to look down every once in a while so you don’t trip”, she translated these to tips into the fundamental goals of knowing yourself, your interest, your environment, and how to pull them all together.

One of her most important points was to not be intimidated by what you don’t know.  I think many of our patrons and users come to us to confront this exact order tramadol with no rx intimidation of the unknown, and, in a way, we have to relearn how to be comfortable with the unknown and adaptable to confronting it.  Gore helped show us how many of our skills (and not just the ones from librarianship) can be translated to things we seemingly don’t know how to do.  As Gore illuminated, what we don’t know isn’t scary, in fact, we might know more than we think.

She ended with the delightful design story from Ronald Shakespear about the origins of the width of roads and how this measurement, (spoiler alert) derived from the width of two Roman Empire horses butts, has come to determine our most advanced technologies simply because of what we can fit down a road.  Gore encouraged us to not be constrained by the measurements of what has come before, but instead to understand it: to bring our dreams into reality not constricted by what has come before but expanded by our skills and talents.

A First Time at the Midwest Chapter’s Annual Meeting

Thank you to Beth Layton for the picture!
Thank you to Beth Layton for the picture!

This was a conference of firsts for me! As first time Midwest member and a first time meeting attendee, I was also lucky enough to be traveling to North Dakota for the first time as well.  And, perhaps it was beginners luck, but the lucky firsts continued throughout the trip and conference.

Without the generosity of the Midwest Chapter’s Scholarships I wouldn’t have been able to attend.  So I was truly grateful and honored to receive one of the first time attendee awards. It meant a lot to my whole institution: in addition to all the conference firsts, I’m one of three librarians at a brand new medical school in its very first semester.  I had a lot of questions for my peers!  (Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to troubleshoot all of my problems!  All of you are awesome!)

The flight into Bismarck was a delightful first of being on a plane half full of librarians and half full of pheasant hunters.  And I think that has to be the first time I have had such a delightfully short trip from airport to hotel: so convenient!  I will forever jealously remember the ten minute ride in Bismarck whenever I am stuck in traffic on the way to O’Hare.

Exploring all the shops and restaurants around the hotel was equally delightful and delicious.  I think everyone enjoyed the dining circles (as pictured above during one of the groups in Peacock Alley), especially for the firsts of trying buffalo burgers.  With everything just a short walk from the hotel, it made it fun for exploring between sessions.

The final and most glorious first was that of receiving a mustache!  Who new just sticking mustaches on all parties resulted in a perfect ice breaker?  Along with the casual dress code, the mustached crowd made for a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  A wonderful way to start a first Midwest Chapter meeting!  I hope it’s the first of many, many more.

Reducing Diagnostic Error

Dr. Mark Graber spoke today regarding diagnostic error and how librarians can help. Obviously, anything with the term “error” in its name is not going to be a good thing, but Dr. Graber really brought the costs of diagnostic error home with the story of Rory Staunton, a boy whose sepsis was misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis, as well as these sobering facts:

  • Falls, medication errors and other patient safety issues have seen improvements in recent years; Dx errors are still largely unrecognized.
  • 40,000-80,000 deaths a year may be due to Dx error, making it the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Dx error results in more malpractice costs that any other issue.

However, the presentation was not all doom and gloom, as Dr. Graber had a number of suggestions. He pointed to the fact that real change requires both system change–policies, procedures and culture–as well as cognitive change at the individual level. And there are a number of ways librarians can help:

  • Participate on clinical teams and committees to reduce Dx error.
  • Educate medical professionals on the difference between analytical and intuitive thinking, as well as tacit and explicit knowledge.
  • Explore tools like Dxplain and Isabel.
  • Consider participating in the SIDM Librarians on Call project.

Free Time? Free Attraction!

Photo courtesy Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photo courtesy Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Bismarck weather on Saturday will be sunny and nice with a high around 68 degrees. If you have some spare time in the afternoon, you might enjoy visiting the Former Governors’ Mansion from 1 to 5 p.m.

The Victorian house was built in 1884 and is restored with period furnishings. The carriage house contains the “From Bucket of Oats to Quarts of Oil” exhibit and is open as well. It should be a beautiful walk through downtown (just 7 blocks) or a quick taxi ride, and don’t forget, it’s FREE!



ND is ready for you, are you ready for us!?

Hello Mid-westerners!

Just a reminder…early bird registration ends next Friday, August 29th.  Get registered for Midwest MLA in Bismarck.

Bring your boots and your cowboy hat (or jeans and plaid shirt whatever works for you) for our Western themed party and exhibitor event on Saturday night.  Sunday we will be enjoying the ND Heritage Center. – Come see the Geologic Times and Early Peoples exhibits, shop in the gift store and enjoy some great food and company with our fellow librarians.

We have fabulous speakers: Betsy Humphreys, Sally Gore and Dr. Mark Graber as well as a panel of experts on the effect of the oil boom on healthcare.  Don’t forget your colleagues will be presenting their papers and as posters too and we are for the first time having Campfire Conversations (minus the fire of course unless you count our “hot” topics).  Plus some great CE classes.

And while you are here, take some time to enjoy ND!

We are ready for you to visit ND, are you ready for us?  Register today and we’ll see you soon!

Wouldn’t you like to experience The Badlands?




FREE CE! Chemicals, Drugs and Genetics Oh My!: Searching PubMed and Beyond

Chemicals, Drugs and Genetics Oh My!: Searching PubMed and Beyond

This four-week specialized class will help improve your effectiveness in searching PubMed and related NLM and NIH databases for literature on chemicals, drugs and genetics. Topics include searching PubMed with Supplementary Concept Records (SCR) and Pharmacologic Actions (PA), using related databases for drug and chemical information (e.g., TOXNET, and PubChem Compound), and locating genetic literature (e.g. NCBI Gene and Genetics Home Reference). This course assumes a strong working knowledge of PubMed.
Earn 6 MLA CE.
Dates: February 10 – March 7, 2014

There is no cost to take our asynchronous courses.  Take it at your own pace, spending about and one to two hours a week at the time of your convenience via our our Moodle system. Register online with the GMR registration system at:

Contact Holly Burt with any questions! haburt at uic dot edu.

Registration Open! Sign up for Midwest MLA ’13!

Registration for the Midwest Chapter/Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Navigating a River of Information, to be held in East Peoria, IL, October 4-8, 2013, is now open. Registration and payment may be made online or by mailing a completed registration form and check. Both options are available via the registration page on the conference website at: .

A discount is available to Early Bird registrants, prior to September order propecia us 3rd.

The conference features Keynote Speaker Michelle Kraft, author of The Krafty Librarian, and Plenary Speaker Sarah Houghton, author of the award-winning

A preliminary program is available at

Descriptions of Continuing Education Classes are posted at

If you have questions regarding registration for the conference, please contact:

Midwest members at MLA ’13: Events on 5/6

Session 1: International Congress on Medical Librarianship 2: Trustworthy and Authoritative Publicly Available Information 10:30am-12pm

3 – Information Connections: Providing Access, Linking Communities (Rm. 309, 11:15-11:35am)

Mary Keen Director, Pediatric Program, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital; Nalini Mahajan Director and Webmaster, Marianjoy Medical Library, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital; Kathleen Ruroede Vice President, Quality and Research, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Session 4: The Cancer Spectrum: Living, Surviving, and End-of-Life Issues 10:30am-12pm

3 – The Development and Deployment of a Symptom Management and Monitoring System for Supporting Cancer Caregivers (Rm. 301, 11:15-11:35am)

Robert Comer Faculty, School of Informatics, Indiana University; Anna McDaniel Chancellor, School of Nursing, Indiana University; Katherine Schilling Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University

Session 36:Integrating Our Expertise: Engaging Our Partners in Resources at the Bench or at the Point of Care (10:30-12pm)

1 – Integrating Patient Education across the Continuum of Care: Linking Materials to the Electronic Medical Record, the Public Website, and Internal Resources and Tools (Rm. 313, 10:35-10:55am)

Ruti Volk, AHIP Patient Education Librarian, Patient Education Center, University of Michigan Health System

3 – An Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Design a Next-Generation, Evidence-Based Radiology Report (Rm. 313, 11:15-11:35am)

Terry Adam Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, University of Minnesota; Brent Backhaus Department of Radiology, University of Minnesota; Jonathan B. Koffel Clinical Information Librarian, Bio-Medical Library, University of Minnesota; Joseph A. Konstan Distinguished McKnight Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota; Brandon Maus Student, Macalester College; John Riedl Distinguished McKnight Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota; Kenny Shores Research Assistant, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota; Dan Steinberger Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Minnesota

Poster Session 2: 1:30-2:30pm

210. One for All and All for One: Use of an Institutional Repository and Open Access Journals by Library Staff

Leah C. Osterhaus Trzasko, Health Science Librarian, Health Science Library, Mayo Clinic Health System, La Crosse, WI; Melissa Rethlefsen, AHIP, Education Technology Librarian, Learning Resource Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; Ann Farrell, Librarian, Mayo Clinic Libraries, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

271. Evidence-Based Medicine Integration into Medicine Curriculum

Heather A. McEwen, Reference Librarian, Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; Rienne Johnson, Reference Librarian, Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; LuAnne M. Stockton, Course Coordinator, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; Beth Layton, AHIP, Director, Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; Janice M. Spalding, Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; Lisa N. Weiss, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH; David M. Sperling, Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Akron, OH

275. Redesigning an Online Public Access Catalog through Usability Testing

Demetria Patrick, Technology Librarian; Beth Layton, AHIP, Director; Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH

287. Foreign Language Consumer Health Information: Collaboration with Public Libraries

Pamela S. Bradigan, AHIP, Director and Assistant Vice President; Lynda J. Hartel, AHIP, Associate Director, Knowledge Integration; Abigail Jones, Consumer Health Librarian; Health Sciences Library, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Session 23: International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists 2: Animal Health Librarians Collaborating Globally 1:30-3pm

1 – Using a Decision Matrix to Create a Core List of Veterinary Monographs (Rm. 305, 1:35-1:50pm)

Fiona J. L. Brown Liaison Librarian, Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library, University of Edinburgh; Esther Carrigan, AHIP Associate Dean and Director, Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University; Vicki F. Croft, AHIP Head, Animal Health Library, Washington State University; Diana Farmer Content Development Librarian, Hale Library, Kansas State University; Heather K. Moberly, AHIP Coordinator, Veterinary Services, Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University; Jessica R. Page, AHIP Assistant Professor and Head, Veterinary Medicine Library, Ohio State University; Ana Ugaz, AHIP Resources Management Librarian, Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University

Session 18: International Clinical Librarian Conference 1: Quality Assurance for Clinical Librarians, Informationists and Embedded Librarians 1:30-3pm

1 – Starting from Scratch: Establishing a Role for an Informationist on Rounds (Rm. 310, 1:35-1:50pm)

Alison Aldrich Clinical Informationist, Health Sciences Library, Ohio State University; Stephanie J. Schulte Assistant Professor and Education and Reference Services Coordinator, Health Sciences Library, Ohio State University

Session 29: Educating for the New Jobs Now: From Library Education to Professional Development and Beyond 3-4:30pm

1 – No More Baby Librarians: The Expanding Disconnect Between the Realities of the Master’s of Library Science Degree and Expectations of Professional Practice (Rm. 309, 3:05-3:25pm)

Katherine Schilling Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University

Session 5: Promoting Healthy Nutrition and Natural Remedies for Environmental Health and Wellness in Humans and Animals 3-4:30pm

1 – Digging WELLness: One Library’s Goal to Eat Healthier (Rm. 301, 3:05-3:30pm)

Ann Farrell Librarian, Mayo Clinic Libraries, Mayo Clinic; Leah C. Osterhaus Trzasko Health Science Librarian, Health Science Library, Mayo Clinic Health System; Melissa Rethlefsen, AHIP Education Technology Librarian, Learning Resource Center, Mayo Clinic