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Midwest Chapter MLA

Papers: Sunday, Oct. 7th

Thanks to all the paper presenters for a great conference! Some authors have supplied PDF downloads of the slides from their presentations - look for the "pdf download" link.

See paper abstracts beginning on page 14 of the PDF conference program.

Sessions 1 & 2

Paper Title Presenter Time Room
Integrating Library Instruction into an Evidence-Based Dental Practice Course (pdf download) Barbara A. Gushrowski 2:05-2:20 McDonnell Suite
Community Disaster Preparedness: An Opportunity for Hospital Libraries (pdf download) Amy Donahue 2:05-2:20 Elliott Suite
The Evolving Role of the Librarian in a Family Medicine Clerkship (pdf download) Anne Beschnett 2:20-2:35 McDonnell Suite
Investigating and improving medical education and library resources at the Tamale Teaching Hospital in Northern Ghana: A case report John Chenault 2:20-2:35 Elliott Suite
Exploring Value of Customized Tutorials for Remote Students (pdf download) Jennifer DeBerg 2:35-2:50 McDonnell Suite
Growing from Within: From Art History to Urology - All Liaisons Working Together to be the Best Team (pdf download) Kelly Thormodson 2:35-2:50 Elliott Suite
Innovative Model for Serving a Remotely Located Clinical Department of a Medical Center Merle Rosenzweig 2:50-3:05 McDonnell Suite
Schwartz Rounds(R): Librarian Roles and Opportunities (pdf download) Pamela Barnard 2:50-3:05 Elliott Suite
Accepting an Invitation to be the "Experts" for a Physician-Scientist Journal Club Session (pdf download) Edith Starbuck 3:05-3:20 McDonnell Suite
Collaborative Partnerships: Improving Support of a Multisite Hospital System Stevo Roksandic 3:05-3:20 Elliott Suite

Sessions 3 & 4

Paper Title Presenter Time Room
Seizing an Opportunity for Professional Growth: Gaining Advanced Subject Knowledge through a Public Health Certificate Program (pdf download) Anne Beschnett 4:05-4:20 Elliott Suite
The Significance of Disambiguated Authors in an Institutional Publication Database Mark Wentz 4:05-4:20 McDonnell Suite
Who Were The Minnesota Civil War Surgeons? Finding Doctors' Biographies on the Internet Nancy L Eckerman 4:20-4:35 Elliott Suite
Patient Education Across the Continuum of care Ruti Volk 4:20-4:35 McDonnell Suite
Tips and Tricks for Rebranding and Promoting Your Library Missy Creed 4:35-4:50 Elliott Suite
Developing and Administering a Campus-wide Survey: A First Step in Assessing Data Management Needs Xiaomei Gu 4:35-4:50 McDonnell Suite

NEW: Professional Practice Committee Research Award!

The Professional Practice Committee of the Midwest Chapter MLA will be evaluating research paper and poster presentations for the 2012 Annual Chapter Meeting. Primary authors of research papers are eligible for 1st place, $200.00; 2nd place $125.00 award. Papers are awarded points for study design, validity, reliability, presentation, and implications for library and information research.