Call For Paper and Poster Abstracts – 2016 Annual Meeting


2016 Joint Midwest & Midcontinental Chapters/MLA Annual Meeting

Call For Paper and Poster Abstracts 

The Program Committee invites paper and poster abstract submissions on any health sciences topic for the 2016 Joint Midwest & Midcontinental Chapter Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting will take place from October 21-25 at the Des Moines Marriott, with paper sessions held on Sunday, October 23rd and the poster session on Monday, October 24th. Abstracts that have been accepted for CHLA/MLA Mosaic 2016 will also be considered.

Deadline for abstract submission is April 17, 2016.

Notifications of acceptance will be made by June 29,2016.

Please contact Holly Henderson, or 417-820-3253, with questions.


Abstracts should be kept under 250 words.

Submissions should be sent to Holly Henderson via this online form.

Posters Winners

The results of the judging of this year’s papers and posters:

Research Posters
1st Place
Information Access and State Public Health: Missed Opportunity or Miscommunication
Robert M. Shapiro II, University of Kentucky Medical Center
Teresa McGinley, University of Kentucky Medical Center
Matthew N. Noe, University of Kentucky Medical Center

2nd Place
Determining the Credibility of Health Information: The Perspective of Disability Counselors
Rachel Williams, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Catherine Arnott Smilth, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madision & Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Papers

There weren’t any papers awarded this year.

And a special thank you to Bette Sydelko and Deb Werner for their assistance with the judging process.

Congratulations to all awardees and thank you to everyone who contributed a poster and paper this year.

– Chris Childs, the new president of the Midwest Chapter

Resume/Interview Practice Pilot Program

For those who missed the exciting announcement at the Chapter’s annual business meeting, this year we are launching a pilot program on a relatively small scale to assist our student and new graduate members as they prepare CVs/resumes and get ready for interviews. This is a great opportunity for those of us in positions where we chair search committees or hire librarians to help these members be well prepared. It’s a wonderful way for our membership to build each other up and does not require attending the annual meeting. The details are below.

Resume/Interview Practice Pilot Program

Midwest Chapter is piloting a resume/interview practice program for students and new graduates of library science/information science programs. We are opening the program to up to 10 students or new graduates and recruiting up to 10 mentors to work with them.

Students and new graduates must be active members of Midwest Chapter in good standing. Students are eligible for two years of free, student membership. After that time, regular membership is expected, and is renewed on a calendar year basis (due at the first of the year). “New graduate” will be defined as anyone who has graduated from a library/information science program within the last 5 years but has not yet found a professional position, or a position at the desired professional level, in a health sciences/biomedical library.
Mentors should have approximately 5 years of experience in libraries, with specific experience chairing search committees and/or hiring librarians. Potential mentors with fewer than 5 years’ experience but who have this type of hiring experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Students and new graduates will:

  • Complete application by December 15
  • Submit a current CV/resume
  • Initiate contact with mentor within 30 days of receiving mentor’s contact information
  • Mutually schedule two 30-minute phone calls, video chats, or other type of meeting, to first review and receive feedback on the CV/resume, and second, to practice interview questions.
  • Complete meetings with mentors by February 15, 2016.
  • Complete a survey about their experience.

Mentors will:

  • Complete application by December 15
  • Mutually schedule two 30-minute phone calls, video chats, or other type of meeting, to first review and receive feedback on the CV/resume, and second, to practice interview questions.
  • Complete meetings with students/new graduates by February 15, 2016.
  • Use sample interview questions for practice purposes. Supplementing questions with others mentors typically use is also acceptable. It is also acceptable to discuss cover letter composition.
  • Complete a survey about their experience.

This program is not designed to pair students and new graduates with long-term mentors. It is a voluntary short-term partnership to support new library professionals from our chapter. As a voluntary program, Midwest Chapter of MLA can make no guarantees to the quality of the interaction that may take place, but will do our part to insure a pleasant experience. There is no implication or expectation that students or new graduates will receive special consideration for hiring purposes.

Please use the following link to complete an online application: Students/new graduates: please have an updated CV/resume ready, as the application asks you to upload it.

– Stephanie Schulte, Membership Secretary

Networking at Midwest

I happened to sit with Tiffney Gipson during Sunday’s lunch session. Tiffney is the Clinical Library Intern at the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, which is right here in Louisville, KY. She kindly provided me with directions to the Big Four Bridge. We chatted again during an afternoon break. I talked about my intent to blog for those who were not able to attend the conference. Tiffney said she liked the networking opportunities most, which is especially important for students who are looking fore jobs. She also added that the meeting allowed her to meet people outside her immediate work environment. This is my 3rd Midwest conference, and I could not agree with her more. Reconnecting with friends and colleagues and getting to know new faces has always been the highlight of each of my conferences. For many of us, it seems face-to-face interactions is something that just cannot be replaced with virtual interactions.
Hope to see you all at Iowa in 2016.