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Midwest Chapter MLA

Posters: Monday Oct. 8th

Thanks to all the poster presenters for a great conference! Some authors have supplied PDF downloads of their posters - look for the "pdf download" link.

See all poster abstracts beginning on page 22 of the PDF conference program.

11:00am-noon, Legion Suite

Instructions for Poster Presenters (.pdf)

Poster Title Lead Author Poster #
Cake Pan with a Call Number Marilyn Pitzen 1
Library Grand Rounds: A Library Orientation for Incoming Medical Students Melissa L. Rethlefsen 2
Lending iPads: Viral Marketing for the Library (pdf download) Ann Farrell 3
Millenium Bridge: Practices and insights from the experience of expanding my instruction and outreach to today's undergraduates Mike McGraw 20
Growing Relationships: A Project to Reduce Hospital Noise (pdf download) Jennifer DeBerg 21
How Much did You Say? Managing Journal Subscription Costs within a Growing Organization Mary Wittenbreer 22
Improving a patient portal: Encouraging engagement through MyCare(R) (pdf download) Megan Barkelar 6
Buddhist and Medical Manuscripts in Tibet Nancy Moltaji 16
Achieving Consistency and Quality in Patient Education with Templates for Print Materials Ruti Volk 23
The John Martin Rare Book Room as a learning resource Donna Hirst 24
Expanding Services: Growing a Copyright-Compliant Image Directory (pdf download) Rienne Johnson 15
Building competence: Self- and peer-evaluation of information resources by first-year dental students in problem-based curriculum (pdf download) Barbara A. Gushrowski 17
Hidden Treasures : Dance of Death in the Rare Book Collection of the Taubman Health Sciences Library Merle Rosenzweig 14
Good Vibrations: Librarians Minding the Store (pdf download) Kaye Crampton 12
First Year Experience: Librarian as Instructor of a Pharmacy Practice Laboratory Xiaomei Gu 11
Current Awareness in the Mayo Clinic Libraries: Growing Our Knowing (pdf download) Karen Larsen 13
Growing 3's, 4's, and 5's: The R.E.A.D Scale in a Health System Library Service (pdf download) Eileen Severson 7
Women and Madness: An Interdisciplinary Class Inspired by the Literature of Prescription Exhibit (pdf download) Martha E. Hardy 10
Testing the soil: benchmarking the information literacy skills of nursing students performing evidence-based research Elizabeth Moreton 18
The Dakota and Ojibwe Nations: Selections from the History of Medicine Library Collection Hilary Lane 9
Discovering the impact of library instruction on first-year medical students (pdf download) Ryan Rafferty 19
Social Citation Management with Mendeley to Support the Information Needs of Internal Medicine Residents (pdf download) Alison Aldrich 25
Collaboration matters: Reconfiguring when and what library resources are taught to dietetic interns Tara Brigham 5
Library-On-Demand: Streamlining Service to Improve the Needs of a Hospital System Stevo Roksandic 8
Multi-site collaboration to establish relationships and access to the library's resources for a newly integrated hospital and clinic Tara Brigham 4

NEW: Professional Practice Committee Research Award!

The Professional Practice Committee of the Midwest Chapter MLA will be evaluating research paper and poster presentations for the 2012 Annual Chapter Meeting. Primary authors of poster presentations are eligible for 1st place $125.00; second place $75.00. Posters are awarded points for study design, validity, reliability, presentation, and implications for library and information research.